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And now they count. Washington ushers in Pac-12 conference play with the hosting of Arizona, the team that absolutely pasted Sark and company last year in the desert. How will the Huskies respond to that poor showing last year against the Wildcats? Here is what the staff thinks will happen – kickoff is tomorrow at 4PM.

Kim Grinolds – CEO: With the offense on a roll, the biggest key will be to stop Arizona, who pretty much had their way with Washington last year. That won't happen again. Expect noise at the new Husky Stadium. Lots of it. The game will be close for a while, but UW will pull away at the end.

Prediction: Washington 45, Arizona 17
Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: Lots of things going on with Washington's first conference game of the year; school is starting back up and FOX is having their version of a 'game day' experience in E1 Saturday morning...so Husky Stadium should be jumping even more than the grand re-opening when they demolished Boise State. Arizona is pretty one-dimensional on paper, and why not? They've been able to run downhill with impunity. But UTSA is not exactly the Pac-12, and playing in-conference on the road is a bear. The other factor is BJ Denker's relative inexperience on the road; I expect the Dawg Pack and the UW crowd will give Denker a time he'll never forget...and not in a good way. Add to that the expected forecast for rain and a 2-8 UA road record the past two seasons and I can't see how the 'Cats don't come away with a L, as well as a little soggy for their efforts.

Prediction: Washington 35, Arizona 20
Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor: I don't see this one being too close honestly. I would be surprised if UW doesn't win by at 10. Their offense should be able to put up points and if the defense plays disciplined ball, stopping B.J. Denker, KaDeem Carey and Daniel Jenkins from running it down their throats, they should win this one going away.

Prediction: Washington 34, Arizona 17
Jay Torrell – Sports Washington Creative Director: Revenge game... chance of rain... Dawg House jumping... ears ringing... ASJ flexing... Sankey running... Price throwing... Kasen/Kevin catching... Ross electrifying... Mickens playmaking... Oline gelling... Sark play calling... defense surging... Shaq hitting... DB's stifling... Dline mucking (Ka'Deem)... Hau'oli/Shirley sacking... Denker struggling... False starts diminishing... Refs mellowing... FOXSports tailgating... Erin Andrews smoking... must-winning... Too many offensive weapons to have an off day. Time to get excited. I'm sipping the Purple Drink.

Prediction: Washington 42, Arizona 24
Pat Thrapp – Statistics Coordinator: Well here we are the 1st conference game of the season. Arizona's in town. I would think the players will want to avenge the worst loss we had last year down in Tucson. Both teams have a good running back. I still believe our offense will score in the 30s against most teams. We have a lot of weapons on offense. Price is getting good protection. Sankey is making the defense be honest. I think the key to the game for us will be whether our defense can stop them effectively the whole game.

Prediction: Washington 34, Arizona 26
David Samek – The Dawgman: Washington is 3-0 and has now been rated in the top 20 for three consecutive weeks. That has to feel good. Now comes Arizona, the team that really exposed Sark last year. This is one he REALLY wants, and I think it will be reflected by the Husky team's play. Sankey goes for 170, but so does KaDeem Carey. Keith Price will be the difference, as he is a step above Denker and gives the Huskies the edge they need to move to 4-0 after a conference-opening win. They won't blow out the ‘cats though, because of mistakes on offense (at least one turnover and 8 penalties). But a win is a win.

Prediction: Washington 37, Arizona 24

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