Steve Sarkisian Post-Game Quotes/Video

SEATTLE - Steve Sarkisian addressed the media after Washington's 31-13 rain-soaked victory over the Arizona Wildcats Saturday night at Husky Stadium. Sark talked about the adjustments made at half, giving the ball the Bishop Sankey a school-record 40 times, and the feeling of being 4-0 heading to Palo Alto a week from now. Here are selected quotes, as well as the full post-game video.

Full Steve Sarkisian Post-Game Video Press Conference
Opening Statement - "Really good win, really cool win. One of those games that the weather had an impact on both teams. It made it one of those grind it out, meat-and-potato games where both teams had to run the ball and both defenses knew it. It was just really cool. We went in the locker room and just talked about fixing a few things and going out and executing in the second half. It's been a theme for us: coming out in the third quarter and playing good football and executing better offensively than we did in the first half and just adjusting. I thought we were able to do it. We found some plays in the passing game. At the end of the day, it was a great win. Our defense had a nice bend-but-don't-break game against a really good running football team.

On half-time adjustments - "We just had to clean some things up in the formations that we thought were effective for us. We had a couple of two tight end sets with Perkins and Austin into the boundary there and found a little bit of a run game there, and found the big play pass to get Austin down the middle. Conversions were really big. Kasen had a couple of big third down conversions on plays we talked about at halftime that we liked on third down; the one down the middle of the field and then the comeback on our boundary sideline. We were getting some man-free stuff to get him one-on-one in the corners. Obviously we were running the ball often and we were just trying to find the right time to take that shot with Kevin Smith down the middle of the field. It was really good communication among the staff and ultimately the players knowing why we were doing what we were doing."

Is 40 carries too many for Sankey? - "That's why he had four last week (laughs). Everybody wanted to know why he had four last week. We knew coming into the game both teams were going to go fast. We knew coming into the game that both teams wanted to run the football. I don't know how many Ka'Deem Carey had - Bishop had 40 and I guess Ka'Deem had 30. I was happy what we got out of Jesse (Callier). Jesse was really effective late in the game. We've got to try and get Dwayne Washington going more than we have been. The weather forced our hand in the way we had to play the game. I don't know what our run-to-pass ratio was but with 61 rush attempts someone has to carry the ball. I don't know if that would have been the ratio with better weather, but you play the hand you're dealt. Those were the conditions that we had and Bishop was awesome. He didn't change. His focus was there. His body language didn't change from the first carry to the last one."

On finding the balance given the conditions - "I think it's critical for us. We'll continue to get more out of Jesse. He's been impressive. He's really starting to get better and better and better and we saw it there late in the ball game. We'll probably involve him more early on. We need to find that third guy. We need to get Dwayne's confidence back and we need to get Coop really taking that next step too. But again, I don't know if we're going to have another game this year where we rush the ball 61 times. That's a lot of rush attempts. And to Keith's credit he ran the ball for us pretty good tonight too. I thought that was effective."

What stood out defensively? - "It was a little frustrating in that - we were trying to wait 'em out. We're good at that. We knew they were going to ground and pound and make sure we tackled and not give up the big play, which we did in the running game. They hit two plays on us; on the quarterback run down there that got 'em to the one and then the wheel route to Ka'Deem out of the backfield that - gosh. I think if we could have it back, if Justin…I don't know if he would change the call or if we just played it better…we didn't execute it great. All-in-all it was kind of a bend-but-don't-break kind of performance by our defense against an offense we knew was capable of big plays. I thought we limited that. I thought our defensive line, we rotated a lot of guys in tonight and they did a really good job of hanging in there. And then we got two turnovers. The two interceptions were big. When you win the turnover battle you give yourself a chance to win."

On the 95-yard drive to start the second half - "It was huge. I thought it was a great drive by our offense. It was a good mix of run and pass. We had two penalties on kickoffs that we can't afford to have. And we need…if you talk about cleaning stuff up, those two are huge. We had two blocks in the backs on kickoffs that we have to fix and we have to fix next week. We can't expect our offense to go 95 yards consistently, that's a hard thing to do. But that being said that was a tremendous drive by the offense. It was keyed by a couple big third down conversions and then ultimately punching it in - I believe that was the pass from Keith to Austin…all in all the guys executed the drive and we had good balance in the drive. We weren't one-dimensional, and at times, weather permitting, we got one-dimensional where we were just ground-and-pound, running the ball. That drive I thought we had good balance and we were mixing things up - that's when we're at our best."

On the next stretch of games and how do you feel about where the team is at? - "I feel awesome. We've never been 4-0 since I've been here, so…that's pretty cool. Our work is obviously not done. We're accomplishing things that we haven't done before. There's an old coaching adage of one game at a time mentality, and I really think this team understands that. We already talked about it in the locker room about the process and getting prepared for next week's ball game. We know that's a very good football team, but we can't worry about Stanford so much as the information that Stanford gives us and then we prepare off the information they give us. As I touched on the process for us this week, it starts a little bit earlier because we get a chance…those guys are in the locker room already right now watching that game on the TV's in there. So they are excited about the opportunity. It's a chance to go 2-0 in conference play, which I think is really important. We know Stanford will be ready to play and it will be a great game to be part of." Top Stories