Trip Report - Donaven Dorsey

SEATTLE - The weather wasn't pretty, but that didn't stop official visits from happening at the University of Washington. There were two official basketball visitors in town - Zylan Cheatham and Donaven Dorsey. Dorsey told about his trip and whether his prior verbal commitment is still strong to the Huskies.

"So I got into town around Friday two o'clock to the hotel and we left as soon as we got to the hotel to go to the gym and watch the players work out for a little bit," the 6-foot-7 wing from Timberline High School in Lacey said. "Then after that me and Zylan (Cheatham), we had a few games with them - probably around six or seven games - just to get a feel for the team and everything.

"It was good. It was a lot of fun."

Dorsey admitted there was at least one player he had a tough time guarding during those informal games. "I had more of a tough time on Darin (Johnson), because he's really, really quick and athletic," Donaven said. "You have to give him a little bit of room. He also stood out shooting."

And after the games, you know the players were hungry. "We ended up going to coach's house for dinner with the team," Dorsey said. "We just hung out there, ate food and talked about the team and just cracked jokes and stuff. It was fun."

During the night, Donaven discovered something interesting about his future team. "I discovered that coach (Raphael) Chillious is really, really funny," he said. "Real funny."

The next day was the big football game between Washington and Arizona. The recruits were there, but it doesn't sound like they were there for long. "Saturday we woke up and my family and Zylan's family - and I think it was Nigel (Williams-Goss) and Darin - we all went to some fancy breakfast restaurant," said Dorsey. "I can't remember what it was called. After that we headed toward campus a little bit, went to a gift shop and we ended up going to the game, but the weather got ridiculous crazy, so we ended up leaving a little early."

Did Cheatham, who is from Arizona, talk to Dorsey about the weather? "He did, but I was like, 'Nah, this was just bad luck,'" Donaven said. But Dorsey did admit that the weather got to him a little bit. "A little bit, but not really," he added. "I had a poncho but I wasn't really bundled up, so I was still cold."

The night wasn't a complete wash, though. "After the game we went out to dinner at another really good and fancy place in downtown Seattle," said Dorsey. "We ended up staying over by the team's dorm, the freshman dorm. We stayed the night over there."

Dorsey's commitment to the Huskies was firm before the official visit, but the trip just helped seal the deal "I had a real good feeling of how it was going to be because I hung out with the guys outside of being around my parents or Romar - just the team - and I got the full-on college experience," he said.

Dorsey also said the visit was a chance for his parents to also see what he was getting into and for them to give their seal of approval. "They saw how friendly everyone is and how welcoming they are and just how comfortable they are around the coaches - they feel better about the whole college thing," he said of his parents' reaction to the visit.

Now that the college decision is out of the way, when does basketball at Timberline start? "We've already started training but we won't start officially practicing," he said. "We usually train year around which we have been, but the actual practices don't start until early November."

Dorsey knows there will be a target on his back his senior year, but that's not dampening his enthusiasm. "I think we'll be better than last year," he said, matter-of-factly. We'll find a way to adjust. This year I feel like I'm going to average a lot more assists because I feel like my teammates are going to be a lot more open than me. I'm fine with that."

Anything the UW coaches talked to him about when it came to his senior year? "Coach Romar was basically telling me that this is my year to give it my all and just work on the little things such as not taking any plays off whatsoever because you can't do that in college," said Dorsey. "You have a tendency to relax sometimes on defense or take a play off but he wants me to start getting out of that early so that when I get to U-Dub I'll have those same habits."

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