Steve Sarkisian Post-Game Quotes/Video

SEATTLE - Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian acknowledged Saturday that they ran into a top, top team in No. 2 Oregon Saturday afternoon at Husky Stadium and that Ducks QB Marcus Mariota is a future high NFL draft pick. What else did Sark talk about post-game? Here's the full video, as well as a full transcription of his quotes.

You can watch the full post-game video HERE

"That's a good football team. Their ranking is deservedly so. I thought our kids played hard; I thought we fought. I thought we showed a lot of resolve there in the third quarter battling back in the ball game. Unfortunately we just had a hard time containing Marcus (Mariota). He threw the ball extremely well, and when we covered him he pulled it down and ran and we couldn't catch him. We tried to spy him, we tried to blitz him, we tried to contain him, and he had a heck of a football game; he's a hell of a player. They get a lot of credit, they are a good team.

"It's unfortunate, but a couple of missed opportunities there - obviously the first-and-goal from the five we get the sack that knocks us back and we can't convert on the third down and had to settle for three there to keep it an 11-point game. When we had to become one-dimensional late in the game it made it easier on them and their ability to rush the passer and got some good one-on-one matchups inside to beat us. We were at our best when we were able to run and throw, but ultimately when we got one-dimensional they pulled away from us there when we started throwing it down the field and they got the better of us.

"That's a good team we lost to; it's been back-to-back weeks of playing two really good football teams and our kids have shown a great deal of competitive spirit. I think they've shown that they can play with those guys. We played with Stanford for 60 minutes and we played with these guys for three-and-a-half quarters. Unfortunately we just couldn't get over the hump against two really good teams - but that doesn't take away from our football team. We're a good football team and we need to get back on the horse and start preparing for Arizona State, because the biggest game of our season is next Saturday and we have to get ready for it."

Was the Bishop fumble the turning point? - "We were planning on that being four-down territory - that's why we ran it on third down. We were going to go for it if he didn't make it. We were in the fringe, we were moving the football…that one didn't help. And obviously the interception…turnovers are turnovers. When you turn the ball over twice and they don't turn it over - it's the number-one stat in football in winning and losing. Both of our turnovers occurred in their territory and took potential points off the board for us and gave them possession. So I thought those were relatively big plays in the outcome of the game."

Was that a Heisman worthy performance by Mariota? - "I don't have a vote but I'd be hard-pressed to say we'll see a better quarterback this year. I think he's special. I don't know when he's planning on going to the NFL but when he does I think he'll be a top-five draft pick. He's a hell of a player. To contain him we had a couple of different plans depending on what their plan was and how we could play them. The general plan was to try and keep him in the pocket and then when he ran the ball to make sure we always had somebody with their eye on him and go tackle him. Unfortunately when that happened he ran away from out guys that had their eyes on him. He's just a difficult matchup. And when we really tried to bring more people to keep him there and get more one-on-one matchups down the field, their speed in the slot against our safeties I thought was a real factor in the game and he just threw accurate ball after accurate ball. What was our answer at that point? That's what was frustrating for us."

On Bishop's game - "I thought he was tremendous. It was tough sledding early. They are a good defense. Sometimes they probably don't get enough credit defensively for they way they play, but I thought Bishop kind of stuck to it and our offensive line stuck to it and ultimately he was able to pop a couple runs there and ran hard. His balance is what is always so intriguing to me when he runs…you think at times he's going to go down but he has such a low center of gravity and his ability to accelerate after he makes cuts is always evident, but especially tonight on a couple of those touchdowns."

On the different with Keith between the first and second quarters - "We just didn't execute great as an offensive football team. We had a couple of plays there where protection broke down and Keith maybe got a little bit unsettled. But to his credit I thought he settled back into the second half and played well."

On Oregon coming right back with a big play after Bishop's big run - "In games like this I think our team is always battling. I really appreciate that about our group that they will battle and compete. Even at halftime when it was 21-7 we felt confident that we could re-group and come out with a plan in the second half on both sides of the ball. And for the most part we did and we going back and forth, toe-to-toe…they just didn't make a mistake to give us a chance to get even with them. They just kept making their plays. At some point - not ever would I say our team quit, but at some point when you're fighting uphill and fighting uphill and they feel like they are playing downhill…you kind of get worn out. And I felt like in the second half and there in the fourth quarter we got worn out a little bit."

On what you've told the team going forward - "I told them we're a good team. We've played two good teams back-to-back and we've gone toe-to-toe with them, we battled, we competed…we're a good team. We can't lose sight that we're not a good football team because we've played two good teams back-to-back. We're a good football team but we're only going to be as good as we prepare mentally, physically and emotionally - and that starts again tomorrow. We've got a big-time ball game at 3 o'clock Saturday against Arizona State, and they'll be ready for us. They'll be ready to go and we need to have a great week of preparation to get ready for them."

On UO's sacks - coverage, or line play? - "I think it was a little of both…I think they did a couple things in their coverage to make some of the reads a little unclear, almost a little grainy. To their credit they didn't give him a lot of clear cover looks at times, and it forced him to hold the ball a little longer, and on a couple of them we got beat up front. They have athletic guys that he couldn't escape from. The one late there in the third when he scrambles and gets caught from behind, a lot of times Keith escapes that stuff, but their kid made a heck of a play and got him down."

On the offensive line play - "I thought we were adequate. I thought we played our best when we were able to be balanced. When we became one-dimensional late in the game I thought they really got the better of us."

Did something happen to Dexter (Charles)? - "Yeah. His shoulder was sore, so Erik (Kohler) stepped in and I thought Erik did a nice job."

Was the plan to get the ball to Austin again on the series where you settled for the field goal? - "That was the idea on the first play." Top Stories