Trip Report - Layth Friekh

Centennial (Peoria, Az.) OT Layth Friekh visited Seattle last weekend and said he had a great time and after taking a trip to Arizona this coming weekend he plans to sit down with his family and make a decision on where he wants to play his college football...

"It was a great time up there," Friekh told "I really enjoyed the game and the atmosphere. It was a tough loss for Washington, but you can see how much they are improving and I really thought the fans came to play. They were so loud. It was something I just didn't expect.

"When I was there in the summer, the coaches told me how loud it was going to get in (the stadium), but until you're there, you just can't really get a feel for how loud it's going to be.

"Oregon is the best team in the country and they were just better than Washington on that day, but it was close and I don't think (the Huskies) are far away from getting over that hump."

With that in mind, he said he can see himself playing for the Dawgs and helping get them there.

"I definitely can see myself there and helping them down the road," Friekh noted. "I love coach (Dan) Cozzetto. He's so old school. I love that type of coaching. I also love the offense they run. It's run-based, but they throw a lot too and I feel like if I go there, I can get ready for the next level and the education there is second-to-none."

Accompanying him on his trip was Friekh's father.

"He had a great time. I was planning to bring my mom with me too, but she had something come up so she couldn't make it, but she told me no matter where I commit, she will be happy for me," Friekh said. "Wherever I commit, she visit there at some point before I sign just to make sure she feels good about me going there and I don't see why she wouldn't love it up there.

"The campus is beautiful and the coaches are great and really care about their players."

Friekh's host on his trip was Jake Eldrenkamp and he said he really enjoyed his time getting to know the players.

"Jake was cool. We spent a lot of time together and he showed me around," Friekh said. "The guys were all really cool. I fit in there well."

Friekh told he plans to visit Arizona this weekend and then hopes to make a decision next week at some point in the near future.

"I'm just taking it all in," Friekh said. "It's down to Washington and Arizona. My visit to Washington is still fresh in my mind and I really loved it there, so after my visit to Arizona, I'll sit down with my family and we'll make the decision and then I'll be done."

We will have more from Friekh in the future after he makes his decision.

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