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Good Lord….what a horrible performance last Saturday. Can the Huskies rebound and show that both lines are capable of a high level of performance? The offensive line particularly got mauled in the desert. How will they stand up against Cal? Will the defense be able to mount pass rush? Here is what the staff thinks. Kickoff is at 8PM.

Kim Grinolds – CEO: This should be a "Get better" game - not only for the football team, but for the fans as well. Cal is horrible and just what UW needs right now. Cal has lost nine defensive starters for the season, or a good part of the season. Keith Price has torn these types of teams apart in the past and it's what he needs to do on Saturday. A pure freshman or a RS freshman QB starting in a night game with the passion of The Dawgfather in the air? Expect a lot of turnovers from Cal and a lot more points from Washington.

Prediction: Washington 47, Cal 17
Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: Seems to me the fire has been stoked for a massive comeback against Cal - a wounded team fresh off a serious spanking at the hands of Oregon State. But this game has disaster written all over it, especially due to the uncertainty at quarterback. It's not that Cyler Miles can't lead Washington to a win - undoubtedly he can and if he has to start Saturday he will - but it most likely won't be to the satisfaction of those that want blood after the ASU game. Washington should win this game Saturday no matter who the quarterback is because Sark will probably overdo the run game to balance out the lack of attention to Bishop Sankey a week ago. Expect UW to run the ball at least 60 times, especially if they have some early-game success. Cal is the worst team in the conference at stopping the run, allowing 4.7 yards per carry - so this game should be all about Sankey, Callier, Washington, Cooper, and even McDaniel.

Prediction: Washington 35, Cal 14
Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor: This one shouldn't even be close. Cal can't stop anyone and that is exactly what the doctor ordered after the huge offensive egg that Washington laid last weekend in the desert. Jared Goff has played well for a true freshman, but if you can get pressure on him and with Cal's sieve-like offensive line, that's usually not an issue, the Huskies should be able to get to him and force some turnovers. Washington wins comfortably at home and honors the Dawgfather in the process.

Prediction: Washington 45, Cal 20
Jay Torrell – Sports Washington Creative Director: Every time I see my good friend Eric Ensey he tells me how much he loves the Dawgman predictions but realizes that if I'm on the board then anyone can do it. After my "couldn't be wronger" prediction last week I'm giving him a turn. ERIC ENSEY's PREDICTION: I understood how ASU was a must game, but Cal? With a thorough butt-kicking not so soundly in the rearview mirror, I'm moving on to the homecoming game. ASJ dominated the Bears last year (8 catches, 152 yds) and I finally expect a breakout game (judging from this season, however, that might only be five catches). I think the O line regroups and gives Keith/Cyler time to orchestrate. Bishop ran wild last year (189 yds, 2 TDs) and will redeem last week's poor performance. With the spirit of DJ behind them, Dawgs crush.

Prediction: Washington 42, Cal 17
Pat Thrapp – Statistics Coordinator: So I am not going to bring up my thoughts on last week. That has been hashed over ad-nauseam by everyone else. All I can say is they better come ready to play this week. I want to see them just kicking ass. As Romar would say...if they had pulled out the Cool Jackets then they better be stored away for the season. We need to prove ourselves each and every week from here on out.

Prediction: Washington 38, Cal 23
Marshall Cherrington – Intern: I think pretty much everyone knows what's going to happen in this one. The Washington defense should be able to get back on track this week after a disaster last week against Arizona State. It'll also help that the offense will be on the field longer this week. The defense will actually be able to catch their breath for the first time in three weeks. The Washington secondary matches up very well against Cal, as Sean Parker, Marcus Peters, Will Shamburger and Greg Ducre should be able to slow down the air raid that is Cal's offense. I think the Husky offense, with or without Keith Price, will be able to get what they want against the Cal defense as well. The Cal defense ranks 125th in the nation in points against, while the Husky offense ranks 43rd in points for. I think that pretty much tells the story.

Prediction: Washington 38, Cal 17
Andrew Dore – Intern: After a tough blowout loss, the Huskies take on the Golden Bears in a heavily favored matchup at home. Last week, I thought the Dawgs would pull it out against a tough Sun Devil team on the road. I think this should be a good game to get the team back on track after what has been a tough last three weeks for the program. California has been pretty awful with their only win coming from Portland State by 7 at home. The Huskies are still favorites by 21+ points despite the uncertainty of Keith Price's health for the game. I'm looking to see if the offense can get back on track and finish out strong the last five games of the regular season

Prediction: Washington 35, Cal 17
David Samek – The Dawgman: I hated picking against the Huskies last week but I knew they'd lose another road game. What I didn't see coming was how terrible they'd play. There is no excuse for that aberration they rolled out last Saturday, and I think they'll want to get rid of that very quickly. A good time for the Berkeley Bears to come to town. Look for Sankey to run for over 100 again, particularly if Cyler Miles is the quarterback. However look for Miles to run up and down the field if that is the case, he's a lot faster than Price. His arm is not as strong, but with as little of confidence as Price has now, it may not matter. Washington's tackling had better improve, and I think it will. Wilcox is all business this week, and so are the Huskies. Only a special teams gaffe and a Husky turnover will keep the Bears close early, but the Dawgs pull away in the fourth quarter.

Prediction: Washington 38, Cal 17

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