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Washington hits the road again to take on Oregon State in a very cold night game in Corvallis. The Huskies' road woes are well documented, and Oregon State is coming off a difficult loss where Sean Mannion threw four interceptions. How will this Saturday unfold? Here is what the staff thinks.

Kim Grinolds – CEO: In a nutshell, this game is going to come down to who wants it more. Mannion will get his numbers, but he'll also have inopportune turnovers. Bishop Sankey will have a huge game, as OSU has struggled against the run all year.

Prediction: Washington 41, OSU 31
Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: Waited until the word came down on who is going to be the starter - it sounds like Keith Price will get the nod but for how long will he be in the game will be the real $64 question. Either way, I expect to see Cyler Miles, and plenty of him too. It's gotten to the point where predictions have come pretty easy to make for road games unfortunately. It's another 'rubber meets the road' game, and another predicted loss until the Huskies can show they have the mental fortitude to play strong from the start and not give up cheap points and make penalties that, frankly are so off the radar as to question just how snakebit this group really is. Either way, I'm predicting a relatively close game, just not a close win.

Prediction: Oregon State 35, Washington 24
Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor: Well, here we are. Can UW get off the mat after being pummeled yet again on the road in last week's 41-31 loss to UCLA? My concerns with this game are two-fold. One, can UW get enough pressure on Sean Mannion to make him uncomfortable? If they don't do that, the Beavers will put up 40-plus points on the Dawgs. The second concern is, if UW can't pressure Mannion and he puts up that many points, can Cyler Miles or a hobbled Keith Price put up enough points to outscore them and all of this on the road. For some reason, my gut says UW comes out and plays a really good, crisp game and wins it on a Travis Coons field goal as time expires. Maybe it's the pollyanna in me. I'm not sure, but I'm going to stick with it.

Prediction: Washington 42, Oregon State 40
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director: Can I just say I have no idea and fast forward to next year? I seriously can't believe that the skipping record that is Sarkisian football hasn't been able to break into even the Top 4 teams of the Pac-12. Before the season I firmly believed Sark was eyeing his next job as head coach at another college program or the NFL, but if he loses to Oregon State and/or WSU he might have to set his sights on an Offensive Coordinator job instead. Winning on the road is all about mastering the details so that you don't hurt yourself in an already hostile environment and Sark has yet to prove that he is capable of getting this team ready away from home. I think we can win, but I've thought that a lot this year and have been wrong again and again...Dawgs 27-Beavs 31

Prediction: Oregon State 31, Washington 27
Pat Thrapp – Statistics Coordinator: I am now firmly in the boat with Fetters. The "Show Me" one. I heard Chris say it last week on the radio show before the UCLA game. I didn't want to believe it then. Now I do. The Huskies are better in all but 3 of 9 major statistics this week against OSU. It was very similar to how we matched up against UCLA on paper. Yet the team, coaches & players, can't seem to bring it when on the road. What is it? Inspired, error free play. Smart game management & field position. For 4 ‘expletive' quarters. Show me that then I will believe.

Prediction: Oregon St 35, Washington 27
Marshall Cherrington – Intern: Oregon State has come a long way since their loss against Eastern Washington. They've been able to throw the ball well throughout the whole season and their defense has started to step up. For the Huskies to win this game, the secondary will need to have their best game of the season. Sean Mannion can tear you up with one of the best wide receivers in the nation, Brandin Cooks. Greg Ducre has not looked good the past couple of weeks and it will be important for him to have a solid game. This is will also be a showcase game for Marcus Peters and we will see if he has NFL potential as he'll be matched up with Brandin Cooks for most of the night. Keith Price has started 25 consecutive games for the Huskies and judging from his comments, I don't see that streak ending anytime soon. The Beaver secondary is prone to big plays and with the new Price-Stringfellow combination, I think the Huskies will be able to torch the Beavers for some big plays.

Prediction: Washington 38, Oregon State 34
David Samek – The Dawgman: Washington is not a bad football team, not at all. However what they are NOT is disciplined, nor are they very good on the road. The wheels just seem to come off whenever the Dawgs are away from home. This Saturday night will be no different. The lack of a serious pass rush will allow Mannion to pick apart a Husky defense that has gotten worse at tackling over the year. The Huskies will play tough, but in the end untimely penalties will kill momentum in the most inopportune times. Husky road woes will continue, I'm sorry to say. Although seeing Kim Grinolds picked the Dawgs to win gave me cause to hesitate on this pick. I mean, Kim's word appears to carry a LOT of weight. His every move is tracked on an entire web site and hashed out in great detail on an hourly basis. Entire stories are dedicated to his prowess. It made me think twice about it, but, alas, I took the Beavs.

Prediction: Oregon State 37, Washington 24

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