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Both teams have so much to play for. WSU wants to avoid not getting picked by a bowl with six wins. Washington wants to breach the 7-win mark as well as pay the Cougars back for last year's epic 18-point come-from-behind victory for WSU. How will Friday's Apple Cup play out? Here are the staff picks. Kickoff is at 12:30PM.

Kim Grinolds – CEO: PAYBACK.

Prediction: Washington 52, Washington State 17
Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: Like most, I'm predicting a high-scoring affair. The weather doesn't look like it's going to have a major impact on the game, just cold and cloudy - perfect Apple Cup weather. The Washington State offensive line did a job on Utah, who came in the game as one of the top pass-rushing teams in America, and that allowed Connor Halliday to get comfortable and have a field day. If I had to guess, I think the over/under on passes thrown by Halliday Friday will be at 65. Obviously UW has to get Halliday rattled, and if they can do it either through a rush or by giving him mixed looks to cause hesitation, which could lead to turnovers - that could be enough. Either way, I'm not sure I see how WSU stops Washington's potent rushing attack, regardless of who starts at quarterback for the Huskies. Washington State boasts the 77th-best rush defense, allowing teams to run at them at almost 4.5 yards per pop. Given what UW just did to a similar run defense in Oregon State, it could be a long day for the Cougars - especially if the Huskies can pile up points and keep the Cougar offense on the sidelines. WSU will get their share of chances, but it won't be near enough - especially at Husky Stadium against a group of Dawgs intent on making sure their failure in the 2012 Apple Cup is well and truly vindicated.

Prediction: Washington 52, Washington State 31
Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor: Finally! An Apple Cup that actually means something, not just for one team, but for both of them. On paper, Washington should win this one easily. They have better athletes, they are at home and, from talking to the players, they are pissed about how they lost last year's game. However, this is the Apple Cup, where anything can and does happen. That being said, the Huskies are still the better team and seem to be a lot more focused on this year's game than they were last year. I expect this one to be a hard-fought game, but in the end, Washington comes out on top.

Prediction: Washington 38, Washington State 24
Jay Torrell – Sports Washington Creative Director: The Beaver bludgeoning just made me more pissed off about this year. Woulda beaten Stanford had our special teams not imploded. Coulda beaten Oregon if Mariota had played like he did against everyone else the second half of the season instead of the greatest player EVER. Shoulda beaten UCLA had we not spotted them 14 points. (Notice I didn't include ASU-we weren't beating them.) Anyway, I think the Dawgs will come in with revenge on their minds and just maul a just below average Coogette team.

Prediction: Washington 47, Washington State 24
Pat Thrapp – Statistics Coordinator: Well I guess I got showed big time last week. I didn't see that coming. So will this week be more of the same? I liked how Sark said, and I am paraphrasing here, '...having so many players get into the game and have success. Makes the plane ride home great team bonding...". This week I am expecting a fired up Husky team. That again holds almost all the major stats in my By-The-Numbers' shows. Last home game, the tormenting loss of last year. I think this is another 'Show me' game. An episode I believe I will enjoy very much. WSU 20 at Washington 35

Prediction: Washington 35, Washington State 20

Marshall Cherrington – Intern: The Dawgs want revenge from last year, are carrying momentum from last week, and are clearly the more talented team. Not much else to it. Huskies win big.

Prediction: Washington 45, Washington State 27
David Samek – The Dawgman: Was really glad to be wrong this last weekend. Should've listened to Grinolds, damn. Well, this week the Huskies will look to get off of the 7-win snide, and who better to do it against than a surging WSU team that is coming off a road win that just made them bowl eligible? Leach has them playing fearless, and that is what I expect to see Friday afternoon in Seattle. What I also expect to see is a defense geared at shutting down Sankey. Can they do it? I don't believe so, particularly if Miles gets the call at QB. His wheels bring an element that the Cougs will struggle with. I see Sankey going for 140+ and I see John Ross breaking free on a long touchdown catch. Washington gets to 8-4 headed to the bowl season and feeling good about themselves. The "fire Sark" crowd will still be loud but not as relevant after Saturday.

Prediction: Washington 44, Washington State 31

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