Signing Day Q&A - Budda Baker

It was a big day for Bishard 'Budda' Baker, the 5-foot-10, 175-pound defensive back from Bellevue, Wash., as he verbally committed to Washington the day before Signing Day. We spoke to Budda after his commitment - which was made on KING-5 TV in Seattle - and this is what he had to say.

What has today been like? - "Today has been great, hectic, relaxing, awesome - all in the same day."

Which was more difficult: de-committing from Oregon or making this final decision? - "Probably de-committing from Oregon?"

What prompted that? - "I like the coaching staff and I liked all the fans and the players…it was just a fact of me being close to family, being close to my Mom."

How important in the end was it to be close to your Mom? - "It was real important. It was a big factor. I'm the only son my Mom has."

How did the Oregon coaches take your de-commitment? - "They took it pretty well. They were asking questions why. It went pretty good. They still respected (my decision)."

How did it work out that you took an official visit to UW the day you de-committed? - "That just happened in time…I wasn't really planning on taking an official visit to Washington. It was just…they called me and just wanted to get me down there and so it was alright. I was just talking to the coaches and talking to coach Pete."

And then you took a trip to UCLA - "UCLA was great too. I hung around with a lot of the players. I talked to the coaches, which was really cool. I visited their academic stuff…it was real cool and it was a real nice day so we went out to the beach and hung around there."

How much did you consider taking a visit to USC at that point? - "I didn't really consider USC at all. They asked for me to come and visit but at the end of the day they knew the fact that I wasn't going to do it and it was going to be alright."

When did you know in your heart your final decision? - "Probably close to a week ago."

What happened at that time? - "I just felt great about it. My uncle told me to just close my eyes and see what colors that you see and I did that a lot of times…it led me to Washington."

Who was happiest? The coaching staff or your family? - "Probably both…maybe a little more my Mom."

What was her reaction when you told her? - "She was really happy, jumping up and down. She started to cry."

That has to be hard on you when your Mom is crying in front of you - "Yeah, yeah it was. I knew it was worth it though."

How is Washington going to use you? - "They are talking about free safety and having a package on offense."

Did anything happening with the Seahawks impact your decision at all? - "Not really. That's a real good thing with the Seahawks, they won the Super Bowl and everything - but that wasn't something that was on my mind when I was making my decision. I thought about after football; where would I want to live? I want to live in Seattle and I know I would have a great support system if I came to Washington."

How big it is for you now that you know what you're going to do? - "It's a great deal. I'm excited and I'm happy and I'm just glad it's all over it. Now it's on to the 2015 class."

Did you decide today so there would be nothing to take away from the other players signing at Bellevue Wednesday? - "Yeah, it's true. I knew that if I committed tomorrow we would still have a great time and everything, but I'm glad I just got it over with. Now I get time to just hang around with my teammates."

How happy is Shane Bowman? - "Shane was real happy. He's my real good friend, so he's excited. I'll be playing with Shane for the next four years, and Morgan Richey…and hopefully Max Richmond."

Any message to UW fans? - "Go Dawgs!"

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