Top In-State Prospects for 2015 and 2016

The new-look Washington coaching staff didn't have long to formulate and execute their recruiting game plan for 2014. But going forward they'll have ample opportunity to identify their top in-state targets, starting with this weekend's junior day. Here's a list of our top recruiting prospects for 2015 and 2016 in the state of Washington - some of whom have already been offered by UW.

QB Brett Rypien - Kid from Shadle Park in Spokane…Washington really likes Jake Browning, the quarterback from Folsom in California, but I think Brett Rypien is right up there on their list too. With Rypien I think Washington could end up offering in the spring and I think he's a guy that really wants to leave the shadow of his uncle (Mark). I think if Washington offers I think they've got a very good chance at him. He's 6-foot-2, 175 pounds and he needs to get bigger, needs to get stronger. But what I like about him is he has no offensive line and his receivers are pedestrian, yet he still threw for 4,000 yards last year. He has to make quick decisions and he's accurate, and that's what Chris Petersen is looking for.

RB Chico McClatcher - I really like Chico a lot, have liked him for a long time. He could play on either side of the ball but is going to be a slot receiver when he goes to college. He's got offers from several schools. He's super-quick; he's more quick than fast but he is fast too. He's still got good speed. But I think he's more quick than fast. He's a guy that if you get him in open space he's probably gone. If he was the only running back you were going to take I think you could put him in the backfield, but if Washington goes after the other two top running backs in the state I don't think he'd end up there. He'd be a slot receiver for them.

RB Austin Joyner - Big time kid out of Marysville-Pilchuck…honestly, as good as the class is, he could be one of the more special guys to come out. Every time he touches the ball he's a threat to go the distance. He has legit 4.5 speed, like electronic time. That's fast, very fast. He managed to rush for over 2000 yards for two years in a row. I think he's going to end up on the defensive side of the ball - he's just a dynamic playmaker who can do anything from any skill position standpoint.

RB Myles Gaskin - Love Myles Gaskin, one of the toughest runners I've seen at the high school level. He's almost impossible to bring down…he doesn't have the same body as Chris Polk but he runs like Chris Polk. Remember how tough he was to bring down? Nobody brought Chris Polk down with the first hit. Myles Gaskin is that way. I know he's gotten some offers from some other schools - Washington offered him, and I think Washington is where he's going to end up.

WR Justice Murphy - I really like Justice. He's out of Evergreen High School in Vancouver, is in one of those offenses where you like him a lot. He's 6-foot-1, 185 pounds and he understands how to find zones and things like that. I don't know if he's the dynamic, down-the-field kind of guy that you're going to go after…honestly I don't know if Washington is going to go after him or not, because I think they may have a couple guys in California that they like. We'll see how it goes, but definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

OL Trey Adams - Already committed to the University of Washington, he's from Wenatchee. A legit 6-6, almost 6-7, 285-pounds…really seemed to reshape his body. I went and watched them play a game against Eisenhower this past fall and he looked like a completely different player from the guy who showed up at UW's Rising Stars camp and got his offer. A kid I like a lot, I think he's going to be a right tackle at the next level and he'll be a great fit for Washington.

OL Henry Roberts - Probably the best offensive lineman from a developmental standpoint this far in the game, and probably will be a top 2-3 lineman on the west coast. He's that good. He's already a four-star, rated No. 21 for offensive tackles nationally. He's got offers from several schools. Washington is a school he likes a lot. It sounds like it should come down to Stanford and Washington, and it all depends on if he gets accepted by Stanford. Just because Stanford offers and he gets accepted, that doesn't mean he's going there - but I think it's either Washington or Stanford at this point.

OL Calvin Throckmorton - While I've said that Henry Roberts is the more developed and Trey Adams really reshaped his body, I think Calvin Throckmorton - if he develops like we think he can - could be the better prospect at the end of five years. He's so raw; this was his first year of ever playing offensive line. He's 6-7, 265-pounds, could easily add 30 or 40 pounds before he ever gets to college. He could be a 290-pounder when he graduates. He's got that great a frame. He's a basketball player. He runs really well. He runs on the balls of his feet, not his heels. He's a good drive blocker, he's a good athlete and a very hard worker. He is born and bred to be a Husky. He hasn't committed yet but I think you'll see that eventually - probably in the spring sometime. He and Adams and Henry Roberts, if they can get Roberts in the fold, those three will be the cornerstone of the Husky offensive line.

DL Thomas Toki - He committed to Washington State, but no one thinks that's going to stick. He's moved to De La Salle in Northern California, so he's not at Juanita anymore. I really like him as a nose tackle. He was 5-11 the last time we saw him but he shot up - he's a legit 6-1 now. He's 295 pounds. A guy that really came on this year. The whole reason Juanita lost to Mercer Island this past year was because Thomas got the crud beat out of him by Bellevue the week before. They triple-teamed him almost every play. He was going up against Marcus Griffin, Morgan Richey, Henry Roberts, and some of their other offensive linemen. He held his own. You're talking about a very good player.

DL Benning Potoae - The last name should be really familiar for Husky fans - his brother played four years for the University of Washington. He didn't really live up to the hype; I think part of that was due to the fact that he was injured. With Benning, he's a guy that's kind of been on his own down there at Lakes High School - he hasn't had a lot around him, so teams run away from him. He doesn't put up the stats, so it's hard for him to get sacks. I don't know if he's the dynamic pass rusher I think a lot of us thought he was going to be at this point in his career. He's a solid defensive end-type. I lot of people - including me - thought he would be looking at the SEC because he just wanted to get out of the region and everything but more and more it sounds like he wants to stay close to home and Washington could be the school he ends up at.

DL Cody Baker - I like Cody a lot. I don't know if he's a Pac-12 guy yet; I've watched him and he's a little stiff, not quite as athletic as you'd like in guys. He does have an offer from Wyoming and I know he's getting looked at by UNLV, New Mexico. He's gotten Cal showing some interest, Colorado and Utah. I think he's a borderline Pac-12 guy. I could see Washington offering him eventually, but he's going to have to be a guy - in my opinion - who moves inside and is like a 3-technique or even a two-gapper.

LB Mustafa Branch - The guy just blew up this year. Just an absolute physical specimen. He's in the 6-foot, 211-pound range, but I think he may even be a little taller and a little bigger than that. He can play inside, he can play outside; I think he's a better fit as probably a strong-side linebacker. He already has offers from Northwestern and Oregon State. He's a legit D1 prospect and I think Washington will be all over him eventually, especially with only taking one linebacker in this (2014) class.

LB Cy Sirmon - Obviously has great bloodlines…his Dad played at Idaho and his uncle Peter coached for the Huskies, coaching for USC now and was a player at the University of Oregon and played for the Tennessee Titans for seven years or so. He's got great bloodlines, but I've never been convinced he's more than a two-down linebacker. He's not very natural in coverage. It's something he needs to work on. I could see him being a player that ends up going to a Mountain West school and just has great success but he can play at the Pac-12 level. He has that ability. He has to find the right system. Do I know if Washington is that system? I'm not sure yet.

LB Jared Pulu - A linebacker, the brother of Jordan Pulu. I think he ended up at Wyoming eventually but had committed to WSU and then Mike Leach came in and pulled his offer. And also Andru Pulu, who started out at the University of Washington but then got himself in some trouble and is now finishing up at Eastern Washington. Another kid that comes from great bloodlines and obviously he has talent. We'll see where he ends up. He seems to be one of those tweeners because he's not the biggest guy in the world. The way Federal Way runs their defense he doesn't put up a lot of stats so it's hard to see. You really have to get a look at him on game film - but you also have to get a look at him at camp. When he hits the camp circuit I could see him earning a few offers.

LB Cameron Saffle - If that guy hadn't blown out his knee as a sophomore he would already have 20 offers. He's that talented. He's a really talented guy. I think a lot of people got a look at him this past year and I think this spring…I bet you he sees double-digit offers by the end of May. As schools come in and get a look at him and sit down with the coaches and see what he can do, he looks like what the old staff at Washington was looking for in their linebackers - long. He's 6-4. I could see him end up playing with his hand on the ground, even as a stand-up rush end. He's physically gifted. If Washington doesn't offer him I'll be surprised.

DB Dehonta Hayes - Lincoln hasn't produced a lot of talent lately at the D1 level. Dehonta is really talented. As a sophomore I think he ended up with 8 or 9 picks. This past year he was a little down numbers-wise. Part of that is probably because people just weren't throwing at him. I like Dehonta; it just depends on Washington's numbers and how they feel things are going. I think they'll take a few cornerbacks but they might have a better chance at guys down in California than maybe up here. He'll get a look…I'm sure Washington State will offer because Washington State has really owned Lincoln the past few years and getting guys out of there.
And here's an early list of sophomores who have already established themselves as prospects to watch:
QB Jacob Eason
QB Harley Kirsch
RB Brandon Wellington
RB Rey Green
WR Christian Brandt-Sims
WR Eric Briscoe
DL Paul Finau
DL Ryan Bowman
LB Joel Dublanko
LB Isaac Garcia
ATH Isaiah Gilchrist
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