Notes and quotes

Washington was all smiles in the locker room after tonight's hard fought win against a very good Stanford team in Seattle.

Freshman Nigel Williams-Goss went down during what could've been a crucial stretch where Stanford moved out to a five-point lead. "I drove and got bumped on my right side. I needed treatment on it so I ran into the locker room. It was sore pretty much the whole game after that." Williams-Goss limped to the locker room and sat for just a short time. He toughed it out after some treatment.

Junior Mike Anderson had his best game of the year offensively. "The coaches told me to be more aggressive, so I just tried to do that. It helped the team today, so that's good."

Senior captain C.J. Wilcox noted that his team much prefers to play in Seattle. "We play better at home. We have five out of seven at home now, so we have a chance to win a lot of games. We had to win tonight to change the momentum for the rest of the year. We have great fans and we feed off of that."

Wilcox was ready to end the game from the foul line. "I knew I had to make the last two free throws. I missed a couple, and I'm not supposed to do that. I knew I'd get those last two." On junior Desmond Simmons' clutch play down the stretch, captain CJ said, "his shot he hit was huge, but what was bigger was that charge he took. We knew Randle was going to get the ball and try to make a play. Des was there."

There was no panic at halftime despite the Huskies being down seven. "We were pretty mellow. We were confident that we could come back and win the game. We were playing too much in a hurry and we kept dropping the ball," said Wilcox.

"On defense, we helped out on Powell a lot in the second half, and that helped."

Coach Lorenzo Romar on tonight: "That was a great basketball game with the exception of our turnovers. Both teams fought hard and really competed. A couple guys really stepped up. I thought Mike Anderson played the best basketball in a while, and Desmond was relentless. Taking that charge at the end, those are the things we expect from Desmond. Those are the things that help you win a game."

"We won on the boards, and that is a good thing against THAT team."

"That last call was a charge all the way, but you just don't know what will be called. I just thought Des was there early enough and stood his ground."

Of Washington's struggles on the road this year, Romar said "it's unfortunate that we haven't been as good on the road, but it's pretty clear that we are a different team at home."

Junior Mike Anderson really answered Romar's charge to him. "We've been talking about him being more aggressive all year (Anderson). He played his natural position, out on the perimeter, rather than down low. He is so unselfish, he didn't care, and I think it wore him down playing inside. Tonight he played outside and battled down low when needed, but this is more his game. When he hit those threes, that very well could've been the turning point in the game."

Washington played much tougher defense in the second half, but Romar said it wasn't anything he did or said. "There was no magic formula in the second half – we just did what we were supposed to do. We made some mistakes but at the end we were dialed in and focused. For the most part we played the way we are supposed to play."

Of his rotation in the second half, Romar commented that he went to "that same group that played when we were down against Oregon State. It's that same group was in there in the second half. That was our rotation tonight. The only reason Perris wasn't in was that he had to take care of something in the locker room at the beginning. But those five guys just LOVE playing with each other, and they proved it. They really showed a lot of passion."

As a result, sophomore Andrew Andrews only played five minutes, none in the second half. Romar said "Our guys were playing really well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it" when asked why Andrews wasn't playing.

Of his freshman point guard, Romar said, "Nigel Williams-Goss has our best plus/minus figures on the team. He is very valuable for us. He is a freshman so at times he makes mistakes. But he is SO heady and so focused on impacting the game in the right way. He's constantly doing that, and that's valuable to have. Not many freshman have that ability mentally. I think Nigel is great at assessing situations and stepping up offensively when needed. If it's not needed, he'll distribute the basketball. He has a very good feel for that." Top Stories