Practice Report - Day Two

SEATTLE - Day Two of Washington's Spring Ball was much like Day One; it was inside and it was all business. There were some minor wrinkles, but the two-hour-plus workout retained much of the same flavor of Tuesday's practice.

The biggest personnel news of the day was that running back Jesse Callier was back and in action. The senior from Downey, Calif. was not at Tuesday's practice due to some academic work that needed to be done, according to UW Head Coach Chris Petersen. That work must have been taken care of, because Callier was out there and working alongside Deontae Cooper, Dwayne Washington, and Lavon Coleman.

The biggest omission from the UW practice Thursday was sophomore defensive end Marcus Farria. The 6-foot-4, 235-pound Farria, who practiced Tuesday, was not at Thursday's workout. Petersen was not available for comment, but we should know more on Farria's status Saturday.

Junior defensive end Jarett Finau from Kirkland was in yellow Thursday, not sure exactly the extent of what kept him out. He did practice on Tuesday.

During practice, both Kendyl Taylor and Connor O'Brien sought medical attention. Taylor had an ice wrap around his right thigh, while O'Brien went off hobbling, holding the back of his right leg.

The quarterbacks appeared to rebound well after a shaky start Tuesday. Thursday's workout was much sharper, much cleaner. There's no question that both have solid arms, but Troy Williams can really sling it with power down the field when needed.

On one footwork and accuracy drill, QB Coach Jonathan Smith tried to throw it in the basket, but missed the target entirely. Williams then did the drill perfectly, sticking the ball right where it needed to be.

"You're showing me up, man!" Smith exclaimed!

Then Jeff Lindquist did the exact same thing.

The highlight throw of the day was a 90-yard bomb from Jeff Lindquist to John Ross, who caught the ball in stride, made one very sudden move to elude the defensive back, and then was gone.

Darrell Daniels also had a very nice catch on a jump ball situation in the end zone after Lindquist had to scramble out to his right and find an open receiver.

The defense once again won the competition drill, set up by Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim Socha. This time he had two weighted sleds along the goal line. The goal? Two two-man teams would compete for who could push the sled to the 30-yard line and back.

The Hudson brothers - Evan and Andrew - won the first contest over Colin Tanigawa and Mike Criste. Mike Hartvigson and Deontae Cooper beat a team with Shaq Thompson in it, and then Tani Tupou and Brian Clay beat a team with Jaydon Mickens in it to give the defense the overall win.

In fact, it took Mickens, John Ross and Derrick Brown to push it the same distance that Clay did just to finish the drill.

At the end it looked like the defense ran sprints because the offense hadn't turned the ball over. They ran two sets. The offensive line cheered on Williams and Lindquist.

We'll have more from practice today, including a practice spotlight, practice and player interview videos (including quotes), a photo gallery, DawgmanRadio, and more… Top Stories