Tuesday Practice Report

SEATTLE - The sun was out, the Washington Huskies were in Husky Stadium, and the pads were on for the first time all spring. Sounds like a recipe for a spirited practice, and it was - all 130 minutes of it. One notable player was back in action, one had to leave to attend class, one player had both plays of the day and one side of the ball had to run gassers - twice.

Marcus Farria was out there working today, Danny Shelton left mid-way through because of class, according to Petersen. Former UW coach Skip Hall was in attendance, as well as former UW legendary safety Tommie Smith, and Eastside Catholic Head Coach Jeremy Thielbahr.

The usual suspects were still out - Finau, Lawyer, Littleton, King. Connor O'Brien was back and not in yellow, but also not in full pads. He did half the practice, while Kendyl Taylor, who finished practice Thursday with an ice pack around his right thigh, was in full pads but wasn't full-go.

The biggest surprise offensively was Siosifa Tufunga, who was doing most of the work at the No. 1 left guard spot. Colin Tanigawa was the No. 2 right guard behind James Atoe. Also of note, Shane Brostek was getting reps at center, making four viable center options for the fall; Mike Criste, Tufunga, Brostek and Dane Crane.

Defensively, with Farria back he was slotted most times with the No. 2 DL. When Shelton was there he was with the ones; when he wasn't it was Elijah Qualls who slotted into his spot. Josh Shirley and Andrew Hudson got a lot of time with the ones today; Joe Mathis and Hauoli Kikaha with the twos. That particular position is looking solid in terms of quality and depth.

There were two periods today that really tested the competition. The first one was a one-on-one drill, but with three layers: OL/DL, TE/LB, and WR/DB, with the running back trying to get through all of them. Dwayne Washington and Lavon Coleman were the running backs that seemed to stand out in this drill. Other standouts included Josh Shirley, Marcus Farria, Keishawn Bierria, Damion Turpin, and David Ajamu.

The second competitive period was a Tug O' War. This was done with three man teams; one for the offense and one for the defense. The team was surrounding the action so it was a little hard to pick out numbers, but the offensive team of Darrell Daniels, David Garlington and Jake Eldrenkamp beat out the defensive team of Azeem Victor, Damion Turpin and Brandon Beaver. The second offensive team to win consisted of Dwayne Washington, DiAndre Campbell and Ben Riva. The lone defensive team to win was one made up of Tani Tupou, Sean Constantine and Trevor Walker.

Because the defense lost 2-1, they had to run gassers. They also had to run the gassers at the end of practice because they hadn't gotten any turnovers, although it looked like Brandon Beaver had a scoop-and-score on Dwayne Washington after it appeared Washington dropped the ball at the end of a run.

Probably the plays that got the biggest oohs on the day were both by Shaq Thompson. On defense he planted one of the running backs on a drill and all the defensive players got hyped. Offensively he started out the final team period behind Troy Williams at quarterback, took a handoff and sprinted upfield. The defensive players on the sideline were whooping it up as Thompson screamed past the secondary.

Speaking of the quarterbacks, both again got a ton of reps in Cyler Miles' absence, and both had their low and high points. There wasn't honestly anything that stood out from the two; they both look like young quarterbacks who are immensely talented that need reps. As Petersen said after practice when asked what he's seeing on film from them - "progress". It's slow progress, but steady.

Also of note, DB Coach Jimmy Lake talked to Kim Grinolds after practice and talked about Jaydon Mickens getting some work in the secondary, specifically nickel. I personally didn't see Jaydon working on that side of the ball and no one else that I talked to in the media saw it either - but it's something we will definitely be looking out for on Thursday.

We will have more, including a practice spotlight, video, and full quotes from everything that took place on the day.

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