Thursday Practice Report

SEATTLE - It was another 130-minute practice session for Chris Petersen and the Washington Huskies Thursday as the fog lifted and sun drenched Husky Stadium for the final part of the workout. Lots to see, lots of work getting done, and lots of competition was the focus of the day.

It was a shorts and helmets practice today, a few luminaries out to watch, including Bellevue Head Coach Butch Goncharoff, former UW safety Darin Harris, incoming QB K.J. Carta-Samuels, and Lynnwood senior Isaiah Holmes.

The only major personnel note I could see is that Azeem Victor was dressed and with the linebackers today, but wasn't working. That left only four linebackers available to work - Shaq Thompson, Travis Feeney, Sean Constantine, and Keishawn Bierria. The LB's are by far the group hit most by injuries at this point in time.

Jarett Finau was out of yellow Thursday and working with the defensive ends, a good sign. Everyone else that should have been in yellow was, so no changes there.

Coach Petersen was working the air horn today, teasing it a couple times on potential turnovers. Travell Dixon had a sure pick dropped, and Brandon Beaver did too later in practice. Late in the final team period, it looked like Marvin Hall fumbled the ball in-bounds but went out of bounds. Pete pulled the air horn out of his pocket while the defense looked to see if he would blow it - but he didn't. Pete did eventually blow the horn for a turnover when Jaydon Mickens fumbled the ball. It appeared to be recovered by Constantine, although it was hard to tell in the scrum.

The competition was ratcheted up a notch. In the regular competition period, Tim Socha put together two groups of four. On the offense it was Colin Tanigawa, Jeff Lindquist, Michael Hartvigson, and Deontae Cooper running anchor. For the defense it was Andrew Hudson, Drew Schultz, Travell Dixon, and Josh Shirley running anchor. The competition? It was the old ‘spin while putting your forehead on a baseball bat' routine. After spinning so many times around, each player had to run 50 yards to the next player. It looked like almost a dead heat, but Cooper pulled it out for the offense - making the defense run gassers.

The defense would get their revenge, as the offense had to run turnover gassers at the end of practice.

There was another competitive period - one where the OL and DL butted heads and the DB's and WR's had one-on-ones. These groups got after it, especially the OL and DL. While the WR's and DB's did a lot of jawing, the OL/DL drills had a couple nearly coming to blows - namely Coleman Shelton and Psalm Wooching in one rep and Cory Fuavai and Evan Hudson in the very next rep. Hudson was calling Fuavai out for the next rep, but it didn't come to pass.

Wooching is one that has always practiced with bad intentions, and that's a good thing. He's always been aggressive in practice and pushes buttons. During a later 9-on-9 drill, he absolutely rag-dolled Lavon Coleman, tossing him to the ground. I'm sure the coaches weren't happy that a player hit turf - they always try and keep all the players off the ground - but inside I'm sure they were thrilled with Wooching's physicality and mindset.

There were also some (somewhat) humorous moments at practice Thursday. During one blocking drill, the receivers were supposed to set up and then simulate a cut block. Marvin Hall and Jaydon Mickens completely missed the bag altogether, while both Petersen and WR Coach Brent Pease were yelling at the receivers to keep their heads up so they could square up to the bag and make a form block. To no avail.

The offense started installing some red zone things Thursday, with expected mixed results. Jeff Lindquist found Marvin Hall open after a wonderful scramble, but Hall dropped the bunny. And then later, Travis Feeney sacked Lindquist, but the sophomore from Mercer Island also had a nice TD throw to Kendyl Taylor that elicited full cheers from the offense on the sidelines.

Troy Williams had his moments too. He threw one timing route to perfection. Brandon Beaver stepped up like he ball was coming right at him, only to have it stabbed right out of the air by DiAndre Campell. It was a nice throw and catch. Williams later had to scramble and was able to rip right through a couple defensive linemen and to the corner of the endzone for a rushing touchdown.

I'll have more from today's practice, including practice videos, interviews and a practice spotlight. Top Stories