Kevin Ndahiro One To Watch

Now that news of Desmond Simmons' decision to leave Washington is public, the Huskies have a spot to fill for 2014, and they may have already identified a potential suitor for Simmons' scholarship. His name is Kevin Ndahiro.

The 6-foot-9, 225-pound power forward is originally from Canada, but now goes to school in Bardstown, Kentucky after playing two years ago in Edmonton, Alberta. Ndahiro (pronounced Da-HERO) sat out the 2012-13 season due to transfer rules.

"I like scoring and everything but I just do what's best for my team and my teammates," Ndahiro told Saturday. "If they need a lot of help on the defensive side I'll try and be the person to defend. If we need scoring I'll try and be the first person to … I just try and be the best player on the floor."

HERE is a highlight video of Ndahiro when he was still in Canada back at the end of 2011. What would we see from him now, over two years later?

"You'd see speed, athletic ability…I can jump out of the gym," Ndahiro said. "I can put it on the floor pretty well for my size…just a person that works hard."

Ndahiro, because he sat out last season, has been late to hit on recruiting radars, but things are definitely starting to pick up. "I have offers from mid-majors, but as of right now there's a lot of interest coming from west coast schools like Oregon, Washington, Utah," he said. One of the mid-majors Ndahiro mentioned as having offered was Gardner-Webb.

When asked if he has any official visits set up yet, Ndahiro said he's close to at least one. "Me and coach (Raphael) Chillious from Washington have been trying to set up a visit on the third week of April," he said. "I'll probably visit around the 17th or 18th but I'm not sure yet, so I have to talk to the coaches and confirm that date."

Has Ndahiro been to Seattle before? "I've never been to Seattle," he said. "This will be my first time. I don't really know anybody on the team except for coach Chillious."

Ndahiro also added that, despite his Canadian heritage, the name Tristan Etienne wasn't one he was thoroughly familiar with. Etienne has signed with UW and is expected to enroll during the summer LEAP program. "I want to say I've heard that name before but I don't really know him," Ndahiro said of Etienne.

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