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BOTHELL - Dawgman.com caught up with Newport TE Drew Sample, a Washington signee, who was working out at a Barton Football Academy Elite session this past weekend at Cedar Park Christian School. In the nearly 10-minute interview, we hit on a number of topics, including his future role as a Husky, UW spring ball, Budda Baker, Calvin Throckmorton, and more!

Chance to come out for UW spring ball? - "Yeah. I went down there. I've been down there the two Saturdays they had the two weeks before the break."

First impressions of seeing the coaches in action? - "They've got a good thing going…just the way they are in control and the way they run everything is very player-oriented. They are all together. I'm excited to be a part of it."

And specifically, what have you seen from Jordan Paopao? - "They look like they've got a lot of stuff, a lot of routes and stuff. In the offense there's the H-Back and the Y, so there's a lot of times where there's two tight ends in there. So there's lots of opportunities for guys to move around."

Watching them and knowing where you are now, any fear factor? - "It's definitely another level, so that's definitely something I'll have to deal with and have to get used to - the speed of the college game and practice and stuff. It's definitely a step up, so I have to be training and getting ready for that as best I can be. I feel like I can get in there and give it my best shot and see what happens."

What are the coaches telling you right now? Are they telling you to get ready to compete right away? - "Yeah. They just said that just because you're a freshman, don't think you are going to redshirt automatically. But at the same time you could very well redshirt. They just want me to come in ready to compete. If I redshirt I redshirt and if not than they are happy to play me."

When are you expected to enroll? - "When LEAP starts is July 5th. I believe I can visit up there after school is done and start lifting and stuff but I can't stay on campus. I'll just do that because of the proximity to campus and stuff."

What was the impetus to come out and work out today? - "I had be doing a lot of lifting and stuff. It's always good to get back out here and run routes and stuff. I haven't been doing that as much. And it's good to get back here with the guys, like Taylor. And it was a nice day out. It was fun."

Because you didn't pass the ball that much at Newport, how different is this experience going to be when you step on campus in the summer? - "I think it's going to be different just on a day-to-day basis - just being able to catch more balls than I would normally in practice, or even in games. I think it'll be good for me because I have a lot of room to grow in that area. I think it'll be good for me to be around that kind of thing."

Ever step back and think about how quickly it's going to happen for you? It's just a few months away - "Yeah. Definitely. It's surreal. High school goes by so fast, and now in the next three or four months I'll be out there practicing with Shaq (Thompson) and those guys you hear about on TV and stuff. It's going to be awesome that they are my teammates. I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's going to be tough. Looking forward to it, though."

Figured out who you're going to live with for the summer and going forward? - "We start with dorms closer to the facilities for the LEAP program and we move into our final dorms when fall camp starts. They said they can put you somewhere, or if you already know who you are going to room with you can tell us and we can get you moved in with that person. I know a lot of the guys but we haven't really started talking about that part of it yet."

Any other summer plans before camp? - "Yeah, the Battle in Seattle, trying to get an alumni team going - maybe some UW guys like Budda (Baker) and Max (Richmond) and some other guys, make a good run."

What were your thoughts when you found out Budda was going to stay home and play at UW? - "He's an awesome player. When you see his highlights and everything he's just an electric player. I'm definitely glad he stayed in-state, especially U-Dub. He's going to be a playmaker for us probably next year (2014). It's going to be fun to have him as a teammate."

Did you see his King-5 announcement? - "No, I didn't. We were at a basketball game, but I saw it after - people were posting about it. It was awesome."

Speaking of basketball, are you at the point now where you have to put everything else but football to the side? - "Yeah. I did basketball, which was fun. But now it's definitely about football. Football and school are my two biggest priorities right now."

Do you have any thoughts about what you might pursue academically at UW? - "I have not. I'm probably going to start out undecided. I have a lot of friends and family that went to U-Dub so I'll talk to them and see what they did. I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do, still a lot of figuring out to do with regard to that."

Have to ask about Calvin (Throckmorton)…still bugging him to UW? - "I still keep on him. (laughs) I know he was up at U-Dub last Saturday so that was good to get him up there. We knew he was going to blow up and pick up Pac-12 offers. I have to keep in his ear about U-Dub and the hometown and good education…hopefully he'll come around."

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