Price Talks About His First Day As A Pro

RENTON - It was Keith Price's first day as a professional football player, and he didn't have to go far from the University of Washington for his commute. In fact he just had to cross I-90 and down 405 to the VMAC for the opening of the Seattle Seahawks' 2014 Rookie Minicamp. Price was one of nine undrafted free agents signed by the Seahawks.

It was a day as you would expect for a pro baller; up at 6 am for the shuttle from the hotel, a quick breakfast, meetings starting at 8:30 and practice after lunch.

Even with all that, Price took time out to talk to the media Friday about his first day on the job and the sensation of being a professional football player. To say he was delighted would be an understatement.

A big thank you to KJR's Curtis Crabtree, who supplied us with interview audio that can be heard HERE. For those who would rather read the full transcript, it can be found below.
Just like Sark? - "Identical. Reminded me of U-Dub. Going over the bags, kind of brought back memories."

You signed with Seattle immediately? - "Immediately. It probably wasn't three minutes after the draft. Pete made the call and I committed to 'em."

Why was that? Not interesting in seeing what else was out there? - "I kind of had my eye set here. I was very familiar with the system, very familiar with the coaches. I love this place. I love Seattle. I love being here, and it's great competition at the quarterback spot and I'm a competitive guy."

Familiarity with Russell (Wilson) as well? - "No doubt about it. Russell is probably one of the better younger quarterbacks in the league. He's a student of the game, a very competitive guy. And most of all, he's a leader, somebody the team loves to rally around and play for."

How impressive was the burst that (Paul) Richardson showed on that deep ball? - "Oh my god, that guy is a blazer, man. He told me to throw him the ball deep today. I seen one-on-one with him and I kind of let it rip and he made a great play and we scored a touchdown."

Terminology similar to UW? - "It's similar. There's still a lot of things I need to learn…just flipping verbiage, that's the biggest challenge for me, is just flipping verbiage. The concepts are similar. That allows me to play fast out here."

What does it mean to put the Seattle jersey on? - "It's awesome. If you would have asked me if I was younger would I be even close to coming to the NFL I would have probably laughed at you. Now I'm here. I have a great opportunity ahead of me. I'm just kind of soaking it up, being a sponge."

Was there any disappointment following the draft? - "I was just waiting on my opportunity. I constantly told myself that all I need is a foot in the door and I'll take care of the rest. I'm studying my playbook relentlessly. I'm doing everything that I can to prepare myself to ultimately becoming a starter in this league. I know it takes steps and I'm way down there on the totem pole right now, but I'm willing to work myself up like I did throughout my whole playing career. So I appreciate the challenge."

Was he looking at a place with fewer quarterbacks? - "I like to challenge myself. I know if I could move up in depth here I would be able to move up in depth anywhere. We have tremendous competitors, we have a lot of veterans who started a lot of games in this league. Going from Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, Terrelle Pryor, those guys are leaders. They know how to prepare and they have been teaching me. I've only been here for four days and they have been nothing, but guidance for me. They're very competitive spirits. It's not a jealousy thing, it's a competitive thing and I love being here."

What has the last week been like? - "Man it's been hell. As soon as I got the call I jumped on a flight, I don't think I folded my clothes I just threw everything into my suitcases, got up here, and as soon as I got up here I got in my playbook and I've been spending hours a day going over my stuff and making sure that I'm mentally ready to take on the next day." Top Stories