Huskies Shine in Combine Setting

SEATTLE - For the first time ever, Washington's combine testing was made open to the media and public, and we got to see first-hand Tuesday morning in the Dempsey Indoor what the football players could do as pure athletes. Tested in the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle (t-test), L-Cone test, vertical jump, standing broad jump, and bench reps, the skill players excelled, some in particular.

Kevin King was the unofficial 'King of the Combine', scoring in the top-three results in four of the five combine drills. He had the top L-Cone drill with a blistering 6.33, was second in the vertical jump with a 37.5-inch effort, and was third in two other events. At 6-foot-2 and 181 pounds, the sophomore from the Bay Area showed that he's got more than enough athleticism to play either safety or slot if he needed to in a pinch.

Kendyl Taylor, the 5-foot-10, 203-pound sophomore receiver from Arizona, dazzled in the vertical jump and shuttle, posting 40.5 inches and 3.90 seconds, respectively. Those are NFL-type numbers. Anything over 40 inches is rarified air, and anything under 4 seconds in the shuttle is flying.

We all knew that Dwayne Washington was an exceptional athlete for his size, but the 6-foot-2, 221-pound converted receiver showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's the most athletic big man on the Huskies' squad. He was top-4 in four drills, winning the standing broad jump with a leap of 10'9.25" - three inches farther than his closest teammate. He tied another big man, linebacker Travis Feeney, for the third-fastest 40 time on the day at 4.44, a remarkable .15 off the top time set by speed merchant John Ross.

Shaquille Thompson wasn't far behind Taylor in the shuttle, running a blazing 3.99 at 231 pounds. He also showed off his agility in the L-Cone, clicking off a 6.57, better than Washington's 6.63.

Here are the top-5 times for each drill, tweeted out by Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim Socha.

Top 5- 40 yd Dash
1- John Ross- 4.29
2- Marvin Hall- 4.40
3- Travis Feeney- 4.44
3- Dwayne Washington- 4.44
5- Kendyl Taylor- 4.47

Top 5- Pro Agility (5-10-5)
1- Kendyl Taylor- 3.90
2- Shaquille Thompson- 3.99
3- Kevin King- 4.01
3- Jaydon Mickens- 4.01
5- John Ross- 4.10

Top 5- 3-Cone (L-Drill)
1- Kevin King- 6.33
2- Kendyl Taylor- 6.48
3- Shaquille Thompson- 6.57
4- Dwayne Washington- 6.63
5- John Ross- 6.69

Top 5-Vertical Jump
1- Kendyl Taylor- 40.5
2- Kevin King- 37.5
3- Travis Feeney- 37.0
4- Dwayne Washington- 36.5
5- Travis Walker- 36.0

Top 5-Broad Jump
1- Dwayne Washington-10'9.25"
2- Travis Feeney-10'6"
3- Kevin King-10'5.25"
3- John Ross-10'5.25"
5- Josh Perkins-10'2.5"

Top 5- 225 Bench Reps
1- Shane Brostek- 33
2- James Atoe- 30
3- Ben Riva- 28
3- Siosifa Tufunga- 28
5- Joe Mathis- 26

Here's a list of some unofficial shuttle times for the linemen, as well as vertical jumps.

20-yard shuttle:
Defensive Linemen
Jaimie Bryant - 5.00
Jarett Finau - 4.67
Elijah Qualls - 4.58
Tani Tupou - 4.44
Damion Turpin - 4.55
Evan Hudson - 4.21
Hauoli Kikaha - 4.3
Danny Shelton - 4.77

Offensive Linemen
Shane Brostek - 4.70
Dane Crane - 4.95
Andrew Kirkland - 4.72
Michael Kneip - 4.84
Coleman Shelton - 4.64
James Atoe - 5.25
Micah Hatchie - 4.80
Mike Criste - 5.11
Ben Riva - 4.89

Vertical Jump
DiAndre Campbell - 30.5
Michael Hartvigson - 30.5
Andrew Hudson - 26.5
Hauoli Kikaha - 33.0
Jonathan Kwon - 30.0
John Timu - 31.5
Thomas Vincent - 33.0
Marcus Peters - 35.0
James Atoe - 28.0
Mike Criste - 24.0
Micah Hatchie - 27.0
Evan Hudson - 29.5
Ben Riva - 29.0
Drew Schultz - 26.0
Danny Shelton - 27.5
Colin Tanigawa - 30.0
Travis Feeney - 37.0
Cory Littleton - 31.5
Connor O'Brien - 30.5
Shaq Thompson - 31.0
Azeem Victor - 28.5
Joe Mathis - 25.5
Psalm Wooching - 32.5
David Ajamu - 28.0
Darrell Daniels - 32.5
Korey Durkee - 23.0
Luke Hutchison - 27.0
Mitch Johnson - 26.5
Ryan Masel - 26.5
Cameron Van Winkle - 26.5
Brandon Beaver - 30.5
Aaron Chapman - 32.0
Brian Clay - 34.5
Jermaine Kelly - 33.0
Kevin King - 37.5
Hayden Schuh - 26.5
Trevor Walker - 36.0
Nick Zelle - 24.5
Marvin Hall - 35.0
Jaydon Mickens - 35.0
Taelon Parson - 27.0
John Ross - 34.0
Neel Salukhe - 25.0
Kendyl Taylor - 40.5
Jeff Lindquist - 32.5
Cyler Miles - 35.5
Troy Williams - 31.5
Lavon Coleman - 33.5
Ralph Kinne - 30.5
Dwayne Washington - 36.5

We also spoke with Shaq Thompson, Hauoli Kikaha, and DiAndre Campbell, and they gave us their thoughts on the day, the off-season, and what they are working on heading into the fall.
Shaq Thompson

On the day - "It's a good experience to know where you're at, how much work did you put in to get where you're at, and see if you improved from last year."

Did you watch the NFL Combine? - "Yeah, I watched it this year. I really watched the linebackers - Jadeveon Clowney was one. That's about it."

Do you follow the mock drafts at all? - "No. I try to stay away from that and just worry about football now."

Has anyone told you about showing up on some of the mock drafts for next year? - "No. Like I said, I don't pay attention to it. I'm worried about now, worried about improving each and every day on the things I need to improve on from last year. So that's the main focus."

How big are you right now? - "I'm about 6-foot-1, 228."

Shoulder alright? - "Yeah, shoulder's getting better. That's a good thing."

You've been around a while now - does it feel different? - "Just from the coaching change, yeah. Just the new coaches, getting a feel from them, getting that vibe and feeling the team vibe from us and just becoming a family. I feel like we're closer this year than we were the previous years, and that's a good thing."

Things you definitely have to improve on? - "Letting go of the egos, playing as a family…realizing that we're a family, a unit. We're not individuals, we play as a team."

Hauoli Kikaha

Miss us? - "Not really, to be honest. I'm just kidding." (laughs)

Happy with the day? - "It was a great day. No further comment."

You had a good vertical jump (33 inches). Most happy with that? - "I wasn't satisfied with any part of my performance, personally. But it was a fair day and I did the best I could."

How do you feel? - "I feel great. I feel healthy, everything feels like it's clicking pretty well."

You and Danny are walking around with a lot of swagger. Feel different now that you're older? - "I've been an old guy for a while. Being an old healthy guy has probably been the difference."

What's it like now having a full off-season healthy so now you can improve…? - "It's different. It's very exciting, there's a lot of goals that we have for ourselves and for our unit. There's so much to do and so little time. That's the feeling day-in and day-out."

What was the feeling when you knew this event was going to happen? - "We were stoked to have a crowd and some new underwear to run in…we were excited for the opportunity to duplicate some of that combine stuff…it's a good thing for everyone to try out and see how the shoe fits."

Do you get to do these tests very often? - "We do them in practice in certain sections, not necessarily the entire drill at once. But we do practice this every week, a couple times a week - all these drills."

What's the biggest difference this off-season from coach Ivan to coach Socha? - "They definitely have a different style of workout. Socha does a little more recovery during the process of working out. We'll do some smaller exercises and activations, movements along with our lifts - so that's something different."
DiAndre Campbell

The goal of the combine? - "To show everybody, to show the coaches how hard you've been working and just prove to yourself that those numbers you set? You can reach those."

A test today you were most proud of? - "I'd probably say the whole thing. Just being able to be out here…I wasn't feeling the best last night, but just being able to push through and get out here and just compete with the guys was just all-in-all a great thing in itself."

Anyone else catch your attention today? - "I didn't really get guys' numbers but I saw Timu…I think he ran like a fast l-drill. Being as big as he is, around 250 moving that well, that's top-notch right there. That was pretty cool to see."

Getting workouts in with the quarterbacks? - "Yeah. They are all there whenever we work out. Quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, DB's - they are all there. We're all getting work. There's times where Cyler is like, 'Hey Dre, what do you want to run?' and I'm like, 'What do you want to work on?', because I'm willing to work on whatever you need to work on. It's pretty much like that with Jeff and Troy as well - just getting in the work that they need so they feel more comfortable with the throws they need to make and getting into that quarterback role."

Does it feel like Cyler is behind? - "I feel like it's too early to tell. We're just throwing right now, just throwing routes - so it's not like you can really tell if he's behind or ahead or where he is in terms of scheme-wise and playbook-wise. It's still too early to tell."

How has the team embraced him coming back? - "It's like he went on vacation and came back. He apologized to us, so we're happy to have him back."

The whole team feels that way? - "Yeah. It was a long process for him. The quarterback is the face for almost all teams and to go through all that and the mental stress and all that stuff and to have him back…I feel like he's a lot more appreciative of the opportunity to be here and practice with his brothers and to be out here battling with us and working with us…he's definitely more humble and willing to work and gain that respect back."

What's an average off-season day like now, compared to Sark? - "Probably kind of the same…just work out in the morning and then school in the afternoon and then maybe meetings later, but it's pretty much the same."

Different without Keith here? - "It definitely is different. You don't have that…it's crazy. I'm the older guy now. Last year Keith was the older guy. He was the one saying, 'We're going to coordinate this, we're going to be here at this time, we're going to do this'… now it's like I have to hit up the quarterbacks and say, 'Hey, let's do a throwing session'. I'm kind of taking over that role. But it's definitely different. It's weird." Top Stories