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A.J. Carty is right; no one really cares about the long snapper unless they make a mistake. That's why getting a quality specialist at that position is so crucial. Carty verbally committed to Washington Saturday afternoon via Twitter, and now he can go back to doing what he does so well - staying out of the spotlight by doing his job as one of the best long snapping prospects in the country.

"They were too impressive to say no," Carty told, just minutes after making his commitment known. "I kept trying to look at these other schools, but everything in my mind was U-Dub, U-Dub, U-Dub.

"It's the perfect place for me. The atmosphere is amazing. The fan base support, the coaching staff is incredible with Coach (Chris) Petersen, Coach (Jeff) Choate, Coach (Ben) Thienes…they've talked to me for a month now, asking me how I'm doing. They make me feel like I'm part of the team, and I'm not even there yet."

Carty said he was also looking at schools like Cornell, Yale, and others, but didn't see the need to wait. He visited Washington back at the beginning of June. "I had seen everything else already," he said, matter-of-factly. "I couldn't find myself playing anywhere else."

The 6-foot-3, 250-pound Carty, who plays his high school ball at Servite High in Anaheim, called the Washington coaches at about 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Spoke first with Coach Choate, Coach Thienes, and then Coach Petersen. "They were extremely fired up," Carty said of the coaches' response to his verbal commitment. "Coach Petersen said it made his summer that I committed there. They can't wait for me to get there. They are trying to build the best special teams university in the nation. They really wanted me and I really wanted them."

Carty plans on going pre-Med in college, which was just another reason the Huskies made sense to him. "Washington is one of the best Med schools in the nation," he said. "I saw right there that the academics were set and it's big-time football…just perfect."

So now that the details of Carty's commitment are known, how did he get to be a long snapper? In Pop Warner football he was a center, so he was asked to try snapping. His Dad was a punter in high school, so he showed him the basics of the position.

"No one really notices the long snapper until we mess up," he said. "Consistency is the big thing, but doing it well with speed and accuracy…it's mostly about the same snap every time. People think it's easy, but you get down there and you try and do it. It's not the easiest thing out there."

During Carty's freshman year at Servite, he went to see long snapping specialist Chris Rubio. "Chris Rubio changed me into the long snapper I am," Carty said. "He's responsible for everything. He taught me how to do it, taught me the recruiting process, taught me everything. I can't thank that man enough for what he's done." spoke with Rubio Saturday to get some more insight into Carty's ability as a long snapper. "The first thing with AJ is that when you see him he passes the eyeball test quickly," said Rubio. "He's a big man, he's thick, he's strong. When he gets on the ball and has perfect form, he just absolutely rips the ball back. You want the ball back in .75 (seconds) 15 yards, and he has no problem getting it back in the .6's - which is very, very, very fast for 15 yards.

"He's accurate…he's one of those kids that just gets better every single day. Recently he was ranked No. 3 by me, a five-star rating. A five-star rating means he can play tonight, let alone in 16 months. He's just at that level right now, he's snapping with a lot of confidence. I feel like he'll do very well at U-Dub. He's an intelligent kid, I know he wants to try and get into the medical field, and U-Dub is a great place for that. Just an all-around good kid, comes from a good family.

"Husky Nation is going to really like him."

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