Hilbers Gets Offer, Commits To UW (UPDATED)

Jared Hilbers grew up an Oregon fan, but on Monday that all changed when he made a verbal commitment to play football for Washington. The 6-foot-7, 275-pound Hilbers earned a scholarship offer from the Huskies Monday around noon and it didn't take long for him to accept the offer.

"I just committed," Hilbers told Dawgman.com. "At the (Rising Stars) camp they were spending a lot of time with me, telling me what to expect if I came in. They spent a lot of time coaching me up, evaluating me, how I played and my body and bending my knees, stuff like that. I called the coach (Strausser) about a week after and he told me how they were going to have another meeting to make sure of the guys that they wanted to offer and he told me to call him today. They gave me an offer."

Monday was the culmination of a relatively brief, but impactful relationship between the Huskies and Hilbers, who made an impression on him last year.

"The last staff said they were recruiting me first and when I went up there I just loved it," Hilbers said. "I love Seattle and all the facilities they have and everything they had to offer with the school. I've been wanting to go to U-Dub since last year, due to the academic part mostly. I thought about doing medicine, I'm still kind of deciding on that. But if I go there I can go to a good business school or the top medical school in the country, maybe the world."

For a kid growing up in Beaverton, Ore., Washington isn't supposed to be the place you go to college - but it didn't take long for Hilbers to contract Husky Fever.

"When I grew up I was a Duck fan. I was kind of in that mindset of Ducks, Autzen Stadium, play here - and stuff like that. But once I went to a different stadium and different coaching staff and a got a feel for all the different stadiums, Washington just had the best feel for me. I just felt like it was the place for me."

Hilbers got an opportunity to unofficially visit UW last fall when they hosted Colorado and Washington State. "It just amazed me how, even though they weren't the greatest in the Pac-12, the fans still packed every seat in the stadium," he said. "Oregon, when they are doing crappy, their stadium isn't going to be that full. The fan loyalty and the loyalty the city has to the team really had an impact on me and it really means a lot to me. Our community is very supportive of our team, even if we're not the best…we plan to this year, though. That's our goal."

Hilbers' goal in recruiting was to get an offer from the University of Washington. He already had offers from schools like Washington State and Oregon State, and according to Hilbers Cal was close to offering.

"I was interested in Cal," he said. "I was going to go there if Washington didn't come through with an offer. They were definitely my number two."

But the Huskies were his number one school, and when asked to go to the Rising Stars camp Hilbers jumped at the chance to impress the new Washington staff. In fact he got up at 4 am to drive to Seattle and stayed for both the Friday morning and afternoon sessions before driving straight back home. He got back to Beaverton at 9 o'clock.

That effort wasn't lost on Chris Strausser, the new Washington Offensive Line Coach. "I felt it was very impactful to them," Hilbers said.

"I don't want to sound cocky, but I was hoping (an offer) would happen. I didn't think I would get one at the camp, but I was trying my best to do whatever I could to get an offer."

Hilbers had to remain patient, calling once last week to follow up with coach Strausser. UW didn't have an answer for Hilbers, so he remained patient. "I knew they would have another meeting, because they had to evaluate everyone there and look at the film," he said. "I didn't worry about it."

Jared was asked to call back at 12:30 Monday afternoon, and that's when he got the good news he was looking for. "This was the one I was waiting for the whole time," he said of the Husky offer.

Strausser also talked to Hilbers about a timeline. "He told me how they were going to offer another guy and they only had a couple spots left and it was coming down to the last few spots - so if I wanted it I needed to take it," Hilbers said. "I was totally fine with it, because I know they have linemen already committed, like Trey Adams. They are only giving out three, maybe four scholarships, for the line."

Hilbers didn't commit to Strausser right there and then. He was at Beaverton High School when the call was made, so he first spoke to his coaches about possibly committing. Then he went home and talked about it one last time with his father.

Then he called Chris Strausser back with the news - Hilbers was going to commit to UW.

"I called them up and said I'm ready," Hilbers said, matter-of-factly. "(Strausser) was very happy and kind of shocked I made it so quick.

"I was planning on making a commitment closer to the season, but since they offered me and it's my number-one school I decided to just take it and not play around and wait."

At 6-foot-7 (Hilbers actually claimed that he's '6-foot-6.75') and 275 pounds, he has the frame to add weight and still get faster and stronger. "They like how I can move for my size," he said when asked why the UW coached liked him as a prospect. "I'm built for tight end but I play offensive line. They like that I have quick feet. Generally guys my size don't, and just the fact that I'm the type of guy they've been looking for."

Hilbers plans on trying to get to as many UW games as he can this fall, if his Beaverton Football schedule will allow.

Scout.com has Hilbers rated three stars, the No. 94-ranked tackle in the country. He is the seventh public verbal commitment for Washington, and the fourth in two weeks for the Huskies.

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