State of Washington Top-20: 20-16

After a five year talent dip in the prep ranks, the region’s reputation as a hotbed of college hoop talent is about to be restored. It's no secret that the Puget Sound has been in a bit of a slump in terms of generating legitimate high major basketball talent.

Between 2005 - 2009 the region consistently produced some of the top talent in the country, with the 2005 class producing 4 of the top 30 players nationally, but the region fell off a cliff in 2010.

With the start of the summer viewing period just days away, the region is again bursting with college level players of all types, from elite players to Division III - especially in the backcourt.

This list isn't comprehensive. Over the last couple of months, I've seen most of the top AAU programs in the area, but the list keeps growing. The recently formed NWXpress contains some of Seattle's best, including Dejounte Murray. The Friends of Hoop roster lacks flash but boasts sneaky good talent. Seattle Rotary, Aplus, Tacoma's Northwest Panthers and even Ellensburg's Subway Selects claim multiple mid-to high major prospects. That's just for starters.

This isn't a ranking of the top players in the area. This is a ranking of the top-20 college prospects in the state of Washington - There is a difference. We start today with the first five from No. 20 to 16, as well as some other names to watch.

20) Mike Henn 2016 6-7 F, Bellevue/Friends Of Hoop. The beefy post player has surprising skills for someone who looks like he'd be more at home on an offensive line in football. Henn shows nice touch and good footwork around the hoop, finishing effectively with either hand and has a high release on his jump hoop that's tough to block. He's just an average athlete, but bull strong, and he's uses his broad body to control the paint and grab rebounds. His conditioning needs improvement, but he's got a solid mid-major future, especially if he adds a couple more inches. He currently holds an offer from Idaho State.

19) Alphonso Anderson 2016 6-6 PF, Wilson/NWXpress. Anderson is a tough one to project. Presently, he's a muscularly built power forward with good athleticism, strength and solid instincts in the paint. He's a powerful finisher who overwhelms smaller opponents with his physicality and is a force on the glass as well. When Anderson steps out onto the perimeter player, he shoots a inconsistent three point ball. He is a solid ball handler but lacks great lateral quickness. With another couple of inches he's a high major power forward prospect with significant long term upside, though at his present height he's a tweener and a better fit at the mid-major level. Anderson currently holds an offer from Boise State, with growing interest from high majors, including California and Washington.

18) Londrell Hamilton 2017 5-10 PG, Lincoln/Team Brandon Roy. Given his shorter stature, it takes an awful lot to stand out in the crowded 2017 Washington State prep guard class. Hamilton has definitely made an impression. He's blazing quick with a handle to match, but it's his creativity and passing accumen that have vaulted him into the regional rankings. He's shifty, squeezing through tiny gaps in the defense, and his tremendous body control helps him find the cup at all angles. His jumper is average at this point and will need to be significantly improved before he gets to the next level. Hamilton has interest from mid-high majors from across the region.

17) Dominic Green 2015 6-5 Wing, Hazen. A well built, long limbed wing from Renton, Green is a rugged scorer who puts his big body to good use, effectively scoring with either hand in the paint. He connects consistently with a somewhat unorthodox three point ball, and also uses a nice mid-range pull up. He's a solid athlete, with average quicks, but uses his long stride to get out in transition in a hurry. Defensively, Green is a hard worker and uses his length well, but he may struggle defending smaller players. He makes up for it in the paint though, where he's comfortable guarding bigger forwards and is an active, physical rebounder. He's one of the more underrated players in the Northwest for 2015, with growing interest from San Jose State, Portland State, Montana State and Weber State.

16) Mandrell Worthy 2015 6-3 SG, Eastside Catholic/NWXpress. Worthy is a jack-of-all trades guard prospect who does just about everything well. He's an above average athlete and can elevate and finish strong, possesses good ball skills and looked comfortable running the show for the Crusaders, even if he's not a natural point guard. If there's a knock on Worthy, it's the lack of an elite trait to separate him from his peers. Thus far Worthy been primarily viewed as a mid major shooting guard, including an offer from Montana State, though high majors such as Marquette are paying attention.

Others to watch:

NOTE: We are aware of 2018 player, 6-foot-7 J’raan Brooks, who is originally from San Diego but plays for Seattle Prep and Seattle Rotary. We know him only by reputation, but will see him for ourselves at this weekend’s Northwest Premier Summer Showcase at Bellevue College.

Roberto Giddens 2017 6-3 G, Foss/NW Panthers. The Tacoma area has a deserved reputation for developing talented guards, and Giddens is poised to join the party. He's a well built, physical guard with a high revving motor who uses his powerful body to muscle through contact and get to the basket. He's a high level athlete, with good lateral quicks for a bigger guard. In limited looks Giddens shows good command of his dribble and made several precise passes.

Sean Gummersal 2016 6-7 PF, Seattle Prep/Rotary. Gummersal is a long, defensive oriented post player with quality shot blocking and rebounding abilities. Playing primarily below the rim, he has a good touch around the hoop, using solid footwork where he finishes well with either hand. Gummersal rarely strays from the paint and shows good rebounding instincts making him effective on the offensive glass.

Scott Hastings 2015 6-7 F, Lynden/NWXpress. Scooter is one of the few D1 front court prospects in the region. He's a strong, high energy forward with solid athleticism who makes his living in the paint scrapping for offensive boards and put backs. A touted rugby player, his outstanding motor, toughness, decent bounce and high IQ help him compensate for lack of bulk. A bit of a junkyard dog, Hastings is a strong finisher through contact, able to finish consistently with both hands. Given the dearth of quality bigs in the Northwest, Hastings should see plenty of interest at the mid-major level.

Ty Gibson 2015 6-3 SG, Issaquah/Friends Of Hoop. Seattle's FOH features several players in the mold of Virginia and AAU alum Joe Harris, and Gibson is one of them. A pretty three point shot, high octane motor and solid handle make Gibson an intriguing prospect at the mid-major level.

Coleman Sparling 2016 6-6 Wing, Ellensburg/Subway Select. Another interesting 2016 prospect, Sparling is the son of Central Washington University Head Coach Greg Sparling. He's a lanky wing with deadly accurate three point range. Though just an average athlete, Coleman is a hard worker who plays with confidence. He has versatility and a polished post game that complements his three point stroke, and he can run the point in a pinch. Playing in relative obscurity in the middle of the state, Sparling is one of the more underrated players around, with interest from Boise State, San Diego, Portland and Portland State.

Sharif Khan 2016, 6-0 PG, Bellevue/Friends of Hoop. Khan is a rock solid floor general with impressive instincts. He's quick and crafty with the ball in his hands, and a clever penetrator with excellent body control despite his slender frame. He's shoots a polished three point ball but is at his best as a playmaker, where his high IQ and passing skills are fully appreciated. Physically speaking, Khan’s long term upside is limited. Otherwise, he possesses mid-major point guard tools. Top Stories