Top 10 Coming Soon For Holiday?

One of the top corners on the West Coast, Mission Hills (San Marcos, Ca.) DB Dechaun Holiday, talked with during the first day of The Opening and he said he's getting close to naming his top 10...

"I've pretty much narrowed things down to a top 10 or pretty close to that," Holiday admitted. "I'm not really ready to name them yet, maybe after I'm done here (at The Opening) or pretty quickly after we're done here I will do it.

"A few of the schools who will probably be in there are, in no order, UCLA, USC, Washington will be in there and Oregon will probably be in there. A lot of Pac 12 schools will probably be in there and then some SEC schools too.

"I'm not ready to name them yet."

With his status as one of the top corners in the country, he's currently ranked 11th in the country, he has plenty of options to choose from with well over 20 offers to his name.

That being the case, seeing as there is quite a bit of top talent in Beaverton, Or., he and the others have been swapping some recruiting stories and comparing how coaches are talking to them.

"We talk to each other about who's leaning towards which school and how coaches talk to certain kids like you," Holiday said. "If they talk to you one way and then they say something different to someone else, that's something that's pretty nice to know, so we talk about all that stuff."

Holiday admitted that the two people who will help him through the process of making his decision will be his father and his uncle.

"My dad and my uncle help me out a lot with (the recruiting stuff)," Holiday said. "I'll be looking at the education of the school that I choose and how easy it is for my family to see me play. I have to consider them in all this too."

As far as the work he's getting done and the competition level, Holiday admitted to having to bring his 'A' game with every rep.

"This camp is way different than any other camp I've been to," Holiday acknowledged. "It's the top of the top camps. For me to just be invited to something like this, I'm blessed to get invited and be out here with these guys.

"When you come out here you have to be ready to play. You have guys from Florida and Georgia and everywhere. It's different than playing West Coast guys you see all the time.

"If you don't come out and bring it every rep, you're going to get embarrassed."

The nice thing about running with the defensive backs, Holiday gets to work with two well-known NFC West corners.

"We get to work with Tyrann Mathieu and Richard Sherman and that's been really cool because they are guys who have been doing this for a while," Holiday said. "I'm a big corner, so I have to work really hard against the smaller receives and (Sherman) does that all the time, so it's really great to learn from him."

Holiday will finish up at The Opening this week and then plans to continue working out with his team and resting up for the start of his senior season.

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