State of Washington Top-20: 15-11

After a five year talent dip in the prep ranks, the region’s reputation as a hotbed of college hoop talent is about to be restored. It's no secret that the Puget Sound has been in a bit of a slump in terms of generating legitimate high major basketball talent.

Between 2005 - 2009 the region consistently produced some of the top talent in the country, with the 2005 class producing 4 of the top 30 players nationally, but the region fell off a cliff in 2010.

With the start of the summer viewing period just days away, the region is again bursting with college level players of all types, from elite players to Division III - especially in the backcourt.

This list isn't comprehensive. Over the last couple of months, I've seen most of the top AAU programs in the area, but the list keeps growing. The recently formed NWXpress contains some of Seattle's best, including Dejounte Murray. The Friends of Hoop roster lacks flash but boasts sneaky good talent. Seattle Rotary, Aplus, Tacoma's Northwest Panthers and even Ellensburg's Subway Selects claim multiple mid-to high major prospects. That's just for starters.

This isn't a ranking of the top players in the area. This is a ranking of the top-20 college prospects in the state of Washington - There is a difference. On Tuesday we started with 20-16; today we go to the next five - 15 to 11.
15) Sam Cunliffe 2016 6-4 SG, Blanchet/Aplus. Cunliffe is quietly one of the more intriguing prospects in the region, possessing high major offensive tools. He's a high level athlete with great length who moves well laterally, possessing quality mid-range and deep three point range. Quality ball handling skills and solid passing instincts showcase his versatility. Ineligible to play as a sophomore at Blanchet and playing AAU ball out of town has kept Cunliffe’s recruitment off the radar, though it should expand considerably in July.

14) Jashaun Agosto 2016 5-9 PG, Garfield/Seattle Rotary. Agosto is a super-charged lead guard who defies his small size with exceptional athleticism and gutty play. He's a superb ball handler with quickness to match and uses his bouncy legs and great body control to finish through contact. Agosto a heady floor leader and savvy passer who possess a quality three point stroke. He's also a relentless defender and plays with a ton of heart. His diminutive stature is clearly his biggest obstacle, though colleges are paying attention regardless. There’s growing interest from A-10 and Mountain West programs.

13) Jaylen King 2017 6-8 F, Pasco/Seattle Rotary. There aren't a lot of post prospects in the Northwest, which makes King that much more noteworthy. The narrow framed forward is an above average athlete with a nice array of skills both close to, and away from the hoop. He's got good hands, decent footwork and developing post moves, and he finishes strong through contact, drawing plenty of fouls. He's got a nice looking mid range jumper, and can handle the ball competently in the open court. He shows great promise defensively, with good shot-blocking timing and instincts, and he aggressively grabs rebounds at the top of his leap. King’s recruitment is just beginning to ramp up, but he's got high major upside.

12) Tony Miller 2016 6-5 F, Woodinville/Friends of Hoop. Shooters are tough to find these days, and Miller's shot is outstanding. Checking in at a long 6-foot-5 with huge hands, Miller is still growing. His length and excellent motor make him effective scoring around the cup, though lack of explosiveness limits his finishing and rebounding capabilities. Miller was sidelined with a hamstring injury this spring, so he'll have much to prove during the summer sessions. He has interest from mid-high major programs around the Northwest, and his recruitment should expand significantly with a good July.

11) Daejon Davis 2017 6-3 G, Lakeside/Seattle Rotary. The energetic, solidly built guard prospect from Seattle has earned attention as a high level competitor. As a point guard, Davis a quality passer and ball handler, always on the lookout for streaking teammates. He's especially effective on the break, though primarily a slasher at this point in his career since he lacks an outside game. He's an above average athlete and strong finisher who plays with swagger and confidence, but it's his relentless energy that sets Davis apart as a high level defender who makes winning plays. With continued offensive development and expanded shooting range, Davis projects as a high major combo-guard for the long term.
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