Browning Discusses Decision Not To Throw

It's been a pretty hot topic on our message boards -- speculation on why Folsom (Ca.) Jake Browning didn't throw -- and on Wednesday, he told it was was because he was giving his tired arm a rest...

"You never really want it out there that you're injured, because, honestly, I'm not really injured in the sense that something is damaged or broken," Browning told "I just didn't want people to get too concerned about it or anything because I'm fine and my arm is fine, but, since it's sorta out there already, I overthrew in April -- I had something like 4,000 throws -- and when I went and talked with my doctor and a physical trainer, they advised me to take some time off to let it rest.

"Like I said, there's no damage or anything like that, but I sorta just had a 'dead arm' and I had never really iced it down before, so I've started learning how to take care of my arm a little better and today (Wednesday) is the first day I've thrown in six weeks."

Browning said the Husky coaching staff is well aware of what his situation was and that is why they were not worked up about him not throwing when he came up to Seattle to visit for the Rising Stars camp late last month.

"Oh yeah, I talked to them about it and they were fine with it," Browning said. "That's why I said they were fine with me not throwing, because we had talked about it.

"If it had been a game, I definitely would have played in it, so it's not like I was injured or anything, I really don't want anyone to think it's anything more than it really is, but I just decided to give my arm a long rest and I think it's going to pay off for me as I get ready for my senior season."

For Browning it has been a weird time for him as he hadn't taken this long of a break since he began playing quarterback.

"Since I was eight years old, I've taken three or four weeks off from throwing," Browning said. "It's just part of my life and what I do. I love it, so now I just have to make sure I am taking care of my shoulder the way I need to and also not throwing too many reps although I still need to get my work in with my team."

As we noted in our report on Monday, Browning will enroll at Washington in January, hoping to get a jump on his college career so he is unsure of when an official visit might happen.

"My bye week, when I'd be most likely to go up for a visit, is the same week that they play Oregon in Eugene, so I am not sure if I can even take (an official visit)," Browning said. "We're still sorta talking about it, but I may just have to get up there in January and take a five month official visit since I'm getting there early and taking part in offseason stuff with them."

Browning and his team kick off the 2014 football season with a game at the "Brother In Arms Classic" against Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, Ca.) on August 29th.

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