Fall Camp - Day 1 (Morning Sesssion)

The first day of fall camp looked very much like the 15 practices during the spring -- heavy on instruction, fundamentals and technique. The defense wound up winning the morning session, forcing their offensive teammates to do some extra conditioning, but that doesn't mean the offense didn't have it's moments where they got the better of things...

Warm Start To Camp: Several of the players remarked about the heat when they took the field at 10 o'clock sharp this morning. It was roughly 78 at the time the first whistle blew and by the time they had concluded their two-hour workout, temperatures were well into the 80s.

Angles And Technique: The coaches were definitely in teaching mode today as they worked with the players at a number of stations including one that emphasized the correct angle to take when trying to block a kick. Special teams coordinator Jeff Choate worked hard on this with the defensive backs who will be asked to be the edge rushers on field goal and extra point attempts.

Brent Pease, the wide receivers coach, had his charges running the "route tree" (the different pass routes for their offense) and gave instruction with each rep on what he is looking for from each player. The players earned kudos toward the end of the session, especially DiAndre Campbell and John Ross who both were running crisp routes.

Early Case Of The Dropsies: The receiver ran good routes for the most part, but there was definitely a good portion of camp where they struggled to catch the ball. Ross, Kasen Williams, Jaydon Mickens and TE/WR Josh Perkins all had drops of very catchable passes.

Pease got on his guys and toward the end of practice, they were hauling in passes left and right, when the quarterbacks put it within reach.

So-So Morning For The QBs: Jeff Lindquist took the majority of the snaps with the first unit, but the difference in number of snaps was negligible between the third-year sophomore from Mercer Island and Troy Williams.

If you're scoring at home, Williams appeared to have the better day, making quicker reads and getting the ball to his receivers in a position to make a play.

Lindquist definitely had his good moments, hitting Darrell Daniels for a nice gain down the middle in one drill, but he struggled to find open receivers and made some really bad reads, throwing into coverage multiple times.

Defensive Play Of The Day: In one-on-ones, senior CB Travell Dixon jumped a route by Ross and picked off Williams, garnering hoots and hollers from his defensive teammates.

Offensive Play Of The Day: Williams stayed strong on the pocket and gunned a pass down the middle to a spinning Kendyl Taylor who hauled in the pass in front of a diving Brian Clay who couldn't have had better coverage on the play.

Noteable Returning Players Who Will Work Out This Afternoon (with the incoming freshmen): Cyler Miles, Connor O'Brien and Sean Constantine.

Kickers Get Early Work: Mitch Johnson, Tristan Vizciano and Cameron Van Winkle all got reps in during practice with each hitting from 32 yards out in their only actual field goal attempt (the others were extra points).

**The Huskies will have another two-hour workout this afternoon, starting at four o'clock, where we will get a good look at the newly arrived freshmen.

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