Fall Camp: Day Two Practice Reports

SEATTLE - Tuesday brought Day Two of Washington’s Fall Football Camp, but you wouldn’t have necessarily known it if you were outside Husky Stadium. Typically you’d hear the equivalent of a relatively loud rock concert blaring from the field, but not this fall - not this staff.

For the second day in a row, even though the stereo was out there ready to go, there was no music again today - instead there was lots of teaching going on. Jarett Finau and Joe Mathis were on the bicycles for a lot of Tuesday, under the watchful eye of Tim Socha. Cory Fuavai was on the sidelines watching the OL today, and Cyler Miles was shadowing the quarterbacks all morning long.

Cameron Van Winkle made a 34-yard field goal from the left hash to win the team period for the offense, so the defense ran gassers at the end of practice.

Offensive play of the day: Kasen Williams down the sideline with a catch of a perfectly thrown pass by Jeff Lindquist. Williams was still full go and he also was working punt returns with Marvin Hall.

Hall had a nice day catching the ball, and had one comeback catch high above him that even the offensive line applauded 40 yards down the field. Jaydon Mickens should have come down with a bomb outrunning safeties Beaver and Trevor Walker, but couldn't bring it in from his fingertips.

Jake Eldrenkamp and Sifa Tufunga still rolling with the ones on the left side of the line, followed by Micah Hatchie and Dexter Charles. Colin Tanigawa is getting more reps at center behind Mike Criste.

In general, the quarterbacks had a much better day throwing, but Troy Williams gave up the defensive play of the day when Brandon Beaver picked him off in full stride and went all the way for a pick-six. Travis Feeney should have had the next-best play of the day for the defense when he did the same thing to Williams - but the ball hit him hard in the hands and bounced straight up...Feeney lost sight of it and the whole defense on the sidelines groaned as the ball hit the turf.

During a pass pro drill, the defense once again lost - doing pushups as a result. Travis Feeney, Shaq Thompson, John Timu, Azeem Victor all had good reps in this period defensively, while Josh Perkins, Darrell Daniels, and Dwayne Washington excelled offensively. It's pretty clear Daniels gets jacked up to block; he was woofing and getting into it whenever he was able to stonewall a defender.

Besides Beaver's pick-six, Kevin King had a fumble recovery after Marvin Hall caught a pass. To my knowledge, those were the only times Chris Petersen blew the horn for turnovers.

The offense did hurry-up during the final team period, to mixed results. In a bit of a funny moment, but also a good teaching one - Petersen spied King on the sidelines doing something and immediately called him out to make sure King knew what was called. He got it right, and he knew it - and Petersen smiled.

Tuesday - like Monday - was all about teaching, getting the details right. They'll do the same this afternoon with the youngsters, and then come together as a team for the first time Wednesday.

We have player interviews - Kasen Williams, Jeff Lindquist, Dwayne Washington, and Dexter Charles, as well as OC Jonathan Smith - up, as well as a sizable photo gallery.
Afternoon Frosh Practice Report

From what I could tell, DL Damion Turpin, OL Cory Fuavai, DE Psalm Wooching, and QB Cyler Miles were the only non freshmen to participate in Tuesday’s practice.

Clearly the big news is about Miles and how he’s developing after having been away from the program for so long. In four words - so far, so good. The 6-foot-4, 225-pound sophomore signal caller looks to be making solid decisions so far, and the frosh offense in general looked pretty together - even when in the hurry-up. There’s plenty of learning going on, but this group seems to be picking things up well.

The one miscue of the day was on the other QB, K.J. Carta-Samuels. He was picked off by Jojo McIntosh, who now has two interceptions in his first two days of camp as a Husky. Carta-Samuels had a couple of big time DARTS to Drew Sample and Max Richmond, which showed off his strong arm. Miles also had a couple nice completions, one to Dante Pettis and one to walk-on WR Neel Salukhe. Pettis, in fact, came up with a couple big-time catches, showing off his athleticism.

The offense went through the rest of practice turnover-free, so the defense had to run gassers at the end of practice.

Obviously, with a limited number of players involved it’s wise not to make too much out of a depth chart, but here’s the way the OL lined up for the most part: LT Andrew Kirkland, LG Morgan Richey, C John Turner, RG Jesse Sosebee, and RT Matt James. Compared to the mammoth Sosebee, who looks every bit the 6-foot-5, 317 pounds he’s listed at, James is downright tiny. He’s listed at 258, but looks even smaller.

On defense there were a couple of D lines. One was Wooching and Will Dissly at ends, with Elijah Qualls and Greg Gaines inside. The other line consisted of Jaylen Johnson and Shane Bowman at ends, while Vita Vea and Kaleb McGary roamed the interior. During the team period Bowman had a touch sack, while McGary had a pressure.

The secondary started with Naijiel Hale and Sidney Jones at corner, and McIntosh with Budda Baker at safety. Darren Gardenhire, Lavon Washington, and Brandon Lewis were liberally subbed in.

During a pass pro drill, David Ajamu, Drew Sample and walk-on RB Gavin McDaniel showed up the best on offense, while Sean Constantine and Connor O’Brien did their thing to get past the pass pro on defense.

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