Lindquist Named UW Starter

On Friday UW Head Coach Chris Petersen met with the media to discuss Washington's last week of practice before game week, and Petersen announced that sophomore Jeff Lindquist had been named the starting quarterback for their Hawaii opener over redshirt freshman Troy Williams.

You can watch the entire press gathering below, where Petersen also talks about Jaydon Mickens getting the starting nod at punt return, John Ross at kick return, and special details for their trip to Hawaii next week.

"Jeff Lindquist will start, and we’ll go with him and see how he does," Petersen said. "He’s done a great job from spring through now. I will say this; Troy Williams has done a really nice job too. I think we’re splitting hairs trying to figure this out. Both have different skill sets that they bring to the table. But at this point I just feel like we’re going to give Jeff the nod, let him roll, let him get some things done, and go from there.”

So what gave Jeff the edge in the battle to start? “Probably when we’re in scrimmage-type situations there might have been a few less critical errors out of him," Petersen said. "They are all such young guys that haven’t played a lot that you’re going to have those. That’s one thing right there. I think he made some plays when we scrimmaged. So did Troy. I want to make that clear. This will be a constant battle, a constant competition. They’ve got to keep improving and progressing and excited to watch it.” Top Stories