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It's Game Week! Months have gone by and Washington fans have been waiting for this time, and now it's here. With a new head coach, new coaching staff, and a new way of doing business, it feels like a new day - albeit with a very veteran group of players on both lines and a ton of skill talent as well. How will Chris Petersen meld the old and new to create the best version of 2014 UW Football?

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Complete Coach Pete Show Notes - Hawaii
The show kicks off from the RAM with Bob Rondeau welcoming everyone - new things to talk about. New station - KOMO; new guest of honor. Big applause for coach Petersen from the Husky fans in attendance. Will be there next Monday even though it’s Labor Day.

Bob welcomes Pete to the show. Glad to be here, glad to talk about UW Football.

Instead of hello, it’s Aloha - playing against Hawaii Saturday. 7:30 pm kickoff. Pete familiar with it, played against Hawaii a lot there when at Boise. Really have to prepare the players to have a focus so they don’t get caught up in the vacation atmosphere.

Bob talks about starting the season in Honolulu, but ending the regular season in Pullman. Nothing weird about that. Pete said he likes the four-straight at home. Hard to go away for the first game, and maybe not a harder place to travel to because of the time change, travel on the plane. He’s okay with traveling first game, but it is a long way to go.

Bob talked about UH struggling and how that means they could be dangerous. Norm Chow is the head coach. 1-11 last year, beat Army the last game of the season. Pete said they are a completely new team too, and they are. They’ll have a huge chip on their shoulder playing a Pac-12 team. They are always a physical football team that will hit you, so we have to be ready to execute.

Bob asked Pete if he knows what he’s got - and Pete said they’ve played zero games so far. Excited to see Danny Shelton, Shaq Thompson, etc… and they do have a lot of young guys. See how interesting it is to see how they’ll be respond.

Bob talked to Pete about Jeff Lindquist. Pete mentioned earlier about how it’s going to be like ‘when you get off the driving range’. Get to a point in practice where more practice time would be nice, but you have to throw them to the fire and have them work out things. Been a lot of hard work put in but it’s gone really fast.

Bob talked about the transition from Sark to Pete and how it’s gone. Pete said that it’s probably harder for the family. Son is a sophomore at Santa Clara. Another son will be a sophomore in high school and he’s doing great. Pete joked that he was the Mayor of Boise, living the life over there but he’s excited to get school started.

Before the break, Bob mentioned the broadcast crew will be the same this year - himself, Damon Huard and Elise Woodward.

Show came back with Bob talking about Jeff Lindquist from Mercer Island. Always have to be ready to take your chance when it comes. Disciplinary issue with Cyler Miles, and Lindquist ran with the chance. Pete said they’ve been through it many times, and once the pecking order gets set they’ve had backups that have had to come in and do phenomenal things. And it’s usually when you least expect it. Both Jeff and Troy Williams have gotten a ton of reps in spring and fall, so it’s good to know they are ready. At BSU last year, they lost their starter half-way through the year to a broken ankle. It’s happened twice when the backup had to come in and play a sizable number of games. They have to prepare to come in at the snap of a finger and carry the flag.

Bob asked how close the competition was - Pete said it was very close. They both got a lot better since spring. He might throw the best ball of all three of them. Pretty accurate. At the end it was the guy that made the least number of critical errors. They have to play aggressive but can’t turn the ball over in critical situations. At this point, Jeff gives them the best chance.

Bob said many assume Miles will be the QB after Hawaii. Pete said they haven’t gotten to that point yet - but Pete said Cyler surprised him. He didn’t really do anything until fall. He picked the language up really fast and has made great progress. So they go play at Hawaii, come back and then re-evaluate.

Bob asked about QB’s back at BSU like Kellen Moore - what does Pete look for in a QB? - Pete doesn’t need a QB with a cannon. Three things: really good decision-maker; accurate thrower; leadership - like a commander, traffic cop. Since they don’t huddle up they need someone that can get guys lined up and ready to go, like a commander. Cyler has some of that in him, has jumped out that way.

Bob asked if Miles and K.J. Carta-Samuels will make the Hawaii trip. Pete said no with Cyler, but yes with the true frosh - he will be the third QB. They’ve been very, very impressed with him. Nice arm, accurate thrower. He’ll be good down the road.

Craig from PDX - do you kayak to work? Pete said maybe he joked about doing that. He has boated in a couple times, but with the 520 bridge being down he’s caught a lift with Jimmy Lake. Said it’s nothing like it. Said he’s been told the weather is like this through April, so can’t wait.

Bob said that’s what he tells all the recruits. Then he asked if Pete still waterskis, and Pete said he’s past that.

Bob brought the show back with a question from Larry. Before the question, two things. Very thankful and hopeful about UW Football for this year. Wanted to thank Coach Sark for what he did, and thank USC for thinking he was the answer and so we could get a serious coaching upgrade. Two questions: 1) Recruiting fence around Washington and why you were successful right away, and 2) Anything interesting to share about any of the players and what you’ve learned about them personally?

Pete started with the recruiting question. When Coach James was running the show, they talked about a fence. To be fair to the coaches after him, they all wanted to be able to do that. It’s hard to do, simple. The internet and the world we live in has completely changed recruiting. Can’t hide guys anymore. Have SEC recruiting guys here now. So it’s easier said than done. But if we can keep the top guys here, that really means something. Hopefully the local guys see how powerful a UW experience can be, playing in a tough-as-nails conference. The Husky Network should be the game-changer for them, though. Hats off to coach Sark for getting the program back to where it is. Kids that grow up around here need to see the team winning for a while. Once that’s happened, it makes things that much easier. Everyone wants to play for a winner.

For the player question, Pete said the best teams he’s had are the ones that were the closest. Has been on teams that were very talented but they had no connection. So putting them through the process to get them together is huge. And when adversity hits you have to stay even closer.

Bob - all that being said, last year’s team was pretty close. Pete said it’s just one piece to the puzzle. Still have to have talent, heart, etc… but in talking to some of the players the team stuff they’ve done is much, much different.

Pete brought up the idea of the ‘Husky Olympics’ - home run derby with tennis rackets, canoe races, free-throw shooting challenge. It’s bonding, and it’s a trick. As long as they compete, they don’t understand it’s really being done to get them closer-knit.

Pete had an anecdote from the canoe races - there was a guy in a jet ski there with a guy to help, and he didn’t know why he was there, but the first two canoes tipped over, so he was happy the guy was there. Then there was a 580-pound weight limit, shouldn’t be a problem, but when you have James Atoe at 380 pounds in the back now it looks like the front of the canoe is up in the air - but they didn’t tip over! And they had a good time too.

Bob talked about the offense. Pete said when you have four or five seniors in there along the OL, it’s hard for the younger guys to take that next step, but when they do it can make all the difference in the world.

Bob asked about the RB’s and life after Bishop Sankey. Four-headed monster. Pete said that he’s anxious for those guys to take the next step. You don’t appreciate what Sankey did until you study him. He was phenomenal. You have to have a big-time RB, because even an average OL can give a great RB enough time.

Bob asked about the WR corps, and life after Stringfellow. Kasen Williams coming back from injury and then LOZ. Don’t you love it? Pete said he doesn’t really like the idea of LOZ. He said they’ll play the true frosh because there’s so much put on the WR’s legs throughout the season. You can throw short passes to those guys, but you also have to throw it down the field as well. As impressed with Jaydon Mickens as anyone on the team. Worked hard, went hard every practice, didn’t miss a beat.

Bob brought the show back with a question from Brent. Two questions: 1) Considered Oregon when Chip Kelly left? 2) What are you going to do to create a dominant UW defense?

Pete said not so much Oregon. That didn’t present itself. All was good in Boise. As far as the defense, college football has completely changed. You’re going to see more points scored. Defense wins championships. The teams that play the best defense have the best chance to win championships, but when you look at stats the offensive marks are still going up. The last 2-3 years with spread offenses and linemen able to go downfield, running QB’s - it’s different than the NFL. Working hard to create championship defense, but may not show up in the numbers that you would have been used to years ago.

Bob mentioned Danny Shelton and Danny thinks consistency is something he’s been working on. Pete thinks Danny has done a really nice job. He’s taken a positive step in a number of ways. Will be able to play more plays, taking a vocal leadership role. His energy and attitude has been great.

Bob mentioned Hauoli Kikaha and how it’s been 13 years since UW has had a All Pac-12 defensive lineman - Larry Tripplett. Could have two this year. Pete said at Boise they had some great DL, and maybe it didn’t get enough attention. But they need more than just two guys.

They will talk about the secondary after the break.

Bob brought the show back talking about the defensive backs. Good one in Marcus Peters, and then a bunch of guys we don’t know much about. Pete said they like ‘em, but it’s scary because of how teams throw the ball in the Pac-12. Good talent and a good coach in coach Lake. Hope Marcus takes that next step and is an anchor for them. Play some different guys and develop some depth.

Bob mentioned Jermaine Kelly, Brandon Beaver and Budda Baker. Pete said Budda is a guy you just like being around. He’s focused and he’s learned the defense quickly. He does everything full speed. Very unassuming until you see him on the field.

Will talk about Hawaii during the last segment.

Bob brought the last segment back talking about the Rainbow Warriors. Does Pete get butterflies before the game? Pete said he doesn’t like pre-game or any of that. Wants to get right in the game.

Bob said it’s a bit of a Magical Mystery Tour for both teams Saturday. Lots of changes for both sides. Pete said they are really good on special teams, has a guy that can do a lot of things (Scott Harding).

Bob wished Pete best of luck in the game, thanked everyone for being at the RAM.

Until next week.
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Hawaii weekly Football medial release
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Hawaii Depth Chart released
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Chris Petersen Full Presser Video/Quotes
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Chris Petersen Presser Notes
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Jaydon Mickens Presser Video/Quotes
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Washington official football release is out. The link to it can be found HERE, and the first depth chart of the year can be found HERE. There are a bunch of changes from last year, but as Petersen has said all spring and fall, they are loathe to deal with any true 'depth' chart and use more of what they call a 'seating' chart - so take all the listings with a grain or two of salt. That being said, there are some initial reactions to what's been posted.

Initial Depth Chart Reactions:
1) Well done Marvin Hall and DiAndre Campbell. Would have expected Kasen Williams and John Ross to be listed ahead of them, but it's a testament to both of them and how they've done their business this fall. It's also not hard to read into a little bit with regard to Williams' health. He'll play against Hawaii, but how much? He's not 100 percent, but he's also not far off either.

2) Coleman Shelton apparently beat out Andrew Kirkland for that next tackle in the game. Jake Eldrenkamp after Micah Hatchie was a foregone conclusion, but Shelton and Kirkland had a nice battle this fall for that other backup tackle spot. Also, don't sleep on Ross Dolbec being used, even though he's initially listed at right guard. He's played a lot of right tackle in this time at UW, so he could slot in without too much trouble.

3) Not surprised to see three 'or's' with the RB group, and definitely not surprised to see Dwayne Washington top the list. All four will play, but Washington seems like the one right now that could end up being that 'hot hand' Keith Bhonapha has talked about, in terms of how carries will get split up.

4) Little surprised to see Greg Gaines in front of Elijah Qualls behind Danny Shelton. We'll see in time whether this says more about Gaines, or Qualls.

5) No Cory Littleton is a surprise. Hopefully we'll find out more on that later today.

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