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It’s 2014, and with the new year has come a new coach and a new way of doing things at Montlake. Chris Petersen may be the perfect coach to pick up where Steve Sarkisian left. Petersen's first test? A 5000-mile round trip to Hawaii. How will it turn out for the Huskies Saturday at Aloha Stadium versus the Rainbow Warriors? The predictions are in, and they are unanimous.

Andy Poehlman - Writer Emeritus: There’s almost no way for the Rainbow Warriors to win this game. That’s just the truth. Even if Jeff Lindquist implodes, even if the secondary shows massive inexperience and even if Dwayne Washington can’t figure out which hole to hit and runs upright, Washington will still win. Hawaii is just a terrible team in a mediocre conference and Washington is a very good team in a very good conference and no amount of story lines about kids going home (Kikaha, Wooching, etc.) or first starts (Budda Baker) or come backs (Kasen) will lead to a different ending in Aloha Stadium on Saturday night. The real question is, what will the new Huskies look like? Will they be more disciplined and dedicated? Or will the be staid and uninspired? Will Budda Baker look like a revelation or just another freshman? Is the O-Line going to be dominant? Is the D-Line going to dominate? Will Jeff Lindquist look like the second coming of Billy Joe Hobert or like Billy Joe Toliver? This is going to be an enjoyable game to watch for Husky fans, but I doubt we will get any definitive answers to these questions. What we will, most likely, get is a team that is physically superior playing well in fits and starts and running away with the game early. Young people will play and Hawaii will score in garbage time.

Prediction: Washington 38, Hawaii 13.
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director: With every regime change comes the period of optimism followed immediately by the period of doubt.

Optimistic view:
1. I like that everyone on this team is fighting to keep or win a position so absolutely no one will be taking this game for granted.
2. Petersen has enough on offense that he'll get points on the board no matter what and more than enough on defense to buy time for the offense to get its act together.
3. Hawaii is a horrible team

Pessimistic view:
1. This will be the first visit to Hawaii for most of the team and that can be distracting.
2. First time QB's can force the action which could cause turnovers which is the ONLY WAY Hawaii stays in the game.
3. Well, that's about it, Hawaii is terrible.

Prediction: Washington 48, Hawaii 17.
Patrick Thrapp - Statistics Coordinator: The Huskies will show that they have some talent. We won't immediately forget Sankey & the old guard, but we will look forward to the new emerging team that shows they have some gas in the tank.

Prediction: Washington 30, Hawaii 17.

Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire: The Rainbow Warriors don’t even show up to their own luau. Their offensive line is in shambles, there is some indecision at the QB position and a very talented team is coming to invade their island. I think Kikaha notches two sacks in the game, Peters picks off a pass along with Budda Baker, Lindquist throws for 275+ yards and Ross breaks off a few big returns. There is really no doubt in my mind, and many others’ minds as well, about this one, but I think the UW offense might start a little slow. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a scoreless first quarter, but I wouldn’t be surprised seeing UW dominate the first quarter as well. One thing I definitely expect though, is for UW to win big. The Petersen era starts off on a good note.

Prediction: Washington 38, Hawaii 13.
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor: Even though Washington is trying to replace their starting quarterback, running back and tight end, this game shouldn't be close. Jeff Lindquist should have a nice soft landing in his first start as Hawaii was just terrible on defense last year and the prospects of them improving on that side of the ball aren't great. Expect the offense to run quite a bit and to pick their spots on when to move the ball down the field. Defensively, the Huskies should be able to get after the Hawaii quarterback and hold their passing game in check. This will be a nice test for the Huskies' young secondary, but I expect that the Warriors to score a couple of times late to make the deficit much less than the real score should be.

Prediction: Washington 42 , Hawaii 17.
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief: The outcome of this game isn’t the main narrative going in; it’s how will Jeff Lindquist handle his nerves and his directive as he starts his first game ever for Washington. If he does what he says he needs to do - simply play point guard and get the ball to the skill guys and make great decisions - this game will be a laugher. There will be some early growing pains, but the veteran offensive and defensive lines hold the key to UW’s effectiveness. The Huskies should be able to ride the hogs to a very convincing win once Lindquist gets his feet and mind settled. All four running backs should combine for at least 200 yards rushing and Lindquist will take all the ‘easy money’ the Rainbow Warriors are willing to part with. Considering they were abysmal last year on defense, there should be plenty of loose change for Lindquist, opportunities to cash in for scores to turn this one into a rout in the second half.

Prediction: Washington 49, Hawaii 13
Kim Grinolds - CEO: Hawaii is bad. Really bad. They bow then to the Dawgs who is chock full of guys wanting to impress the new coach. This game will be over quickly. Problem for Hawaii? When UW runs out their twos, they're still better than Hawaii's ones. They'll just have fresh legs and still want to impress the new coach.

Prediction: Washington 62, Hawaii 10.
David Samek - The Dawgman: Jeff Lindquist gets the Huskies on the board first on a keeper and that gets a tight Dawg offense off and running. Washington gets big plays on defense from Shaquille Thompson and Marcus Peters as both come up with interceptions that lead to points. Washington wins but not as big as most feel.

Prediction: Washington 37, Hawaii 17.

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