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Week 1 is in the books. It unfolded nothing like anyone thought, but it was a road win no matter how you slice it. Now the Huskies are home against a very capable but probably quite outmatched Eastern Washington squad. The boys from Cheney look for a huge upset while the Dawgs look to make marked improvement from last week. Here is what the staff thinks will happen.

Andy Poehlman - Writer Emeritus: So, that was a pretty inauspicious start to the Chris Petersen era, wasn’t it? What could possibly be to blame for the Dawgs snoozing through a road contest with a less-talented opponent? The Husky offense looked unfocused, soft and—in the second half—poorly executed. The defense just looked unfocused and soft. The best phase of the game was easily the special teams which only had two spots where lack of focus was a problem (opening kickoff coverage and Mickens’ drop) and did not really look soft at all. So what should we expect this week? A complete re-do? A blow up? I think we’ll just see progress—especially on offense. Cyler Miles’ natural command, combined with an increased role for Lavon Coleman and some more seriousness and energy from the start should improve the overall point production. The place to worry is the defense. Washington looked completely asleep for most of the game and EWU, no matter how many Hall Of Fame comparisons Vernon Adams can draw from the Husky coaches, isn’t a game our Dawgs will be up for. I see this as a game where we will pull away late if we don’t come out ready to play. If we do it will be a different story. I think we won’t.

Prediction: Washington 31, Eastern Washington 20.
Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire: Originally, I predicted this game to be a little closer, but I think the Hawaii game sent a message to the team and coaching staff. You can’t hold back on any opponent on any given week, even if you think the opponent is way less talented. Sure Vernon Adams looks like a reincarnation of Johnny Football at times, but it’s the home opener. The defense will be jacked up and every player will have laser focus when it comes to the game. They didn’t have that laser focus against Hawaii. Coach Pete will be even more locked in as well. Add in Cyler Miles and I think the Huskies will find their groove against the Eagles. You’ll see an intense, focused and physical Husky team out there on Saturday and I think it leads to a double digit victory.

Prediction: Washington 34, Eastern 24.
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor: On paper, this one shouldn't be close. UW has more speed, more size and more talent than the upstart Eagles. However, that's why you play the games. Vernon Adams is a difference-maker at QB and the Huskies, especially their linebackers, will need to play sound, fundamental football to contain him and keep him from having a field day against them. Offensively, the Huskies will need a better performance at QB, which we all think will happen now that Cyler Miles is back, and consistency up front along the offensive line. If they get the latter, they should run for over 250 yards against a smallish Eastern Washington front four and that should doom the visitors from Cheney to a long ride home after a blowout at the hands of the Dawgs.

Prediction: Washington 44, Eastern Washington 20.
Jay Torrell – Print Publication Director: I used the words HORRIBLE and TERRIBLE in describing one of the teams that played in last weeks predictions. Right description, wrong team. The Dawgs stunk. My positive take on the game is that if the coaching staff didn't have the attention of THE LEFTOVERS then they do now. It's really hard for Juniors and Seniors to buy into a whole new coaching scheme but they will quickly realize that the coaching staff will replace them with someone who does. Lindquist doesn't have to worry about not turning the ball over. Cyler gets the offense back on track. Coleman carries the load. Ross gets more than 3 touches. The defense gets mud off their face. Eastern moves the ball but can't get it in the end zone. Dawgs look better.

Prediction: Washington 35 ,Eastern Washington 19.
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief: Boy were we wrong about game one! And it was a real tale of two halves offensively. I suspect with Cyler Miles at the wheel and this next game being at home it won't take the Huskies as long to settle down and get into the rhythm of the game. As always it's going to come down to running the ball and stopping the run. Dwayne Washington is going to have to supplement Lavon Coleman's running to help Miles play point guard and get the ball to the receivers. And the offensive line is going to have to come out play one with the same intensity and focus they did on the final drive of the Hawaii game. That's crucial. Defensively, the quicker they can turn Vernon Adams into a one-dimensional player - running or throwing - the easier their jobs are going to be overall. We all remember how 2011 was...I don't expect this game to come down to a Marcus Peters game-saving pick in the end zone, but I don't expect it to be a rout either. Let's hope the coaches learned as much about the players as they did about themselves last Saturday so they can be put in better positions to be successful.

Prediction: Washington 35, Eastern Washington 21
Kim Grinolds - CEO: I think we all learned last week that Pete didn't just pick up where the last staff left off. He's changed a lot and there's going to be an adjustment by many before they're ready to fire on all cylinders. Eastern won't be easy and there QB will give UW fits at times. Consider Hawaii one step back to take a step forward. In the end, talent wins out

Prediction: Washington 27, Eastern Washington 17.
Pat Thrapp – Numbers Guru: Week one in the books. I am sure I am not alone in the fact that I was somewhat disappointed in our play, but hey we won. That is all that counts. I was really surprised at how well Hawaii ran the ball against us. They had a big line & running back. I seriously doubt that Eastern will run the ball like that against us. With that I believe we will be able to get after them in the passing game. Let’s hope so.

Prediction: Washington 33, Eastern Washington 20.
David Samek - The Dawgman: Let the Cyler Miles era begin in earnest. Washington needs a bad ass in the huddle and Myles gives them that. I think you’ll see an entirely different offense for the Huskies on Saturday, much more explosive. This team misses Bishop Sankey terribly but Miles will help that with his leadership and ability to make things happen. I think the defense will also step up a bit more at home and not look so ragged early on.

Prediction: Washington 41, Eastern Washington 13.

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