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Week two is in the books and the Huskies are 2-0. How they got there is a story that has been hashed out on the message boards in great detail. So now comes Big 10 foe Illinois, who has looked surprisingly decent to date. Here is what the staff thinks will unfold Saturday at 1PM in Husky Stadium.

Pat Thrapp –Numbers Guru (2-0): . We are going against a team that passes better than us by a lot. Yet we rush better than them by a lot. In game one it seemed our defensive front could not stop the run. Then in game two they had trouble getting pressure on the QB. Yes we had a lot of sacks. They had a lot of thrown TDs. This worries me. Is our defensive front a weakness? Thankfully we can score a lot of points. So far.

Prediction: Washington 38, Georgia State 27.
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director (2-0):I'm not fretting over the Eastern game as I would argue that I've never seen an individual opponent perform better than Vernon Adams, Jr. did last week. His combination of touchdown throws were as good as you'll ever see and without him that game would have been an absolute blowout. I think...the defense takes a step forward...the offense keeps it rolling...Ross/Mickens get more involved in the offense...the young secondary hold their own...Illinois gets lots of points but give up lots as well...and whoever wins the TO battle wins the game. One last thing, if you are reading this email while logged in on your buddies account, time to support the team, stop freeloading and get your own account (yes, I'm talking to you EE!) Dawgs win a nail biter. 3-0 baby!

Prediction: Washington 42, Illinois 35.

Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire (2-0):The Huskies had no problem with Illinois last year in Chicago and I think things will be easier at home in the teams’ second face-off in as many years. Yes, the Huskies have gotten off to a rough start, but UW should win this game by at least double digits. However, the key word in there is should. Will they though? The team has been so unpredictable this year, but I think we’ll see offense similar to that of the Eastern game and defense a little bit better than the Hawaii game. Expect Danny Shelton and Shaq Thompson to have another big week. I’ll peg down Shelton for 1 sack and 3 TFL, and Shaq down for 2 TFL and one interception.

Prediction: Washington 35, Illinois 17.
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (2-0):Two weeks and two nail-biting wins for the Huskies. Will this be another hair-pulling endeavor for Husky fans? I have to believe that the Husky coaching staff is experimenting with things and they are still figuring out who does what well and what personnel groupings are going to work best moving forward. Hopefully they are getting closer to figuring those things out and that they rush Hauoli Kikaha more than dropping him into coverage. Illinois should put up some passing yards as they have a pretty good passing game, but they aren't very good and they still lack speed on both sides of the ball. Look for Lavon Coleman to pound the ball up inside and for Cyler Miles to look for more plays down the field to guys like John Ross and Jaydon Mickens. I expect this one to be out of reach by the midway point of the third quarter and for the Huskies to walk to a win when it's all said and done.

Prediction: Washington 42 , Illinois 21.
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief (2-0) :This is a game where I just don't have the first clue as to how Washington will play - other than I believe they'll be getting better in some phases than in the past two weeks. So does that mean we'll see the offense we saw against Eastern Washington and the defense we saw against Hawaii? Or maybe the offense we saw against Hawaii and the defense we witnessed versus the Eagles? My mind tells me that Wes Lunt - as good as he's been the first two games - isn't quite the playmaker Vernon Adams is. I think UW will be able to make him a little more one-dimensional and that will help the Huskies get off the field a little quicker than they were against EWU. Offensively, there's nothing to suggest Illinois is going to be any tougher of a test than either Hawaii or EWU, given their results. The Fighting Illini have done real work in the fourth quarter to come back and win their last two games, while the one constant in Washington's two wins has been their ability to see out games with an effective four-minute attack.

Prediction: Washington 38, Illinois 24
Kim Grinolds – CEO (2-0) :Another week, another stepping stone in the pre season as the team targets the opening of the Pac- 12 season at home against Stanford. It will be interesting if UW can actually get their passing game going. Will they finally showcase John Ross? Will Kasen Williams step up? Will the defense settle down? What about special teams? I expect a lot of good and bad in this game as winning ugly continues.

Prediction: Washington 31, Illinois 20.
David Samek - The Dawgman (2-0): Now that the offense is untracked, it will be nice to see Cyler Miles and Lavon Coleman man the backfield. It looks like the receiving corps is getting more into the groove as well. Look for Miles to complete more passes this Saturday and look for another big game from Coleman on the ground as he goes for 150. The defense is still a work in process and I expect them to get torched more, but they’ll hold enough to get the Dawgs to 3-0.

Prediction: Washington 38, Illinois 27.

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