Thybulle Talks Gonzaga Official spoke Monday night with Matisse Thybulle, a 6-foot-6 forward prospect from Eastside Catholic High School in Sammamish, Wash., and Thybulle and his family had just taken an official visit to Gonzaga this past weekend. How did it go? Did he ever look to make a verbal commitment to the Bulldogs on his visit?

“It went really well, I had a great time,” Thybulle told “I got to spend some good time with the team and the coaches and I realized what they have to offer. I didn’t really know the team. I knew who was on the team, like Gary Bell, but I didn’t really know them as players and also there are two freshmen coming in - Silas (Melson) and Josh (Perkins) - and getting to know them a little more, they are great guys and really good players.”

So what were the top things that stood out to Thybulle on his trip? “I’d say the team, coaching staff, and the culture of Gonzaga,” he said. “Basketball is their everything. They don’t have football or anything like that. They live for the Basketball team, and that’s something that’s pretty awesome.”

There was a thought that Thybulle might pull the trigger on a verbal commitment to the Zags if everything fell into place, but Matisse confirmed that he wasn’t looking to make a decision on the spot no matter how well the official visit went. “I’m trying to figure it out, get all the facts and see what works best for me so I can make a decision,” he said.

To that end, Thybulle has one more official visit he wants to take. “I plan on taking an official visit to U-Dub on September 27th,” he said.

Thybulle has a general idea of a commitment deadline, but not much more than that at this point. “I definitely want to sign in the early signing period and commit before the season starts,” he said. “Other than that, there’s not much else I can tell you. When I figure it out, I figure it out.

“I didn’t how how involved all the coaches were and everything like that. I get calls every day from every coach and they are constantly texting me. It’s a process; it doesn’t just happen.”

In fact, Thybulle wouldn’t even say that his decision is down to Gonzaga and Washington. Both Oregon and California are involved, and he’s not ruling them out. “It’s still up in the air on who I am going to go with, but I’m going to start narrowing it down,” he said.

Thybulle’s parents will be joining him when he officially visits UW at the end of the month. “They like going on the visits with me, the free food and getting to check out all the college campuses,” he said. “They are supporting me and trying to help me in any way they can to make this decision.”

His favorite meal of the recruiting process? “We went out to an Italian place at Cal, and that was delicious,” said Thybulle. “I ate way too much, but it was so good.”

So if he had his choice of Italian food, Seafood, or Steak - which one does Matisse prefer? “I’ve got to go with Italian food,” he said. “I can eat some seafood every now and then, but I could eat Italian food more consistently. I don’t eat steak anyway.”

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