Washington is 3-0, as expected under new coach Chris Petersen. Week three was much more like it, as the defense gelled while the offense continues to evolve into a potent balance of rush and pass. Here is what the staff feels will happen on Saturday against Georgia State.

Pat Thrapp - Numbers Guru (3-0): I think we blow them out. It is their 1st road game. It is all the way across the country. I feel we are getting better each week. Yet by no means are we in the world beater class yet. I like that we can run the ball pretty consistently. I would like to see Cyler do a little better in the passing game. To me he still doesn't see his options fast enough. But hey he is still deep in the learning curve. With Shaq & Shelton I think our defense is coming around. Man I was hoping Shaq would have gotten that offensive TD last week.

Prediction: Washington 44, Georgia State 20
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director (3-0): No analysis, none needed. On to Stanford.

Prediction: Washington 52, Georgia State 17
Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire (3-0): It's Georgia State. There should be no doubt about this one. After the Huskies' performance against Illinois, they've proven they can handily beat severely less talented teams. Georgia State is severely less talented and I don't see this ever being a close game. Cyler Miles goes for 250+ yards passing and 3 TD's before getting pulled for Jeff Lindquist. Marcus Peters with a pick six as well.

Prediction: Washington 51, Georgia State 16
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (3-0): The game against Georgia State isn't so much about defeating the opponent on the other side of the ball. It's more about the Husky players continuing to grow in the system being implemented by Chris Petersen and the rest of the staff. I expect a big day, both running and throwing, from Cyler Miles and for the defense to get a lot of pressure on Nick Arbuckle and for them to stuff a limited running game. I expect Miles and most of the rest of the starters to be able to sit in the second half while Troy Williams and Jeff Lindquist and lots of youngsters at other positions get a lot of important reps.

Prediction: Washington 52, Georgia State 13.
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief (3-0) : People are going to freak out if this game isn't over by the first quarter - but it won't be over. Georgia State is explosive enough offensively they'll probably gash a young Washington secondary a time or two to at least keep the thing interesting for a half. Then the blowout will commence. Washington simply has too much firepower of their own and should be able to use their run-first mentality to wear the Panthers down. Get a turnover or two to break open the scoreline and Jeff Lindquist should have a quarter to get his confidence going.

Prediction: Washington 49, Georgia State 10
Kim Grinolds – CEO (3-0) : Last pre season game of the year. A 4-0 start is what everybody expected, and that's what they'll get as UW is just simply too much for GSU. Should be an interesting first half as I expect it to be another stepping stone and more of the offense installed and hopefully the passing game unleashed. Look for a mass exodus to The Zone before halftime and for it to stay packed though out the second half

Prediction: Washington 52, Georgia State 13.
David Samek - The Dawgman (3-0): Worst game in Husky Stadium in a long time. Washington is nearly peaking and Georgia State is barely beginning their program. This is going to be done in the first quarter as Washington’s ground game scores three times in the first quarter alone. Look for a long line of Huskies to play in this one, most of the second half. The dress rehearsal for Stanford goes well for Chris Petersen.

Prediction: Washington 59, Georgia State 13.

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