Friday Night Lights: Two Nights, Three Games

This past weekend,'s Chris Fetters and Scott Eklund hit three games and saw several players that are on Washington's radar...

Federal Way 58
Tahoma 17

Scott Eklund

Federal Way ATH Chico McClatcher (2015) - McClatcher is electric with the ball in his hands. He was just on a different level from everyone else on the field. At one point in the first quarter, McClatcher had three carries for 170 yards and two touchdowns. He finished the night with 290 yards and five scores. When he ran wide, McClatcher was able to cut on a dime and make guys miss, but he also showed great balance, absorbing several hits while remaining on his feet and gaining more yards. Even though he's not the biggest guy on the field, McClatcher has built his body up well and he's now a very tough guy to bring down on the first hit.

Tahoma DE/LB Amandre Williams (2016) - Much was made on message boards about Williams' capabilities as a passer after he threw for over 500 yards and five scores the week before. The ball does explode off of his hand and he's got a big arm, but he doesn't have the accuracy or touch you need to be successful on a game to game basis. The Tahoma coaches didn't use him as a runner as much as I expected, but that might be because they can't afford to get him hurt. On defense, Federal Way ran away from his side a lot and he didn't record a tackle, at least in the official stats, so it was really tough to gauge his abilities on that side of the ball. He's definitely a great looking athlete on the hoof and he seems to have a high Football I.Q. so it will be fun to watch how he develops over the rest of the season and as he heads into his senior season next fall.

O'Dea 34
Marysville-Pilchuck 10

Scott Eklund

O'Dea RB Myles Gaskin (2015) - As we've all thought since he burst on the scene as a sophomore a couple of years ago, Gaskin is just a special runner. He's got outstanding vision and balance and he was just impossible to stop. He finished with over 200 yards and three touchdowns on the ground and he also had a 56-yard punt return for a score as well. The one thing I saw on Friday that was different than in the past was the fact that he danced just a bit too much instead of planting his foot and going. That could have had to do with the fact that O'Dea was dominating the Tomahawks and he had a lot of room, but it's something that he'll need to change at the next level.

Marysville-Pilchuck ATH Austin Joyner (2015) - Joyner bruised his hip during their game the week before, so he missed the game against O'Dea.

Skyline 49
Mount Si 27

Chris Fetters

OL Chris Schlichting (2015) - “He showed toughness, and that’s a good thing. He’s very bright. He’s intense, he knows the game of football and he really wants to do well. He has that desire and that passion. (Montana) is going to get a good one.” - Mount Si HC Charlie Kinnune

QB JoJo Hillel (2015) - “We just need to get more of it and we need to protect him better. I think he’s a bonafide prospect, and there’s going to be people that are looking for a unique skill set. They are looking for kids that can extend plays. Jojo’s young, so I think he’s a great candidate for a grayshirt. I think he’s a great candidate for anything that will get him maturity. Eastern likes him right now because he’s got that unique skill set that they are looking for - a kid that can extend plays, that has great feet, legs, and vision, and balance and all those things. He’s got a real bright future, and somebody’s going to find that they need that skill set and they are going to go after him.” - Kinnune

WR Parker Dumas (2016) - “We have Parker doing a lot right now, and tonight was not representative of what he can do. The other night was more representative; he had a couple balls he could have handled and generally does handle. But we’ve got him playing defense, we’ve got him doing all our return stuff because we’ve got another guy down. We’re a little thin right now. We have all our receivers doing stuff on the other side of the ball. We’re leaning on him a lot right now and asking a lot of him. In college they’ll put weight on him and put him inside (TE or HB) and maybe put his hand down in the dirt. He’s got opportunities, there’s no doubt about it. I think he’s Division-1, no doubt.” - Kinnune

RB Cory Cotto (2016) - “He’s a great ballplayer and he’s the third Cotto that I’ve had - all high-energy, they play with emotion, they are awesome. He’s a baller.” - Kinnune

WR Derek Loville (2015) - "I think he has a tremendous future, and as the season goes on and the more film he gets I really think he's a guy that could get...maybe garner some Pac-12 offers or Mountain West. Right now he has Eastern (Washington) and Wyoming. The sky's the limit. He's big, he's physical, he's still growing - he's 6-4, about 205. He has great ball skills and he had a great night tonight." - Skyline HC Mat Taylor

QB Blake Gregory (2016) - "Blake has a tremendous future ahead of him. He may be still growing; his brother was 6-4, 6-5 receiver for us, Mason Gregory. The best thing that Blake's got going for him right now is he's really trusting the system. Our philosophy is completion plus completion plus completion equals first down; first downs equals touchdowns. He hasn't thrown an interception yet. He's done really well at checking down, which Max Browne was really good at. I'm really excited about him. He hasn't thrown too many bad throws; probably the one bad throw he had is when we ran a slant and go and he just let go of it a little too early. Derek (Loville) got behind his man, but...that's a concept we put in two days ago and probably ran it four times in practice." - Taylor

WR/DB Danny Sinatro (2016) - "His brother Matt was a three-year player for us and Danny started last year for us as a sophomore and he's a baseball player. He's already been offered a scholarship for baseball by Washington State, but he's so special - as are all the Sinatros. Last week he hurdled a kid on a punt return. He's so dynamic. He could play college football, but baseball is his future." - Taylor

RB Rashaad Boddie (2016) - "He is so strong and powerful. What's going to be fun to watch is, he's still just learning how to be a running back. He started in the eighth grade and he keeps getting bigger and stronger. He's a freakish talent, that's for sure. The kid bench-presses 380 pounds and he's only a junior. He's got 11 touchdowns in three games." - Taylor

LB/RB Chandler Wong (2015) - "He's a tremendous linebacker. I think he's a kid that we'll be talking about for defensive MVP. The thing about him that's the scariest? As far as running back and making the reads he's probably our best one but he was slowed down by a knee. He'll get going as the season gets going." - Taylor

DL/LB/OL Cameron Saffle (6-5, 225) - "He is the epitome of a kid that goes to the whistle. He's 110 percent, 100 miles an hour at all times. He's got a tremendous future. I know some schools are waiting around to get more film of him and we're going to send it out after this game so we have three game films and we'll see what happens. The Huskies were all over him. Coach Sirmon and Coach Tosh were out to every game...we'll see what happens. He's going to be special. He's a tremendous leader. We've only had three junior captains here ever, and that's Jake Heaps, Max Browne, and Cameron Saffle. He's a great leader too. I think he's more of a 5 technique. Last year we had him at outside 'backer and that's what I think is slowing some people down right now because they want to see him with his hand down and what he does. They like his athleticism but they want to see his burst and drive off the ball." - Taylor

OL/DL Riley Griffiths (6-3, 245) - "Right now he's hearing a lot from Montana State, which is very interested because they have a great film school and he has the acting background. Eastern (Aaron) Best is recruiting him. UTEP came out during their spring evaluation period. I think he's probably a guard/center, but he got a great motor and he's very good." - Taylor

OL/DL Henry Bainivalu (2017) - "The sky is the limit. The moment he got down in a stance as a freshman I told my coaches we hadn't had a guy get into a stance that looks like that since Cody Habben. He's so athletic too. The linemen run routes on Thursdays and he's got great feet. I know you've got Foster (Sarell) down at Graham-Kapowsin the same class, but I don't feel there's going to be that much of a shortening of breath when you mention (Henry's) name. I really, really do. I think his upside and athleticism is incredible. And he's a wrestler too. He didn't do many camps and there's a little bit of film out there, but I know coach Best, when he was out at practice - he was like, 'I like that guy a lot'." - Taylor Top Stories