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Washington heads to the Bay Area, Strawberry Canyon to be precise, to take on the surprising California Golden Bears. The Bears offense has been high octane, led by super sophomore Jared Goff. Will the Huskies be able to keep up with the hosts? Here is what the staff thinks will happen Saturday afternoon in Berkeley.

Pat Thrapp - Numbers Guru (5-0): I don't really think I know what to expect anymore. All I can really hope for is that they will play hard and something good will come from it. Each game seems to be a whole new adventure. I would like to see Cyler stay in the pocket a little longer. Cal takes fewer plays and covers more yards quicker to score points than we do. Yet time of possession is almost the same. I suppose we start on offense with better field position. Must be all the turnovers we are getting. On the road against a team that has shown that they can gain a boatload of yards. I think we are at a disadvantage. Washington 20 at California 24

Prediction: California 24, Washington 20
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director (4-1): Strength versus strength. Weakness versus ineptness. Which wins out? I say the dawgs offense isn't as bad as the cal defense. This weekend Chris Petersen gets his first road Pac-12 victory. Upwards and onwards.

Prediction: Washington 42, California 38
Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire (4-1): This is where I really think you see coach Petersen doing what coach Petersen is known for: coaching, and coaching well. Now this sounds completely simplistic. But coming off a bye week, coach Pete has had tons of time to coach up his players on what he hasn’t been pleased with. He mentioned after the Stanford game how he they needed to get back to the basics with Cyler. I think these past two weeks gave him a chance to do this and we’ll see an improved Cyler Miles on Saturday against a weak Cal defense. The offensive line had some holes. I’m guessing that was a point of emphasis for Strausser and Petersen these past two weeks as well. Heck, the whole offense was a point of emphasis for Petersen and staff. If Petersen is who I really think he is as a coach, the Huskies win this game on Saturday no problem. If he’s not, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cal win it. Should be a fun one in Berkley.

Prediction: Washington 38, California 34
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (5-0): Chris Petersen is very good after the bye week. His teams have gone 18-2 after a week off, so the temptation is just to take the Huskies in this game, but there is a lot more that goes into it. Cal's offense is explosive. The only chance the Huskies have of stopping the Golden Bears is if they get pressure on Jeff Goff who can scatter the ball around when he gets pressured. However, if they don't, Goff will light the Husky secondary up for 400 yards. On the flip side, while the Cal defense still looks pretty bad, although they aren't as bad as they were last season, Washington's offense has looked pedestrian at best and hasn't shown much of an ability to put up points consistently. I think this game is a close one, but until I see the Dawgs be able to be more consistent on offense, I just don't see them outscoring an explosive offense like Cal's.

Prediction: California 38, Washington 28
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief (4-1) : After Cal's four high-scoring affairs in a row, it's hard to envision a scenario where UW doesn't score a ton of points Saturday, but will the Huskies be able to stop Jared Goff and a Golden Bear attack that looks incapable of not scoring? Cal is going to score; they are just set up that way and are playing at too high a level and have too much confidence. But how much has the last month gotten to Cal emotionally? I know they are young kids in the prime of their life and they can bounce back as well as anyone, but we're not talking about the physical or mental elements; we're talking about the emotional investment that eventually has to exact a toll. How many more games can Cal play this way? At the beginning of the week I thought Cal would probably win by 10, but now I think it's a pick-em, with a field goal winning either way. I just don't see the away team coming out with a win here, as much as I feel Cal will eventually have to crumble, at least a little bit, and come back to earth.

Prediction: California 41, Washington 38
Kim Grinolds – CEO (4-1) : Funny things happen at Cal. They always do. I don’t know if it’s telegraph avenue, Coit Tower, or Height-Ashbury, but whenever Washington heads down to Berkeley, it’s an adventure. You never know what to expect. I think Cyler will give you glimpses of what he’s capable of, and the D will play just good enough to eke out a Dawg win on the road.

Prediction: Washington 38, California 34
David Samek - The Dawgman (5-0): It will be fun to watch what Coach Pete and his staff come up with following a bye week. He should give plenty of surprises, as no one really can tell what they are cooking up. You have to trust the man you hired, and I do. However it’s clear to me that this year is going to be a “foundational” season where Petersen instills his system that will be here for years to come. It’s coming at the sacrifice of this season, but you have to keep the big picture in mind. Hopefully Shaq enjoys his homecoming but I foresee Mr. Goff throwing all over the young and bewildered Husky secondary, maybe for 400 yards. Washington doesn’t have the horses on offense to stay with the Bears, not without Bishop Sankey toting the rock.

Prediction: California 48, Washington 31.

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