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The Washington football team (5-1 overall, 1-1 Pac-12) heads down Interstate 5 to face longtime rival Oregon (5-1 overall, 2-1 Pac-12) in a 5:00 p.m. game Saturday night at Autzen Stadium. The game will air live on FOX Sports 1 television. Oregon is ranked No. 9 in both of this week's polls, while Washington is receiving votes in both.

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Coach Pete Show Complete Notes:
Bob Rondeau brings the show in talking about joy in mudville to big applause...happiness in Husky Nation with a 31-7 win at Cal. First conference win, so first win for Pete. Big applause again. All is well for the moment. Pete said the sad thing is that you're always on to the next thing so fast. But made big strides and happy for the kids, but the Pac-12 is so competitive and everything looms, so you don't get to enjoy it for long.

Bob asked Pete if he expected to hold Cal to 7 points, and Pete said no. Huge credit to the UW players. Said he was so impressed with Cal's run game from where it was last year, but the defense was great.

Bob talked about how Goff was the second-best QB on the field that day. Pete said that Cyler Miles did a nice job. Always trying to make the QB efficient and successful. Look at that QB rating. Anything over 150 is great. He's got to stand in there and throw accurate balls. OL gave him some time and WR ran some good routes. It was good to see.

Bob talked about it being a complete performance...an important game. Showed a lot of progress. Pete said no doubt. Saying it all along - Jimmy Lake is a good DB coach and there's young talent back there but they are developing quickly. Want to talk about skill guys, but starts with the lines. Didn't have to blitz a lot and that changes everything. Got sacks and pressure, and no QB likes that.

Bob brought the show back in talking about the 31-7 win over Cal. 5-1 overall, 1-1 in league play. Dandy Day for the Husky D, holding the most prolific Pac-12 offense to 7 points, and three turnovers. Played the Shaq Thompson 100-yard fumble return.

That's Shaq's fourth defensive touchdown. Co-scoring leader at UW. Keeps making plays. Pete said he's such a good football player. He's even that good of a person. You see them running around, but he's one of Pete's favorite guys to be around. And he's really good, if you haven't noticed. He's playing like an All-American for sure. Hope he can keep up the pace.

Bob said Damon Huard thinks Shaq should be thought of for the Heisman. Also named defensive player of the week. Pete said he plays special teams, could play all of them. He does so much and could play him in the backfield. Have to be careful so he can last.

Going back to the play, he's around the ball and usually something good happens. Also mentioned Shelton and Hudson, knew a sneak was coming, messed with the snap. Watch Peters, Baker, King as the convoy. You sometimes see a block in the back or a shove that gets penalized - that didn't happen. It was great football, and smart football.

Bob asked Pete what was going through his mind when the play was going - Pete said relief. That's why you keep fighting.

Bob asked if Pete's a fan of QB sneaks. Pete said it's scary because UW is under center more than Cal, but that was the only time they were under center and it wasn't dialed in. Over the years they've used it to get that half yard and move the chains. Just like anything else, that's a play that has to be worked. There's an art to it. QB has to find the crease. Have to practice it live, and that's not something they like to do.

Bob said that was one of three fumbles on the day. They are plus-14 in turnover margin, best in America. Pete said he doesn't get excited by stats, but he is excited by that stat. Have one turnover all year. Never been around a team like that. They've challenged the defense. Defensive coaches have one goal - score or get the ball back. Huge signs in all the meeting rooms. The kids have produced.

Bob had a sound byte with Hauoli Kikaha and getting turnovers. He said it's all about getting the ball, so in the games is no different than in practice. Pete said to be honest, everyone in America emphasizes the same things they do. But when you're aggressive and you get to the ball quickly and hit hard, it can happen. Spread offenses take aggressiveness away, but our guys have been able to stay aggressive.

Bob mentioned how Hauoli Kikaha leads the country in sacks and TFL's. Pete said it proves that last year wasn't a fluke. Was excited to see him go and so far he's lived up to the billing. He has a great demeanor, but he's hard on himself. Wants to be right every time. It's important to him.

Bob said he's looking like Troy Polamalu every time too with his hair. Pete said he had film of the Cal guard pulling through and Hauoli just blasted him back. Said that's how football is played.

Bob brought the show back in talking about getting an even bigger road win this Saturday when they go to Eugene to play Oregon. They had an impressive win at UCLA Saturday. But back to Cal - talking offense. Miles had his best day as a Husky. Run the ball okay? Pete said it was marginally adequate. Did some okay things, but hope they can run the ball better. Cal had a good run defense going in, but still disappointed in a couple of the runs. Could have done better.

Bob mentioned only three points in the second half. Pete said that's disappointing too. Go in spurts. Obviously like to score on every drive, but at least more than three points.

Q from audience - wished Pete a happy birthday. Recruiting question - how do you go about finding a guy like Will Dissly out of Montana? Pete said they have quite the recruiting posse 'back at the ranch'. Coaches are responsible for territories, and they are always talking to coaches and they even find lots of info on the internet. Hard to keep guys under the radar nowadays. Also it's eye of the beholder stuff too. They've been on Will a long time. Smart, good kid. Nice frame. Heck of a kid in high school. Could talk forever about football, but there's always recruiting things going on. By Tuesday they'll start talking recruiting and Wednesday and Thursday it's even more. And during home games they usually host official visits and there's also a ton of local recruits they host.

Bob said he wanted to talk about recruiting too, but first John Ross. Played the clip of Ross's 86-yard touchdown. You could hear Damon Huard saying 'See ya' early in the play. Pete said angles mean nothing to Ross. He's got the quickness to cut back, but even on an angle he's going to outrun basically anyone. If he breaks a tackle, he's usually going to go.

Bob brought the show back talking about how they had cake for Petersen. It's his 50th birthday. Big applause. He joked that it's his 30th birthday. Said his son joked that he's been an old man for some time. They sang 'Happy Birthday' to him, while he said it was his worst nightmare coming true. He said his son joked that he couldn't imagine having a cake with that many candles in it.

Bob said it was a nice birthday present on the heels of a great present Saturday in the form of the Cal win.

Ben on the microphone - offsides call on PAT's - thought about going for two? Pete - no. laughs. The way the game was going it entered his mind but felt they would score more and it didn't stay in his mind for long.

Bob mentioned the Josh Perkins ejection and how that rule means Perkins is out the first half of the Oregon game...Pete said there really isn't an appeals process. The rule is they review all targeting penalties. When they go through the protocol and even if they all disagree they can't change it. It's an NCAA rule, not a league rule - so he has to sit.

Bob said his understanding is that those calls are automatically reviewed, but it is what it is. Pete said it's frustrating. He said he could understand why the flag is thrown and it's a close call. Can see both ways. Trying to get the head shots out of the game.

Bob came out of the break talking about how the cake was really good. Talked recruiting...wanted to do it for a couple shows now but not enough time. First recruiting class has been productive, eight have played. How has the reception been? Pete said it's been good. One of the reasons he wanted to come here was because of the recruiting process. Doesn't like to use the idea of 'selling' something. This is what UW is all about, you have to earn the right to be here. When the match and fit is correct, that's when good things happen. Fine line because they feel strongly in their process and what they are about. Take football out of it; what do you get out of the experience? The value of a UW degree is something special. Put football in - you've got to win. Put it all together, it can be spectacular.

Bob asked if Pete looks at stars. He said it's a huge joke. Said that even people in that line of work would agree. People don't understand how kids get ranked. Have a couple kids on the team now - not even sure if they got a four-star kid at Boise. Have a kid on the team now that took two official visits - to UW and BSU, but could have tripped to 20 different schools if he had wanted to. And the other side is, they look at five star kids and really wonder what others are seeing. They don't get hung up on that. Watching tape is the easy part in terms of evaluating as a player. What he thinks is the most important thing is all the intangible factors.

Bob asked if it's the same here as it is in Boise? Pete said basically the same, but a lot more support here to get things organized. Pete talked about OKG's and how people think that just means choir boys. That not true. They are going to get the best players possible. He believes he can get some really, really good players. Said the star ratings are so far off, if they are true he knows nothing about football.

Bob asked what they look for? Pete said it's like a puzzle they put together. And even if they find all those pieces, doesn't mean they always pan out. It's not a cure-all. But it helps to limit the number of misses. Want to feel like they really know what they are getting when they are building a program. Nothing destroys a program quicker than a bunch of recruiting misses. If you aren't up front and honest about what it's going to be about instead of selling them a product - it can really backfire. You aren't my best friend? That can really lead to problems and he doesn't believe that's how you should do it.

Bob brought the show back with a quick question - Joe - what is your coaching philosophy? Pete said his mission is to recruit OKG and instill championship habits and life skills - just doing things the right way. If they are handling everything the right way off the field, the stuff on the field usually takes care of itself. Usually the best squared-away players off the field are usually his best players on the field. Life skills are really important to him and he spearheads that effort. The job has to be more than just winning games. Under no illusion that you have to win, but there's a lot more to it. Help the players develop a vision as to how to lead their lives when football is done.

Bob brought up Oregon and Marcus Mariota - Pete said it's a huge challenge, no surprise. Said everyone at UW saw his best last year at Husky Stadium. It'll be a heck of a challenge. He's a good thrower, makes quick decision, will keep plays alive. And then if you cover all that, he's hard to track down because he's so fast. They've been doing it for a long time, and even though Helfrich and Pellum are pulling the trigger on offense and defense, they have been around there a long time and there's a lot of continuity. Their culture and way of life is well engrained. Oregon has a lot of OKG's on their team too, and that's why they are an elite program.

Bob wished Pete well this weekend, said it's like old home week because he coached for the other guys. Pete said sometimes you have to go out of your mind to come to your senses.

End of show.
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