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From Steve in Seattle
Dear Dawgman:
I have a question regarding the JC offensive lineman who attended a JC in California this summer and didn't meet UW entrance requirements. I read that he received a grade of "Incomplete" in one of his classes making him ineligible. I'm a coach and instructor at Green River Community College and in our grading system an "Incomplete" can be changed at any time the work is completed. An "Incomplete" is merely an "extension of time" for the student. For example, if he made up the required work today, the grade could be changed today and he would become eligible. There must be more to this story!

A: Francisco Tipoti did not accomplish all of the work needed to receive credit for the speech course he took. 'Cisco did work very hard after class had completed but before grades were administered to make the work up that he missed, but it didn't work out for him. Grades are now in and he did not pass. He is still in California and will most likely make up the class this fall. There was talk that he would come up to Seattle for that course but last time we spoke with him, he wasn't sure that wouldn't be too expensive.
From DCDawg
Dear Dawgman:
Everyone knows how inexperienced the Husky OL will be starting the year. But how did they allow themselves to get into this situation? Was it shortsightedness on the part of the previous coaching staff, lack of scholarships, injuries, what? As I see it, they recruited 4 OLs in '97 (Ward, Nelson, Collier, Benn). One is left (Collier went to TE). They recruited one OL in '98 (Zajac). Recruited 4 in '99, two were CCs recruits, 2 are left (Bachert, Newton). With Newton's physical status a little shaky, that is 3 possibly 4 OLs out of three classes. Is this normal? It does not seem to me to be enough bodies. With Tipoti not making it in to school this year, which means at least one OL starter will be a Red-shirt Freshmen, freshman or a walk-on and all the back-ups (assuming all the upper classman start) will be Red-shirt Freshmen, freshmen or walk-ons. Of the true freshmen, could Meadow play?

A: Losing Rock Nelson hurt and they also lost Joe Collier to TE. Those two were supposed to join Kyle Benn on the OL by this time. Also, Washington swung and missed on two particular OL in recruiting back in 1998-99 - Jeff Shalda and Steve York to decommits. They lost Bryce Bohlander to UCLA when Steve Morton was fired and also held a scholarship. It left some big holes. Could Meadow play? I think he could but I hope he doesn't. Burning a redshirt on a freshman OL is very tough.
From DawgMD
Dear Dawgman:
What's the difference between AstroTurf, OmniTurf, NextTurf, and Field Turf? I think Field Turf is the stuff that the Huskies and Cougs have - is that right?

Also - a football Theory question: On offense - what's the difference between "West Coast Offense" and a "Pro Set?" If, as the Huskies did last year, you throw in some of the option does that change the name they call the offense? Do most PAC-10 teams run the West Coast formation? Finally, - why isn't the "T" formation used anymore?

A: First your turf question - FieldTurf is a very long synthetic blade that is held in place by a "grind" of rubber and sand. Both UW and WSU have it. I've never seen NextTurf so I cannot comment on it, but it's what Oregon will have this season. OmniTurf is a very inexpensive product that both Oregon and WSU had and the rest of the Pac-10 hated it. It was a slippery surface because of the sand that was between the blades.

A "West Coast Offense" is one that utilizes the short pass often. It can use three or four WR sets and attempts to spread the field out. A "Pro Set" is any offensive formation with two running backs behind the quarterback, two WRs, and a TE.

From 76Dawg in Yakima
Dear Dawgman:
Great job! Your site has me so jacked up I can hear Bob Rondo's "Touchdown Washington" in my sleep. I know the Husky coaching staff is excellent; but could you give us a breakdown of just how good they are! Thanks again.

A: Thanks for the kind note. I'm kind of biased because I really like these coaches and have had the opportunity to get to know them all pretty well, so take my opinion of them with that in mind. I think you can never go too far wrong with Keith Gilbertson as your OC. Tony Alford, the new RB coach, relates to his players on a much different level than Wayne Moses did. He fits in well with Rick Neuheisel's staff. Steve Axman, the QB coach, has been both a head coach and a coordinator at the D1 level, and look what he did with Marcus! Brent Myers is putting in some serious hours with his young OL. GA John Pettas will be a huge help with the WRs. On defense, I thought Tim Hundley did an amazing job with his defense. They got torn up a little against Idaho and just got better from there. Randy Hart is the funnest coach to watch on the field and is legendary for putting his guys through Hell. Tom Williams handles the inside linebackers and is a Bad Ass in every good sense of that word. Bobby Hauck and Chuck Heater combine in the secondary to have improved that group tremendously since three years ago. Together, this staff is outstanding in terms of preparation, game day, and recruiting.
From Dick W
Dear Dawgman:
What has happened to Demarcus Williams? I just read on dawgtales that he will not be back. Is it because he was afraid of playing time, grades or something else?

A: Williams will transfer to a smaller school closer to home (Upland, CA). He wanted more playing time and most likely saw the handwriting on the wall when Washington brought in Mike Jensen.
From CTDawg in Atlanta, GA
Dear Dawgman:
First of all, your web site brings me more happiness than you could know. I love coming home and getting pumped for the season by reading your site. It also helps me to get to know the players other than by name and number. Anyway, I am going down to Miami for the game and was just wondering if you could list an "itinerary" that may include were most people from Seattle are staying, the best way to get to the game from downtown and were to meet before the game for a warm up beer?! .

A: Thanks for the wonderful note. If you wish to meet up with us in Miami, we'll be at the Biscayne Bay Marriott FRI evening. From 10AM-1PM we'll be at Houligans Oyster Bar on the Dixie Highway, watching Dave "Softy" Mahler do his radio show from there. SAT before the game we'll be at a place called Gordon Biersch, 201 Brickell Ave. in Miami from noon - 2PM, no-host bar and food, Husky Marching Band tunes blaring on the stereo. We leave for the game at 2:00 and kick off is at 3:30. Come on by!
From Pete M
Dear Dawgman:
I have been following your site for a long time now and really enjoy it. There was a post on the bulletin board for dates/times of past Husky games. Can you please provide?

How many scholarships do the Huskies have to give out this year?

BTW, your new site looks really good. Best of luck to you.

A: We don't have the dates or times of past Husky games on our site. I use the Football Media Guide for that type of information. You might search the UW official website to see if they have that type of information on line. Click here and choose "Football". Thanks for the great note.
From Bill Muench in Kailua, Hawaii
Dear Dawgman:
Do you have any information on a radio station that will be broadcasting the Husky games live over the internet this fall? Last year I was able to get the games on a radio station in Spokane, but I've since lost the bookmark. Also, is there any chance that any enterprising company will come out with a video on last year's season for Husky football? I still have my tape of the '91 season and '92 RoseBowl.

A: Go to Washington's official home page ( and you'll should be able to connect to the games through them. Here is the link: UW Official Site Multimedia
From JayDawg
Dear Dawgman:
When a player such as Chris Juergens receives a medical redshirt, or a player leaves the program but continues on scholarship, as was initially indicated would be the case with Anthony Vontoure, how are those scholarships counted against the cap of 85? Does the Pac-10 have a different rule in this regard than does the NCAA? (If so, presumably it is more restrictive than the NCAA standard.)?

A: Juergens will no longer be counted against the 85 scholarship limit. He will complete his degree under scholarship but won't count against football since he's unable to compete due to injury. UW keeps those injured athletes on scholarship so they can complete their studies even though they can no longer compete.
From Older Dawg
Dear Dawgman:
Question: I'll be in the San Diego area when bowl time comes 'round and am wondering: Should the Dawgs be in San Diego, how do I best score a Bowl ticket? Much thanks... Older Dawg..

A: UW will always have tickets available to bowl games, but they first are offered to season ticket holders. Once those requests are fulfilled then you can try to purchase them. They can be reached at: 206-543-2200.
From Sufre Dawg
Dear Dawgman:
Earlier this year you said you would be pleased with an 8-3 record. After seeing the fall camp has that changed your prediction?

A: 8-3 is very doable if there are no injuries on the offensive line. The first six in that rotation are talented enough to make this offense go, but after that they get very green fast. They cannot have Greg Carothers get injured on defense, either. 8-3 with losses to Miami, UCLA, and Oregon State is my prediction. That would be a successful season. This team is absolutely loaded for next year.
From Mike Bolin
Dear Dawgman:
Thanks for answering my question concerning Francisco Tipoti. Sad he didn't qualify. Seems, however; that a replacement has stepped to the front, Jeremy Adams. Will he be a factor this season? Tell me is he a junior or is he a freshman. Both have been stated in articles I have read. Sounds as if after he gets his legs under him, he could be a big factor this season. Hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the great site.

A: Jeremy Adams is a huge guy that is athletic, but he's not a football player yet. He won't see the field this season, but who knows, maybe next season. He's so big, if he can get down to about 350 he might make a very difficult OG to handle. He has two seasons of eligibility remaining. Very nice young man, it would be great to see him do well.
From Brad in Everett
Dear Dawgman:
Any chance Barbara will get a home/away going with the SEC?

A: I'm not sure Barbara will be around to get anything going with the SEC. She has the football schedule pretty set for the next 10 years out and is eligible to retire before then if she chooses. Of course schedules change all the time, but right now it looks pretty set as it is.
From Bob Furmann in Corona, CA
Dear Dawgman:
What is the situation with Ja'Warren Hooker? Does his scholarship count to the maximum of 85 or can it be changed to a track scholarship? I enjoy your site everyday here in the home of Mike the way how is Mike doing....

A: Hooker will revert to a track scholarship and is not counted against the football cap of 84 (85 minus 1 for this year only because of the signing of Taylor Barton). Mike injured his elbow in camp but an MRI came back negative so he should be just fine. He's a very athletic OL, moves well. Once he bulks up he's got a great future on either OL or DL in my opinion.

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