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The Washington Huskies (5-2, 1-2) returns to Seattle for a Homecoming game versus Arizona State (5-1, 3-1) in the Huskies' lone October home game of the season. Kickoff is set for 7:45 pm and the game will air on ESPN.

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Complete Coach Pete Show Notes

Bob brought the show in after some technical difficulties talking about the Oregon game. UO beat UW, but didn't think UW was at its best. Pete agreed, and said the best teams can make you look bad. Every game they've won they've made something happen early. That's been consistent for them. Field goals are good, but it's too much tough sledding - have to give your guys hope.

Bob asked Pete was it was like going back to Oregon. Pete said a couple things jumped out. Said maybe half the staff is the same as when he was there. Said he thought Jim Radcliffe was born there and started coaching when he was three - it feels like he's been there forever. Osborne, Campbell, Pellum, etc... so many coaches have the culture in their system. And the facilities have changed them for the better.

Bob said Husky Stadium is nicer.

Bob brought the show back talking about how, at the same time UO beat UW, ASU beat Stanford. Then he went back to UO and their system and the personnel they use. Pete also said great players make great coaches. There's a lot of good coaches out there and they make a difference, but if you don't have really good players you're not going to do anything in that conference. Mentioned just how good Mariota is. Some subtle things that he does that you may not think about, but it's the details and how easy he makes it that makes him so special.

Bob played the option where Mariota waited until he was hit to pitch to Royce Freeman for a TD. Show how valuable and tough he is. Pete said there's so many plays he makes like that. We had him dead to rights and he still gets the play done. For most, that's a sack, but he's so deceptively fast. He has it all and Pete thinks he's the No. 1 guy in next year's draft.

Bob asked Evan Hudson what it was like to play against him? E. Hud said he's the best in the country. Compared him to Russell Wilson when it comes to making plays out of nothing. From a defensive standpoint it's frustrating. Bob said it's hard not to like him. Pete said pre-game he went to one of the UO coaches that he was surprised Marcus showed up for the game. Joked that they weren't sure if he was going to show up. Wanted to wish him well after the game, but couldn't find him.

Bob talked about running the ball and stopping the run - and UW didn't do either Saturday. Pete said he knew they were already good running the ball, but they were even better. Thought UW could play it better. Could have tackled better, stay in gaps better. Freeman is big and fast and guys are trying to compensate for each other. Can't do that. If UW can't run the ball better, they are going to struggle.

Bob asked how much it gets affected with tempo, and Pete said it can make a difference in short yardage, but in general down and distance they've seen faster. They change speeds up.

Bob mentioned injuries for the next segment.

Bob brought the show back talking about the state of the Huskies as they get ready for ASU. 7:45 kickoff. Physical game Saturday and tough running when your guys are hurt. Dwayne Washington caught three quick passes then got hurt and Lavon Coleman was dinged up too. Pete said it got a little scary. Washington was done in the first quarter and Coleman fought through it and played the whole game. Coop was really the guy and finished the game okay. Injuries come in streaks, it seems. Would like to spread them around.

Bob asked how much could he tell today if they have a chance to play Saturday. Pete said they were both running around, so that was a good sign, but the hard practices are Tuesday and Wednesday so they'll know more than.

Bob played Coop's touchdown against UO. Ended up actually a TD pass. Pete said it was a little option play and Coleman Shelton did a great job on that play. When it looks that easy that's when guys are taking care of their business. Shelton took care of a linebacker to allow Coop to go in untouched.

Bob said Coop's been waiting his whole career for his time, played a soundbite today with Coop about having patience and how injuries mean next man up. Pete said he knows he's a favorite around Montlake because of the things he's been through - but he's one of Pete's favorites because he's a guy you want to be around, especially on days like today when they are trying to shake off the loss.

Bob said by necessity they may see more of Coop, and Pete said yes. He's a huge part of what they are doing and he's a great person.

Bob brought the show back in talking about ASU and how they are now up to 14th in the country. Moved talk to about Cyler Miles and how he didn't get any help from his receivers, and then he lost the ball - concussion-like symptoms. Pete said there's degrees of how serious a concussion it is. People are hypersensitive about concussions, and rightly so. Five years ago, if a player dinged up like Cyler he'd be right back Monday. But not anymore. They have all sorts of tests and all on top of it. Think he's going to be fine - day to day and go from there.

Bob said he noticed that when they were testing Cyler during the game, they were doing it with a laptop. Pete said UW is involved in a data-gathering project nationally - only one of two schools in the Pac-12 involved - with concussions. The way Cyler banged his head, it wasn't helmet to helmet, but hitting the ground that hard can be just as bad.

Bob had a concussion story...two QB's suffered apparent concussions. One of the cognitive tests was naming three fruits. The players tried to cheat the system. First QB passed the three fruits test. Second QB was asked to give the name of three cars - he said 'Apple, Pear, Banana'. Pete said the part of the story you forgot was that they cleared him to go back in. Laughs. But if there's anything they'll sit them for the day and then they'll let him run around before allowing him to return. They won't let you go.

Bob mentioned how Troy Williams came in at that point for Miles. They played his touchdown highlight. Pete said he was efficient and did what they were hoping he could do. He's a pretty accurate thrower, he just needs more game reps. Always nervous about putting the backup QB in, and sometimes they do such a good job of preparing that they show up - and he did.

Bob talked about it being 'mop up', and Pete said they are still all trying their best but there really is a difference to come in late as opposed to the start of the game. But guys can come in for mop-up duty and still have trouble, but Troy didn't - and that was great to see.

Bob brought the show back in talking about not having a lot of time to worry too much about the Oregon loss, but does a game like that have more meaning after the fact? Pete said he's a fan of certain teams and have been for a while, whether pro or college, but this is their life. They are doing this seven days a week, make unbelievable sacrifices, and when they lose like that it's hard and painful.

Bob said that sometimes it's good to have a short memory, like what people say about cornerbacks. Pete said that it's good the players are more resilient and can bounce back quicker than the coaches. Sometimes the coaches can feed off the players bouncing back in a big way. Coaches sometimes have to fake it to not show just how much a big loss hurts.

Bob started talking about ASU and how they are coming off a big win against Stanford. Pete said ASU really dominated the game. Study them and know how good they are when you're going up against Oregon, and then you come back the next week and ASU has a bunch of great guys on film too.

Bob said the last time UW played ASU the tank was empty, the low point of the 2013 season. Pete said that was a tough one. He said they played that game like they just played their last game against Stanford. UW had a couple chances to hit deep passes early, and you have to make that happen against good teams.

Bob said that brought back memories of how the flood gates opened up the second half in Tempe. Pete said it was interesting watching ASU play UCLA. They were back and forth and then just a couple weird things happen to ASU - pick-six and then a return and then half. Flood gates opened on them. But they had a chance to be undefeated considering how strange that game went.

Bob talked about a topsy-turvy Pac-12, and Pete said it's hard. Said you can play all these different scenarios out until you're blue in the face. Crazy year.

Bob brought the show back talking about how close ASU is from being undefeated, but also how close they are from having two losses - Jaelen Strong's Hail Mary catch at ASU. Pete said it's going to be real tough sledding, no turnovers - and ASU is good about turnovers. Coach Todd Graham does a nice job with all the details. He's got it rolling. Good football team. Pete said he thinks half the Pac-12 could be ranked by the end of the season if they don't cannibalize each other.

Bob mentioned how this was supposed to be a rebuilding year defensively for ASU, but against Stanford was impressive, despite Stanford not necessarily having a dynamic offense. Pete said what they've done is get better. They did a good job during their bye week and they've continued to get better every week. They've also recruited well the last couple years. That means a lot. They are familiar with the system, so it's not like they are starting from scratch.

Bob mentioned their two QB's - Taylor Kelly and Mike Bercovici. Word is that Kelly will start if healthy, but they both cause problems. Pete said Kelly is really good, from his neck of the woods in Boise. Followed him closely, and he's a good player. Bercovici can throw it, done a nice job.

Bob said ASU won't command the attention UO gets, but have always thought they should be good every year because of what they can offer. Mentioned Dirk Koetter. Pete said you never know how these things go, but when Koetter got fired he knew what he had coming back. When Erickson got hired he brought some mojo to it and they played really well. And when Erickson got fired, he thought the same that Koetter too. The bummer of the profession; there's not going to be a lot of patience. That's how it goes. But they have talent and Graham has done a nice job coaching up that talent.

Bob said he expects Pete will be coaching up the tackling this week, and Pete agreed. Said it's tough to do because you almost have to go live to really get great work that way, but then you risk everything that goes with that, so you have to be smart about balancing your needs.

Bob wished Pete good luck for Saturday's game.

End of show.
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