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Washington has dropped two straight, albeit to very good teams. Saturday morning they take on a Colorado team that has been dangerous as of late but still is having trouble getting into the win column. What will happen this weekend? Here is what the staff feels.

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (7-1): With Cyler back & our 2 running backs, I feel like we will score some more points. Hopefully we will see a consistent running game. Yet being on the road and at a high elevation, this is still a test. If our D is on the field too long, they will get winded & tired. I think it would be good if the offense can sustain some drives. Colorado owns the offensive stats, with the exception of rushing. Washington owns all the defensive stats. For me is comes across as a pick-em. Yet I have been failing miserably picking the Pac this year.

Prediction: Washington 35, Colorado 31
Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire (5-3): This could be a very close game, but I just can’t see UW losing this one. Their defense will be too good going up against an inept Colorado offense. The Nelson Spruce-Marcus Peters matchup should be fun to watch. Hau’oli and Danny should have pretty big games. It will be interesting to see if Cyler gets back on track as well. If he doesn’t, UW has a good chance of losing this game.

Prediction: Washington 31, Colorado 17
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director (5-3): If I could ask Coach Pete one question it would be "what made you believe that Jonathan Smith's very first OC gig could be at a Pac-12 school?" The toss sweep to Shaq at the goal line looked like it was the first time the team had ever even practiced the play. Just think about how good the defense could be if the offense didn't force them back on the field every 3 plays? Our sucky offense is better than their sucky defense and our awesome defense is better than their good offense.

Prediction: Washington 31, Colorado 27
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (7-1): There's no way UW should lose this game.The Huskies are faster, bigger, more talented. You name it. The problem? UW has been underachieving on offense for most of the season. Will Cyler Miles' return to his home state result in a big day for the sophomore signal-caller? Let's hope so because Sefo Liufau and the Buffaloes can put up some points. I think UW wins this game, but it'll be a lot closer than it should be.

Prediction: Washington 27, Colorado 23
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief (6-2) : Hard to know how UW will react to having Cyler Miles back in charge. Will they play well on the road as they did at Cal? Or will they find a way to lose their third-straight game for the 11th year in a row? Sefo Liufau will pose problems for UW's defense, but the quicker they can make Colorado's offense one-dimensional, the better off they'll be. They may struggle in the first quarter, but Danny Shelton and Hauoli Kikaha will help the Huskies find their footing. Offensively, the Huskies have obviously been very poor, but they are going up against the No. 11 scoring defense in the conference. I have to think so many close results for the Buffaloes will either get them emotionally ready to put themselves over the top, or they'll run out of gas like the Bears did in Berkeley. I'm betting on the latter.

Prediction: Washington 35, Colorado 20
Kim Grinolds – CEO (5-3) : Will Cyler Miles return to the offense be the spark they so desperately need? The defense is playing well. Very well. Look for them to get to the QB early and often. Shaq won't be needed as much on Saturday, as the Dawgs will score early and be in control the entire game.

Prediction: Washington 31, Colorado 13
David Samek - The Dawgman (7-1): Colorado has lost some heartbreakers this year. They have gone toe to toe with some good teams, but they also have stubbed their toes in games they should’ve won. The Huskies haven’t lost a game yet that they were favored in, but they have been underwhelming on offense. Colorado’s defense should be a good elixir for the Dawgs to score some points and get some good ground gains. Washington needs this one to get bowl eligible, that’s kind of where the program is at this point. With UCLA and Arizona following this one, it’s very important to the Huskies to be at six wins before those two tough ones. I think they’ll get it done, but just barely. Cameron Van Winkle comes up big with some clutch threes.

Prediction: Washington 37, Colorado 33.

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