Washington came back from two losses with a strong win at Colorado last Saturday. Tomorrow afternoon they take on a UCLA team that is coming off a big win over Arizona. What will happen this weekend? Here is what the staff feels.

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (8-1): For me this is another game that could go either way. I have certainly seen some good play this year. We are competing for most of our games. I know we can win. Yet I have seen us get run on & passed on with alarming success. Now with a very talented defensive back out, and starting 3 freshman in the defensive backfield. I think I will need to cross my fingers Saturday. I know there has been a lot talk about how good UCLA can be & is. The polls show they are getting some love. I just not totally sold yet. With that. I am going to let a little of my Dick Baird attitude out and pick UW in a close one. :)

Prediction: Washington 31, UCLA 30
Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire (6-3): This is finally the game where the Huskies will beat a team they're not supposed to beat. The defensive line should feast on this Bruin front and despite the loss of Marcus Peters, I think Naijiel Hale will step up big time. Cyler Miles had a solid performance last week and will try to build off that in front of 65K+ Huskies fans. Shaq Thompson will run early and often. Also, look for John Ross to make an impact on the defensive side of the ball at some point.

Prediction: Washington 27, UCLA 23
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director (6-3): This is going to be an ugly game and unfortunately that's just how UCLA seems to like it in 2014. Shaq has another spectacular game but the rest of the team continues to experience growing pains while adapting to Coach Pete's new system. UCLA won't be able to get anything consistent going on offense, but big play after big play will be the backbreaker as the Huskies go 0-4 against teams that were ranked when they played them.

Prediction: UCLA 27, Washington 20
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (8-1): On the surface, this game is a win for UCLA. They have more talent, a better quarterback and they seem to be hitting their stride at the right time, but I just have a strange feeling UW keeps this one close and has a chance to win it in the end. The key is containing and putting some heavy hits on Brett Hundley. Do that and he'll be erratic. If he's erratic, I could see a couple of turnovers and yet another defensive score. I'm still picking the Bruins to win this one, but I wouldn't at all be surprised to see the Dawgs pull this one out.

Prediction: UCLA 24, Washington 20
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief (7-2) : Obviously the loss of Marcus Peters is a big shock to everyone, but when it comes to predicting this Saturday's game, I think it's going to be the shock to the system that Washington needs to come together and beat UCLA. Petersen knows how to use this moment as a rallying cry for the program, how it's the time for the ranks to be pulled in and each player has to play for the guy next to them, for the shirt, and for the school and everything that represents. It won't be the defense that wins this game; it's going to be the offense. Led by Shaq Thompson running the ball and Cyler Miles continuing his improvement in the passing game, Washington is going to score points and they will be bolstered by some key sacks at key times to create sudden change for the Huskies. And we all know how big momentum can be when it's on your side, and UW is going to ride that momentum, along with a fired-up Husky Stadium crowd, to a big win.

Prediction: Washington 41, UCLA 24
Kim Grinolds – CEO (6-3) : Having a tough time getting my arms around this game. With the loss of Marcus Peters, that means you're starting two first year players at corner and another first year player at safety. One of your best defensive players is now your running back and one of your few playmakers on offense is now being talked about playing defense. A 4:00 start to a game that sure doesn't have much buzz around it. Apathy may be setting in with the fan base, which is really sad. I just don't know if this offense can score enough points. Losing Peters is huge, especially when you have to go up against one of the best QB's in the country. It's just hard to see a win unless some guys really step up.

Prediction: UCLA 34, Washington 13
David Samek - The Dawgman (8-1): This won't be pretty. Hundley is the second best QB in the conference behind Marcus Mariota. It's a big drop off between those two, but Hundley is still plenty good to carve up a good but young (and getting younger) UW secondary. He is fast and his legs will do serious damage to the Huskies linebackers. On offense, Shaq will have some success rushing the football but the Bruin defense will pounce on the Husky passing attack, squelching it and flustering Miles into turnovers. UCLA wins by two scores.

Prediction: UCLA 33, Washington 24

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