Sarell Proving To Be A Top 2017 Prospect

He's still over two years away from signing with a college program, but Graham (Wa.) Kapowsin OT Foster Sarell is already one of the most popular prospects in the Pacific Northwest. The talented sophomore has been at several Washington football games so decided to catch up with him and find out where things stand on the recruiting front...

"Recruiting has been going good but I'm still at the five offers I've had for the past few months -- Washington, Boise State, Eastern Washington, Oregon State and UCLA," Sarell told "It's so far away from when I can sign, I'm not really that worried about it right now."

Washington was one of the first schools to offer Sarell and he said when the new staff came in, they also made contact and let him know that his offer was still on the table.

"They offered me last year right around this time when the old staff was still there and then when the new coaches came in, they told me over the summer that my offer was still good," Sarell said. "I talk to coach (Chris) Strausser when I talk to them, but they can't really have that much contact with me right now because of the rules with the NCAA and stuff like that.

"I've gone up to a couple of games so far this year. I really like the stadium and the games have been fun to go to. I like where the program is going."

At nearly 6'7 and weighing a little over 300 pounds, Sarell is already a physical specimen for such a young player, but he said he's focused on improving everything in his game this season.

"I focused (last summer) on getting stronger all over," Sarell said. "My whole body needed to get stronger, so I hit the weights a lot and that'll just keep being my focus because that's really my game and how I'm going to get better."

Sarell's footwork is insanely good for such a young player and he attributes that to his work on the hardwood.

"I've been lucky to be part of one of the best AAU programs (Team Brandon Roy) in the country and that's helped a lot," Sarell said. "I just love getting out and being part of the competition. I like to work and get better."

Turning back toward recruiting, Sarell said he's not in any rush to start narrowing things down, preferring to make a lot of trips to camps this coming spring and summer to check out various suitors.

"I've got so long before I have to decide anything, I'm not going to narrow anything down for a while," Sarell said. "I'll take some trips this summer and check out different schools and go to some camps and then I'll play my junior year and then I'll check out more schools and see what they have to offer.

"I don't have any favorites or anything like that. Right now I'm just taking it all in. It's exciting to know I have a future playing football in college, but that's so far away right now, I want to focus on the stuff right in front of me."

That includes a playoff game this weekend vs. Gig Harbor.

"No matter who we face, we have to be on top of our game to win, so we're focusing on that and nothing else," Sarell said. "We have to execute and be ready to go from the opening kickoff."

We will have more from Sarell in the future as he continues to wind his way through the recruiting process over the next 27 months.

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