Complete Hoops Signing Day Coverage

On Wednesday, Washington is expected to sign a historic hoops class for 2015, ranked No. 6 by ScoutHoops - the highest-ranked class since 2006's class with Quincy Pondexter and Spencer Hawes. All the information you need on the six expected signees can be found here in our All-in-On, as well as other relevant information.

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David Crisp:
Point Guard:
5-11, 185
Rainier Beach High School, Seattle - by way of Brewster Prep, Wolfeboro, NH National Rating - four stars
National Position Ranking - 17

How hard has it been being away from family? - "It's still a little tough not seeing them every day, talking to them face-to-face every day. But other than that I've adjusted pretty well. I have a lot of good teammates. It's nice here."

Other schools coming after him - "It always happens. Schools are always trying to see how committed I was. Every other college got shot down. I told them I was strongly committed. I wasn't thinking about going anywhere else."

Nervous signing tomorrow? - "I'm excited, a little bit nervous too. I'm locking myself in to the University of Washington family, so I'm excited."

How important is it for you to be a part of that Seattle basketball family? - "It's a great feeling. I see all those guys in person. They tell me congrats on my success and stuff. It feels like a real family and I'm happy to be a part of that."

How happy are you getting a chance to play again with Dejounte? - "It's going to be real fun. That was a big part of my decision too, us playing together. We've been playing with and against each other since the fourth, fifth grade. It's going to be fun."

On adding Matisse Thybulle to the mix - "It's going to be good. We played a few tough opponents last year at Beach, but he was one of them."

On hearing UW signed two big men late - "I called them up right away. We're going to be really good. We got two big men in and it got me really excited."

On Marquese Chriss - "I played against him at the NBA Top 100 Camp. He's real athletic, real active on the boards. Great teammate. He's always positive and stuff. I like that about his game."

Any last words for UW fans? - "Be ready to go far in the tournament again."

Matisse Thybulle:
Small Forward:
6-6, 185
Eastside Catholic High School, Sammamish, Wash.
National Rating - four stars
National Position Ranking - 15

Thoughts on Signing Day - "I'm excited. This is what makes it real. Me saying I'm going to U-Dub and me putting my words in ink are two different things. So I'm excited to be able to put down for sure that's going to be my home for the next four years."

How do Mom and Dad feel about all this? - "We went to the game last week and they are really excited - knowing I'm going to be so close to home and they can come to as many games as they want. All the home games are going to be within 20 minutes and all the away games will be on the west coast. They are excited."

On getting the two bigs late - "I follow it and I was excited by it because looking at our class that was the one thing that was missing. Now that we've got that I think we're one of the best classes in the nation."

How much has going through the recruiting process bolstered your confidence as a D1 player? - "It means I don't have to worry and I can just go out and start playing now, not worrying about what other people think."

How involved are you in the Seattle hoops scene? - "Not as much. It's hard because I don't live where like BRoy lives in the city. He lives close to these guys. I live 20-30 minutes away from the closest guys. I've talked to Jamal Crawford before, but it would be at like the Pro-Am."

What do you have planned for tomorrow? - "I think it's going to be...we're going to have a little event at the school. I'm definitely excited because my classmates are all excited. Two of my teammates (are signing)."
Devinir Duruisseau:
6-9, 240
Sylmar High School, Los Angeles - by way of Fishburne Military School, Waynesboro, Va. National Rating - three stars
National Position Ranking - Not Ranked

What do you have planned for Wednesday? - "We have about four or five other guys that are signing as well, so they are doing a big ceremony and they are having the media come down to our school. We're going to sign and then we're going to go out to dinner - just a nice event."

Family around? - "My Mom can't make it because she has work the next day and she's coming from California to Virginia. It's kind of a tough thing to go back and forth. I told her it was no problem to come. It's hard."

Who is happiest about all this? - "Most definitely my Mom. She's always had to pay for school, so me coming and having a full scholarship is a blessing and she's very happy about it."

How well does she know coach Romar? - "They know each other when he started recruiting me, but me and him have had a relationship the last two years. She just now is starting to get in the picture, but she knew about him years ago."

Big deal for you tomorrow, or just another day at the office? - "I'm actually really excited, but at the same time it's just another day. I have a game the next day, so I won't focus too much on it. But I am very excited to get to Washington."

Which signature you going to use? - "I'm going to take my time, because I have a long name and a way of rushing my signature, but I'm going to take my time and enjoy the moment."

What's life been like after your commitment? - "It's been calmer. I'm happy my phone's not ringing as much. I can just relax and focus on school, basketball, and getting better. I don't have to worry about where I'm going. I've already got a place where I'm comfortable and happy and just ready to win with. I'm very happy about that."

When does your season start? - "We've already started. We're 5-1 so far and we play again (Thursday). They don't do a stat sheet here. If they do they'll tell us after the game, but I'm doing well rebounding and offensive rebounds. I'm happy about that."

So more rebounds? Or points? - "Points, definitely. But the rebounds are up there too as well. I had a really good game against Navy but we couldn't pull out the win."

Anything else going on? - "Nothing much. Just really happy and excited and I want these next few months to go by fast so I can come in (to UW) and start my career."
Malik Dime:
Power Forward:
6-10, 220
Dakar, Senegal - by way of Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa, Iowa National Rating - three stars
National Position Ranking - Not Ranked

Anything special planned for Wednesday? - "Nothing really. Just doing it at the gym. I think there's going to be TV, but that's about it. I'm really excited about it. I don't really have to go to school, but it's going to be here about 10:30, 8:30 Seattle time."

What's it been like since you committed? - "I feel a lot of weight off my shoulders from a lot of schools recruiting me. It was a great idea committing early. I didn't have to wait until the last week, so it's pretty good."

So you're going to sign Wednesday? - "Yes sir."

You sound excited about it - "Oh yeah. I am."

Going to take your time signing it? - "I'm going to take my time, sign it real slow, take a picture."

Started your season yet? - "Yeah, we started our season last week. We won both games, so we're 2-0."

How are you doing so far? - "Okay. I was in foul trouble. I had 16 the first game and 30 the second game."

And rebounds? - "I had eight the first game and 14 the second game."

Marquese Chriss:
Power Forward:
6-9, 213
Pleasant Grove High School, Elk Grove, Calif. National Rating - four stars
National Position Ranking - 8

What's plan for Wednesday? - "Just going to go and do the signing and after that go with my family to breakfast with my friends."

Who is most excited in your family? - "I'm pretty excited but I feel like my Mom's looking forward to it."

How excited are you? Is this a big weight off your shoulders? - "Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it because it's not a relief but I've been looking forward to this since January when I committed. After this I can just play basketball now and I can just enjoy it."

What was your reaction when you found out a couple of bigs would be joining you in the class? - "I think it's great because it gives us more versatility. We have a lot of guards and I can play guard too but I'm more of a tweener. And then we have some bigger people who can bang down low - so it kind of spreads the floor for everyone."

You haven't been up to UW since your official visit - right? - "I was supposed to go up for an unofficial when Juwan Morgan was supposed to go on an official, but I guess he had committed to Indiana. I was going to drive up there and talk to him and hang out for the weekend. He committed, so then just my Dad and my sister went up for a football game."

They didn't bring you? - "No. I was going to have to miss school, but my Mom and T.J. (Otzelberger) were like, 'It's fine.' It wouldn't have been worth missing school to go all the way up there."

Have Murray and Crisp talked to you lately? They said some nice things about you - "I haven't talked to them lately. I talk to Baby Boy (Murray) sometimes on Twitter. I'm looking forward to playing with them too. They are really good. I didn't play with Baby Boy but I played against him at Pangos and he was killing it there. And at the NBA 100 Camp he was killing it and David was doing his thing too. Baby Boy ended up playing in the championship game and won it."

What's your weight right now? - "I'm playing at 212, 213."

You were maybe 175, 180 when we first met you - "Yeah. I've gained a lot of weight since the end of last year."

Is that from working out, or Mom's cooking? - "I've just been working out more and I think I'm growing into my body a little more."

6-8? 6-9? What are you right now? - "I'm 6-9."

How important is tomorrow to you? - "It's real important. I've been looking forward to it. It's a big life goal that a lot of people have, and I get to experience it."

Any message for UW fans? - "I'm just looking forward to being up there and representing well, hopefully getting to the tournament and going far, doing big things."

Dejounte Murray:
Shooting Guard:
6-5, 175
Rainier Beach High School, Seattle, Wash. National Rating - four stars
National Position Ranking - 9

Who is more excited for Wednesday? Your family or you? - "I think both are excited. I never thought I'd go to college from where I came from. I never thought about college. I just did elementary school, middle school, high school - what was I going to do with my life? But now everything is going right, and because of that I'll be going to the University of Washington next year."

Do you remember the time last year when you went from Baby Boy on the court to being a man? - "Baby Boy will always be my name, because I told my Grandma I would never change that name for her. She gave it to me when I was three. But the maturity did come because I got older and I'm 18 years old now. I'm not 16, 15 years old no more. I'm just getting older. A lot of stuff has changed, and I think that's all I've been doing. I haven't changed my ways; I'm still the same person. I'll always be where I came from."

When everyone says that you're going to be the next great Seattle player, does that put pressure on you? - "Nah. It just motivates me a lot. When I talk to all those guys they say I really have a chance. Like I told you...where I came from and stuff...I never thought about going to college or even thought about playing in the NBA. If it does's crazy. Everything is just going a crazy way - the right way. It's so surprising. If it happens, it'll be great for me and my family. If it doesn't happen I'm still going to view it as going to college, being able to have a successful life and get a good job. That's one more reason why I'm staying home. Will Conroy told me...he said I promise you, you want to be a hometown hero instead of an out-of-state hero. What he told me right there that made me want to stay home. Now my whole family can come see me play instead of struggling to pay for flights and getting out of state and stuff. It's crazy. I can't wait to finish this senior season and get to Washington."

What did you think when UW got a couple bigs? - "I kind of figured I'd get some bigs because there were a lot of bigs Romar was after he was telling me about. And another reason I give a big shout out to David Crisp is that he told me, no matter what, if I didn't go there or did go there, he was going to Washington. I didn't know if I was going there at that point in time. He committed first. After he committed he asked me, 'Are you going to come?' I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm coming'. I was waiting for the right time, talking to my family and stuff. Once it happened and I committed I got in contact with Malik Dime. When we took our official visit together, it was unbelievable. We did everything together. We ate together, stayed at the same hotel, ballin' together. We created that little bond for two days. He told me...I don't know if he announced it on Twitter before he committed or not, but he told me himself that he was coming to Washington to play with me. A couple weeks later, I guess after he talked with his coaches at his juco and his family, he announced. So that was pretty big. I really don't know the other big, but I'm looking forward to meeting him."

When you were up on your visit and you were at the Stanford-UW football game, everyone wanted to know about your hair style and the sunglasses you were wearing - "That's my hair style right now. I like it. There's a lot of little kids going around, calling it the nappy hair with a fresh line up and stuff. I was having fun. Both me and David Crisp both had our sunglasses. You can tell if you see me on my visit I was having a real fun time. Everything felt good to me. It's unbelievable. I never thought that I would be where I'm at right now. So that's my hair style - the nappy hair with a fresh line up. The sunglasses, that just made it all different when I put the sunglasses on."

Have a feeling the Dawg Pack might have to wear sunglasses in your honor on a big game night - "That would be good. I can't wait. I really can't wait to get there. My family can't wait either."

Dejounte will be signing his letter of intent at 4 PM at Rainier Beach for anyone interested. Top Stories