Washington become road dawgs once again, licking their wounds after a tough loss to UCLA. Can they came back from that loss with a strong win at Arizona Saturday? It will be a tough task, as this is Washington's last chance to get a win over a top-25 opponent. What will happen this weekend? Here is what the staff feels.

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (8-2): It is looking like this team isn't very deep in talent, or football instincts. I not sure which. Maybe it is some of both. The missed TD last week where there were three options. Two which I think were certain TDs, & the 3rd, which was used, was not a gimme. I jumped out of my chair/couch yelling "What the %&$#^ are you looking at?". This was the moment of realization that I don't feel this team has a lot of good football players. There are some, though, that are very good. Just not enough. I do believe Peterson is getting the most he can from this team. He is being conservative in my opinion. So as not to put this team in positions to make too many mistakes. This for the most part is working as we tend to stay close in most games. Still we can't seem to get over the hump. Going to Arizona, a high powered offense, makes me real nervous. I don't believe we can match them TD for TD. With that I am going to be a downer DAWG and pick us to lose.

Prediction: Arizona 38, Washington 27
Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire (6-4): The Huskies have now proven to us and all of their fans that they are going to win the games they are supposed to win, but will lose the ones they are supposed to lose. When they travel down to the desert, it will be no different. This is a depleted defense and although Shaq will be moving back to the defensive side of the ball, I still think this Arizona offense will run and throw all over the Huskies. The Wildcat defense has proven itself throughout the season and Scooby Wright will be a tall task for the offensive line to deal with, a group that has seen plenty of shuffling this year. I don’t see any scenario where the Huskies pull it out in Tuscon. Eight wins at best for this team in the regular season...

Prediction: Arizona 41, Washington 27
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director (7-3): Can we officially agree that the white helmets are the worst thing that has ever happened to mankind, ever? White helmets versus Hawaii...eek out a victory that made you feel like we lost 45-0. White helmets versus Illinois...made Illinois' crappy junior high-esque white helmets look good. White helmets versus Oregon....GAAACKKKK!!! White helmets versus UCLA (I did like the flag W)...pratfall. Hey Coach Pete, stop letting your kids choose to eat at McDonalds for every meal!!! This is what I care about when I realize that we are 2+ years away from being relevant in the Pac-12 again.

Prediction: Arizona 37, Washington 24
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (9-1): Prediction: Well, here the Huskies stand, 6-4 and facing their toughest remaining opponent...on the road no less. The Huskies never play well in the desert and I don't see that trend changing with the roster they will take with them to Tucson. I think this will be the worst game of the season for the Dawgs and this game won't be close.The Arizona defense will get after Cyler Miles from the opening gun and without a good running game (Shaq Thompson moves back to LB this week), I just don't see the Huskies being able to generate much in the way of offense and defensively, while I think the Dawgs will give Anu Solomon some different looks early, I see the Wildcats getting a big day from their receivers against UW's young secondary and eventually pulling away for an easy win. What will be important is how Washington bounces back after this loss because they have two very winnable games over the final two weeks of the regular season.

Prediction: Arizona 38, Washington 17
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief (7-3): I didn't just climb out on a limb with my UCLA predition; I fell clean off the tree last week thinking Petersen's mojo and coaching ability would be able to turn a negative (Marcus Peters situation) into a positive and rally the Huskies for a needed home win. I couldn't have been more wrong. Not making the same mistake this week, going straight chalk. Arizona has beaten Washington the last three times in the desert by an average of 48-15, and so there's no reason I shouldn't just go with that - especially considering Oregon beat UW by 25, the same average margin they've beaten the Huskies the last 11 times.

Prediction: Arizona 48, Washington 15
Kim Grinolds – CEO (7-3): With your two best offensive players get moved to defense.........Where will the points come from? This could get ugly quick.

Prediction: Arizona 37, Washington 17
David Samek - The Dawgman (9-1): No prediction this week.

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