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The Washington football team (6-5 overall, 2-5 Pac-12) plays its final home game of the season Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. as Oregon State (5-5, 2-5) visits. The winner will become bowl eligible as each team still has its rivalry game remaining on the schedule the following Saturday. The game will air on the Pac-12 Networks.

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Coach Pete Show Complete Notes - OSU

Bob opened up the show by talking about how it's a blue Monday after what happened Saturday in the desert. Pete said he got up this morning, not sure if the sun had come up - but it had. Bob said he's not sure it came up.

Bob said in a game where so many things went right, the result went wrong. Hard to leave knowing the wrong team won. Should have been a UW win. Pete said they had their chances, but three turnovers, a ton of penalties against a good team - he's been on the other side where the wrong team wins. Kids played very hard, lot of good football played.

Bob said there's 90 seconds in a 60-minute game getting dissected, said Pete would do the same thing. He said they have a clock chart. How much time is left? How many time outs does the other team have? What is the scenario where you can take a knee? After two first downs they have about 90 seconds left, and he said they felt there was going to be a handful of seconds left after three knees. And he didn't want to punt on fourth down. Wanted to run a play and then regroup and look at the clock again the next play. Unbelievable the ball would come out. Backs hasn't put the ball on the ground this year, Coop had never fumbled ever at UW. So go ahead and run, eat some clock, and then maybe they can take a knee the next play.

Bob said as they prepare for those scenarios, do they prepare for maybe having to punt on fourth down or run around, use different things to kill clock instead of having to run a play? Pete said if you get to running around, next thing you know the other team gets the ball in FG territory with one second left. Pete said they've compared notes with other staffs and looked at it many times as to how to kill the clock and that's how they generated the numbers for their chart and he believes they are right on.

Bob asked who is in charge of the chart, and Pete said there's one guy in charge and they used it against Hawaii. Said the timing was close then too, but it worked.

Bob asked about calling timeout after UA's third down and Pete agreed he should have called it. Said maybe they could done a Motor City Miracle or something.

Bob asked about icing the kicker. Pete said it's situational. Been on both sides of it.

Bob said the kicker had missed four of his last six kicks, Pete said to his credit he kicked very well that day. He had even had a couple blocked this year, but they really didn't get close to him. Bob noted that the kicker was named the Pac-12 Special Teams Player of the Week.

Bob brought the show talking about how this is the penultimate show - next week the Apple Cup. But this week it's OSU. 7:30 start, Senior Night. Back to talking about 27-26 loss at Arizona, but that was how they were supposed to play. Pete said in terms of hustle and attitude, that was how they are supposed to do it and they need to do the same Saturday.

Bob played a sound bite from Andrew Hudson about having their best game Saturday. Why did it take 11 games to get there? Pete said from start to finish that's what they needed to do, but for some reason all season it's only been there in fits and starts.

Bob said the effort has been there all year, but by Pete's admission a lot of mistakes Saturday were self-inflicted, like 13 penalties. Pete said it was painful. Turnovers kind of equaled out, but missed a field goal, missed an extra point. Couple penalties were unacceptable. Couple were 'try hard' penalties that came as a result of great effort but poor execution. Have to clean that up.

Bob mentioned how loud the sound was when Van Winkle's kick it the upright. Thought it might leak in. Pete agreed. Felt like the game was one where, when things bad happened they'd happen at the wrong time.

Email from Gary - what gave you the impression they were going to play their best game? Pete said it's hard to read guys, and that takes a while to read the signs. For whatever reason it all clicked. Could have been because they were getting things done on offense, which allowed the defense to stay in it. Able to run a lot of plays, convert some third downs. Can play with them and beat them if they make some plays.

Bob said if you look at the third down stats, UW wins easy. Pete said that paints a little part of the picture, but the scoreboard is the only thing that paints the full picture.

Bob mentioned the fake kick for six. Pete said you can't play the game covering your bases every snap; you've got to take chances from time to time to get anything done. Said UW probably takes more chances than most. Tip your hat when a team makes a good call.

Bob talked about how it's not an easy play to execute, like a direct snap to the kicker who is moving. Pete said tip your hat, good play - go reload.

Bob brought the show back talking about a great defensive gameplay against Arizona. Held them to 375 yards, had been averaging over 500. Rattled Anu Solomon. Pete said it was good, the defense executed it. Said Arizona has a real unique way of running things. Not complicated, but incredibly fast and they have a lot of complements to what they do. The defensive coaches put in a pretty simple plan and the players bought totally in it.

Bob talked about how they were a tough team to defend, especially with the day care center in the secondary. Played Sidney Jones' second pick of the day. Terrific play by Jones. Pete said both the picks were really good plays. A true frosh going up against those big receivers and complicated route trees - he's getting better.

Bob asked about John Ross - Pete said it's like having another true frosh out there. Did a nice job with the reps he's had, and he'll get better. Blessed with great speed. Will figure out his plan for offense/defense, but he likes him at corner.

Bob said you almost expect to give up a big play or two, but other than that they really held them in check. Pete said they can clean the two up they did give up, and if they do that's about as good as you can play it.

Bob mentioned the offense and how good they were. Played the Dwayne Washington TD sound bite. 66-yard TD. Been waiting for that. He's got great size and speed and tough to bring down in the open. Pete said he's an explosive player and he hasn't played a ton, so he's only going to get better.

Bob wondered why they didn't see Shaq back there. Pete said it's hard to go both ways. You can give them a little bit, but when the backs are running well you have to be careful - especially this late in the year when guys are nursing a lot of bumps and bruises.

Bob noted he didn't think he called Shaq's name as much as he thought he would. Pete said he was back there doing his job, and he's also doing all the special teams work too.

Bob said they didn't call Hauoli Kikaha's name as much too, even though he was coming back off injury. It was mostly scheme and how UA throws the ball. Pete said they are a quick play-action team. Based on what they did Hauoli had to go into coverage more. Worked out pretty well because Hauoli was able to hold up pretty well. If he had to go smash mouth all game long not sure he would have been able to.

Bob said he noted how he overheard some of the UA coaches in the press box saying they couldn't block 55. Pete agreed. When he wasn't making the tackle, he was taking up space and forcing plays into the other defenders and also was going sideline to sideline. Very impressive.

Bob brought the show back with a question from an audience member - Big Guy. Said when he was growing up he watched Sonny Sixkiller and he knew how to protect the ball. Last eight years the QB's haven't been able to. What are your plans for protecting the ball? Pete said having that pocket presence and holding onto the ball is something they do every day. He's getting better securing it when he runs, but it's been a problem in the pocket. Some of it has been snap issues, so it's a combination. They are going to intensify some of those drills to rep it.

Bob talked about Colin Tanigawa and rough snaps. Pete said a couple years ago they had a four-year starting center and he got into a rut where he was rolling the ball back. They were dumbfounded trying to figure it out. They can get into a funk when it's just not right. Had to change some mechanics to get it right with Colin and some of it worked. Still have to continue to work on it.

Bob talked about how, in the up tempo game, sometimes the ball has to leave the QB's hands so far that they don't even get to throw with the laces. Pete said that could contribute to some of the handling issues.

Bob brought the show back talking about Senior Night this coming Saturday. The winner of the OSU/UW game will be bowl eligible. 19 seniors will walk through. DiAndre Campbell sound bite, talking about how they want to enjoy it. Pete said they've done a nice job. Hard when you get a new system and staff. Been enjoyable being around them and have done well making the newness work.

Bob mentioned the familiar names like Shelton, Kikaha, Hatchie, but also the Thomas Vincents and Jonathan Kwons - the walk-ons. Pete said some of those guys are his favorite guys. Said he can't wait to see what Thomas is doing in 10 years, expects him to be a doctor. That's what the coaching thing is all about.

Bob talked a little bit about OSU and how they just beat ASU, ranked No. 6. Pete said each week you put the tape and it's another good team. Records are similar but they could have won all their games. Lost an overtime game and then just beat the No. 6 team in the country.

Online question from Scott - When do you figure out when to or not to call a timeout to ice a kicker? Pete said the last thing he wanted to happen was to give them a freebie. Pete said he'll never call it that close ever again, because he told the official twice he was going to call time out, and it was like he was helping him go all the way to the end of the clock - but that allowed the kicker a free kick. He'll never do that again.

Bob brought the show back in talking about the Oregon State Beavers. Senior Night at UW. Go back a year ago for Senior Night in Corvallis, supposed to be an emotional night for them but UW ran for over 530 yards rushing and crushed them, putting 69 points up. Pete said he's sure a lot of their underclassmen remember that game well. Senior Night can be emotional, but can't get too emotional. Still have a game to play.

Bob said part of the message Pete gave to the team Monday was that you can't let Arizona beat you twice. Pete said no matter how frustrated the fans are with the result, no one is more frustrated than they are. How do they get better and improve and build skill? That's what you work on.

Bob mentioned the big plays - 79, 67, 66 yard plays for OSU against ASU. Pete said OSU's offensive line to help their backs get to the next level, and there's a lot of space.

Bob then mentioned Sean Mannion - over 13,000 passing yards - most prolific passer in Pac-12 history. Pete said they can be explosive, and when you start with a QB like that it can be scary.

Bob asked how well does Pete know Mike Riley? He said he knows him really well, and if you know him you like him.

Bob talked about the dynamic down there and how he was started to get on the hot seat and then they pull out a win like that. Pete said it's hard to figure out sometimes, but Riley is one of those coaches that is constantly getting his guys better, even if it doesn't happen on the timetable fans want.

Bob noted the winner of the game Saturday will be bowl eligible and Pete agreed that it's going to be a hard fought game. Bob wished Pete good luck on the game.

End of Show.
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Chris Petersen Full Press Conference Video
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Chris Petersen Press Conference Notes

-- Said it was a tough game and tough loss.

-- Said he was happy with the way the players came out and played. 

-- Said with as many penalties, errors and turnovers, that they almost won the way and that was about the players' passion.

-- Said he felt the team got better. Said they did some good things, but everything else went against UW and went in Arizona's direction.

-- Said if they can play with the same intensity they should be able to do some good things.

-- Said that looking at their planned out chart that they still had to run one more play and then look at the clock again and get it down to where they could take a knee.

-- Said they thought about it closely.

-- Said about the timeout and not calling it with 30 seconds left, he was disappointed that the Arizona kicker got a free kick. 

-- Said that they didn't think the kicker would make it and that he has his hat off to him because he made a pressure kick.

-- Said it all goes back to killing the clock and he would have done that one the exact same way as they did the first time.

-- Said they felt there would be a handful of seconds left if they had taken a knee and absolutely did not want to punt. 

-- Said he's looked at it 105 times and second-guessed himself, but decided that, as of today, there's nothing he would have changed about what they did.

-- Said that when the strategy doesn't work, you get questions on it. If he had done what people are suggesting (taking a knee) and Arizona had blocked the punt or they had had a bad snap, the questions would have come the other way.

-- Said that Deontae Cooper is doing fine.

-- Said that the penalties were tough. Said that there were some tough, physical penalties from playing hard that are tough to coach out because they want them playing on the edge, but felt they could clean some of them up.

-- Said feeling this bad when you lose a game like that, it really hurts, but that's what sports is all about.

-- Said the turnovers in the redzone obviously really hurt the team.

-- Said there were a lot of good things...Kasen Williams involved, defense playing tough football, intensity, etc.

-- Said the offense felt better. Third downs were better so they were able to get some rhythm and keep things going by getting first downs.

-- Said they may shuffle some things around at center. Acknowledged that Tanigawa may move to guard because he's played it.

-- Said he understands the fanbase isn't happy and that he can't really give them any other answer than the truth and that is that their pre-planned out chart told them with the downs left and the time left, they needed to run one more play.

-- Said that Dwayne Washington has been practicing well the past few weeks and he's glad he showed up in the game.

-- Said he was happy with how they ran the ball against a good run defense.

-- Said he probably could have called a timeout with 30 seconds left and given themselves a chance to win the game.

-- Said the older guys have been a pleasure to be around and they hope they can send them off the right away this weekend.

-- Said it looks like John Timu can play this weekend, but will have to keep an eye on him the rest of the week.

-- Said he thinks the freshmen are growing up rapidly. Said Sidney Jones and Budda Baker are playing well. Baker came downhill and caused that fumble and his coverage has been tighter.

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UW Weekly Press Release - OSU
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UW Depth Chart Released for OSU

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