The Washington Huskies lost a heartbreaker in the desert, 27-26 to the Arizona Wildcats, and with the loss was their last good chance at a quality win. Now it's time to win the last two games of the season, starting with the Oregon State Beavers. What does the staff think of Saturday night's affair at Husky Stadium?

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (9-2): I would like to believe this team can win this game. I just really don’t know. For me it has been an up & down year. I think it is a pick 'em with a slight myopic edge to the DAWGS, seeing how they are the home team. Plus I suck at this pick 'em stuff this year.

Prediction: Washington 30, Oregon State 27
Marshall Cherrington - Intern Extraordinaire (7-4): I was on a hike the other day with my Husky. We were walking next to a river and we saw something that looked fussy. Lone behold it was a beaver that was distressed. My Husky caught sight of that Beaver, and oh, it got messed. Huskies win easy. Goodbye to Beavy.

Prediction: Washington 38, Oregon State 23
Jay Torrell - Sports Washington Creative Director (8-3): Coach Pete doesn't care what you think. He also doesn't care what I think or the media or Hugh Millen or Husky Nation or Gil Dobie. I can't decide if I like this coaching quality or hate it. He's no longer the King of Blue Turf County where if he said the sky was red, well damn-it, it was red and no one questioned him. This type of coaching only works for one kind of coach and that's a winning one. So for Coach Pete it will be easy, win and everyone will admire that he never second guesses himself, lose and hello Montana. For no reason in particular...

Prediction: Washington 37, Oregon State 31
Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (10-1): Washington's fanbase is reeling after UW's frustratingly heart-breaking loss to Arizona last week. I think the players and the coaches have moved passed it though. Their main task is to beat Oregon State, get blowl eligible and set themselves up for a big showdown with WSU next weekend in the Apple Cup. I bet the coaches have the Huskies focused and ready to go. Sean Mannion is a statue back there and the Huskies have had a lot of success against immobile QBs with their pass rush. I expect Hau'oli Kikaha, Andrew Hudson and Danny Shelton to get sacks and for the young secondary to come up and play the Beavers' receivers tough. They should be able to stop the run against a pedestrian OSU running attack and that will allow them to pin their ears back and get after Mannion. On offense, I think Jonathan Smith is starting to figure out the best ways to use Cyler Miles and also guys like Kasen Williams. I think the Huskies score in the 30s and come away with probably the most important win of the season.

Prediction: Washington 38, Oregon State 24
Chris Fetters - Editor In Chief (8-3): My last two picks have been pretty atrocious, so I'm not placing a lot of faith in my ability to pick the right horse nowadays. I will say this; Washington won big in this game last year, and they did it with a game not unlike some of the games UW have played this year - meaning they did it with scores from different phases of play. I expect that will continue, despite the fact that the weather will once again be a factor. I also expect the Huskies to continue to play well offensively; this game should be won by the UW defensive line getting to Sean Mannion and making his night a living hell.

Prediction: Washington 34, Oregon State 27
Kim Grinolds – CEO (8-3): Must win game? I think it is. It's not what happens, it's how you react to it that really says who you are. Last week's loss was....beyond words. Is that what happened or is that who this team truly is? Expect UW to come out on fire in the final home game of the season and show fans what they're truly capable of.

Prediction: Washington 42, Oregon State 17
David Samek - The Dawgman (10-1): Washington needs to get rid of that horrible loss last weekend in the desert. The coach cost the Dawgs that one, so now it's time for his team to pull one out for him. I see Washington firing on all cylinders on offense finally, and putting away the Beavers rather easily. The defense will earn three take aways and the offense will convert them into points. It's over early...well, it'll still be late because of this stupid 7:30 kickoff time, but there you have it.

Prediction: Washington 41, Oregon State 21

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