Trip Report - Jusstis Warren

The Huskies were so impressed with the senior season that Lincoln (Tacoma, Wa.) LB Jusstis Warren had that they offered him a couple of weeks ago. This weekend, the talented in-state prospect took his official visit up to Montlake to check things out and he could be wrapping up the recruiting process within the next few days...

"It was really good. It was great actually," Warren told after returning home from his visit. "I spent a lot of time with the coaches and the players. We went up in the Space Needle and had dinner and I met with the professors.

"I got the full scope of what the program and the schools are all about."

Warren's host was true freshman S Jojo McIntosh and the two spent quite a bit of time together, but it was Warren's time with coach Chris Petersen in the team lounge that really showed him what the Husky coach is all about.

"(McIntosh) told me that the coaches and the players all hate to lose, but you hear that stuff all the time," Warren said. "It became clearer to me though when I played coach Petersen at ping pong and he beat me every time.

"That guy doesn't like to lose at anything.

"I had to beat him before I left though, so I got him to face me in 'paper, rock, scissors' and I won that.

"He's real competitive though and that comes through in the way he coaches, but also the way he expects his players to handle themselves in school and when we aren't on the field."

Warren said the Husky coaches will make an in-home visit with his family this week and he said he will have a clearer picture of things after that meeting.

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