Trip Report - Tevis Bartlett

East (Cheyenne, Wy.) LB Tevis Bartlett is one of the top linebackers left on the Washington board and the senior prospect took a visit to Montlake over the weekend with his parents. caught up with him shortly after he had returned home and he updated us on his trip as well as when he'll announce his decision on where he will play his college football...

"It was good," Bartlett said shortly after landing back in his home state. "I had a good time and my parents enjoyed themselves too."

Bartlett was hosted by Will Dissly and the freshman defensive lineman let his guest know he could ask him anything.

"He was cool," Bartlett said. "He said he would answer any questions that I had. He told me what it was like to be a player there and how strong the bond is with the coaches and the players.

"I picked his brain a lot on a lot of things and he was really a good host for me."

Bartlett said the most exciting thing from the weekend was when the coaches took the recruits up to the top of the Space Needle for dinner, but the most important thing was something that was a little less dramatic.

"Just meeting the coaches face-to-face and talking to all of them," Bartlett said. "I loved getting a feel for them in person, how they coach, how intense they are, but they also have a lot of fun too."

Now that his five official visits have been taken, Bartlett plans to sit down with his family and make a decision.

His final six are Colorado, Iowa, Oregon, Utah and Washington and Wyoming is also in the mix as well.

"As far as what will help me decide, the first thing is the education and if the institution can help me get to where I want to be and also if my degree will actually mean something because at the end of the day, I have to have that degree to get to where I want to be," Bartlett said. "The second thing would be my relationship with the coaches and the players and then the final one is the feel of the program and the school and also the campus and the city."

Bartlett said he hopes to have his decision ready to go before Christmas and he and his family will play host to Chris Petersen and Bob Gregory this coming Tuesday in their home.

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