McCoy Talks About Switch to UW

On Monday, Ricky McCoy was filling out some forms. They weren't just regular school forms; they were registration forms for the Offense-Defense All-America Bowl, to be played January 2nd in Orlando, Fla. There was one section that caught McCoy's attention - the one about announcing his college intentions during the game, on television.

For the 6-foot-4, 273-pound defensive lineman from Roosevelt High School in Fresno, Calif., he didn't want to do it that way. He didn't need TV. So he told his Dad.

"I know where I want to go, but I don't want to let it out on TV," McCoy said.

"Where's that?" his Dad questioned.

"Washington," was McCoy's quick reply.

"Yeah, I had a feeling already," said his father.

So the McCoys called up Jordan Paopao, the main coach recruiting Ricky to Washington, and it went from there. "Coach Paopao was super fired up about (the commitment)," McCoy told "It's been a long time in the making, so I'm pretty sure he was relieved to finally hear it."

It's been a lengthy process for McCoy, who was initially offered by Arizona to play tight end for them. He took the 'Cats up on their offer, committing to them at the end of March.

"After I had committed to come play tight end, when I talked to some other coaches they let me know that (UA) were signing other tight ends as well," said McCoy. "This doesn't sound right; maybe they want to switch my position? I had no idea. After that, I decided to start looking around and got some new offers."

By that time, the Huskies had already offered and were still hot on McCoy's trail. "After I had committed, I think (Jordan) Paopao had congratulated me a little bit, but after a while - after I opened it up - Paopao was just on it constantly," McCoy said of Washington's Tight Ends Coach. "We had a connection ever since he started recruiting me. It was not a problem talking to him about anything at all."

Whatever falling out that took place with McCoy and Arizona over the summer, both parties appeared to move on in the fall. McCoy set up an official visit to Washington in September, but he wasn't able to make that visit. "We had to re-schedule it for January (16th)," he said.

What attracted McCoy to Washington? "I started noticing how good of a program they were," he said, matter-of-factly. "They had great defensive players, which is what I want to play. Paopao, he kept me interested. I watched all their Pursuit videos and all that stuff. Knowing and seeing how great of a coach coach Petersen is, I thought it would be an honor to play for that man and have a chance to do some big things there."

McCoy still has never been to Seattle or Washington yet, but that will change after the new year. He reiterated his desire to make his commitment now instead of visiting campus first. "Normally it might be (a problem), but Paopao and the rest of the staff have done such a great job that it's just going to be the cherry on top, seeing everything else," he said. "Even people locally that have been there and have seen that place, they tell me how wonderful of a place it is. If so many people are saying it, it has to be true. I'm going to go and look for myself."

Washington is recruiting McCoy as a 3-technique. "They were telling me that's a big need that they had," he said. (Evan) Hudson, he had a huge part of that. When they switch to the three down linemen, I'll scoot out to the five, five technique. Other than that, I'll be on the inside at the 3-technique."

McCoy already knows that January is going to be a big day for his future team, as well as for himself. The Huskies take on Oklahoma State that night in the Cactus Bowl. "Coach K (Pete Kwiatkowski) told me I'm going to have to DVR it," McCoy said with a laugh.

One thing McCoy won't have to record and watch again is his verbal commitment to the Washington Huskies. "It's a done deal," he said, with emphasis. "I'm about to cancel the other trips I had. I had Cal set up and San Jose State. I've been there numerous times; there's not much else they can show me. I'm fired up to be a Dawg."

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