Trip Report - Ricky McCoy

Roosevelt (Fresno, Ca.) DL Ricky McCoy made his first trip to Seattle this weekend to see where he will play college football. caught up with the athletic defensive line prospect and he said he was blown away by what he saw while he was in the Emerald City...

"It was great. I can't believe how great it was," McCoy told after arriving back at home from his official visit. "I was blown away by what I saw there from a facilities standpoint. I've never been there to see them before, but I had seen other schools and what they had to offer and Washington blew them away."

McCoy's two hosts were redshirt freshmen Shane Bowman and Vita Vea and they gave him a great view of what it was like to be a Husky.

"They gave me some insight into things I already kinda knew, but they sorta reinforced it for me," McCoy said. "They were cool guys. I'd say that was probably my favorite part of the trip, just getting closer to those guys and the rest of the players.

"I'm going to spend the next four years of my life there, so I wanted to meet with the guys who will be like my brothers up there and that was definitely the highlight."

In addition to spending time with his hosts and some of the other players, McCoy also was around the other recruits on their official visits and he said he became fast friends with one local four-star prospect.

"(Benning Potoae) and I are already like best friends from just the weekend," McCoy said. "I was in his ear all weekend and I think we have a great shot with him, but he's going to make his decision soon and he's got some other options, so we need to get him in the boat."

McCoy also got a chance to sit down with his position coach, Jeff Choate, and the two talked about what he's looking for when McCoy shows up this summer.

"He said technique is the main thing. As long as you get your technique down, it's all pretty much the same," McCoy said. "When they go four down linemen, I will be a three-techniqe and then wehn they go three down linemen, I'll probably be more of a five technique.

"I'm really excited about my future and what it's going to be like when I get up there. I can't wait. It is going to be amazing there. It's a great school and a great program. I couldn't ask for a better place to play."

As a senior this fall, the 6'3", 294-pounder accounted for 65 tackles, 12 sacks and six forced fumbles while playing in just eight games.

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