Thank you to those of you that submitted questions for the "Ask Dawgman" column. Here are the answers to the some of the most recent questions, spanning 8/31 through today. Hey, by the way Husky fans: Fall is HERE!

From Husky Steve in Mount Vernon
Dear Dawgman: Great site! I read it religiously every morning with my coffee. Can you recommend a Michigan and Miami website to keep us updated of their progress in camp, key injuries, etc. Or do you have some scoop? Their current "Official" sites do not go into any kind of depth such as your site. They just give the typical generic University hype. I know Dawg fans want the inside scoop. That's why we read your articles. By the way if ET leaves what are the Huskies options with his scholarship? Is the WR from FSU still available or has he committed to Wazzu?

A: The best Miami site, according to Miami honk and Paramount Sports radio personality Lee Sterling is He raves about their info, says it's by far the best ‘cane site. If ET leaves, the UW will be allowed to give his scholarship to a walk-on. The receiver from FSU (Darling) that is transferring to WSU is going through the medical and academic clearing process right now. If he passes those, he'll be a Cougar.

From Rob in Renton
Dear Dawgman:
What is with Charles Fredrick? Does this guy have the make up to be an all time great, or is he reading too much of his press clippings? Walking off the field in the middle of practice speaks volumes in my mind, imagine things not going his way in an important Pac 10 game!

A: Charles is 18-19 years old, a long ways from home, and has never been in this situation before. If you've never lived on your own, that's difficult enough. Now pile football, frustration, not knowing anyone but just a handful of players, and having never lived in this part of the country. He's got a bit of culture shock as well as indecisiveness about what he wants to do. He's just a kid, don't forget that. Let's just hope he does what's best for himself and his future because he's a very likeable young man.
From Jeff in Snohomish
Dear Dawgman:
Is Rich Alexis really up to 228 lbs.? If so, he must look much more intimidating......I hope his speed hasn't declined. Will he be at full strength going into fall camp next weekend?? HUSKY FOOTBALL FOREVER!!!

A: Rich is at least 228 and will be at full strength for camp. He'll drop some weight during two-a-days, as everyone does. Expect him to open the season at around 220 or so. That's HUGE.
From Jeff
Dear Dawgman:

A: Nicholson signed a LOI with Oregon State but didn't qualify. He is now back at Mt. San Antonio JC and has about a year and a half to go before completing his AA. Look for him to be recruited in two years. Shyne can qualify by just passing his SAT, but Taylor will go the JC route.
From Magnum PI
Dear Dawgman:
I see that the coaching staff has once again moved Spencer Marona back to defense. I am very curious to know how Marona takes this. He seemed to be a talented linebacker coming out of high school and didn't even get a sniff at the position. It appears that he has been jacked around ever since then. First, from defense to offense, then back to defense. They ask him to bulk up to play the D-line, then dump some weight to play fullback. Is he expected to gain weight again, now that he is on defense again? I realize that many players are moved from their high school positions, but this seems a bit much to me. I love the coaching staff, but I wonder what kind of message this sends potential recruits?

A: Spencer is fine with the move. He was given the shot he requested to try to win the starting role as a FB but the coaches went with Matthias Wilson and Ken Walker. The coaches also believe that Marona can help them at DE, a position that has little experience behind Marcus Roberson. Marona knows that and will compete for it, helping the team anyway he can because that's the type of kid he is. I think the message it sends to recruits is that this staff will try to get their best players onto the field and will win with that philosophy. It's worked out pretty well in Neuheisel's first two years. Marona won't need to gain weight to play DE. He's a good size for that position now.
From Marc
Dear Dawgman:
What is the latest news on Charles Frederick? Has he decided to leave the team? As of this morning, according to the local papers, he had called family members to tell them he was quitting the team and returning home. Do you know what's going on?

A: Charles is frustrated, confused, and probably a little scared and a LOT overwhelmed right now. He'll make his decision very shortly as to whether he wants to play football or not. He's 18-19, he's a long way from home, and he's got a tough decision to make now that he's flown all the way here. He'll make the decision that's best for himself hopefully, and the UW team will move on with or without Charles Frederick.
From Ocean Dawg
Dear Dawgman:
Hey DM, OceanDawg here. As I am out of State - Oregon, do you have any word yet on which games will be televised this year? Also, do you know of a radio station in Oregon (Seaside) where I can listen to the games? As usual GREATJOB.

A: Michigan and Miami will both be on ABC and are concrete. The rest will fall into place shortly. Count on at least two others being televised as the season moves on. Maybe more, by Fox Sports NW.
From J Riley
Dear Dawgman:
What happened to former UW starting cornerback named Vontoure? Is he still on the team or did he graduate or transfer? If so, where did he end up?

A: Anthony Vontoure and the UW parted ways, a mutual decision. He reportedly is at Portland State this year and will be a senior. I have a hunch that you may see him in the NFL next year. He's very talented. It's a shame that he and the UW coaches weren't able to find a solution to the issues involved in that situation, but life goes on. Lets' hope Anthony does well because he's not a bad kid at all. Just confused, and his temper got him into trouble.
From Dawgski
Dear Dawgman:
I think Willie Hurst is a terrific player who has done and will continue to do great things for the program, and I can't bring myself to say he doesn't deserve the starting job at TB. However, that having been said, how in the world do you justify keeping Rich Alexis off the field? We're all familiar with his abilities by now, and he has apparently bulked himself up into an Eddie George type bruiser with Barry Sanders speed. He could have a breakthrough year, maybe even get us that extra win against UCLA (whose defense, I think, is and will always be soft up front). But he has to be out on the field for that to happen.

BTW, the quality of content on this site is just unbelievable. I'm spending far too much time here...

A: Hurst and Alexis will both get ample carries and both bring different tools to the huddle. Hurst is a senior and has proven that he can get the tough yards late in ballgames and not fumble. Alexis is more the breakaway back that will be absolutely big time by next year. He now needs to prove that he's durable, as his shoulders have given him problems at times. It takes two tailbacks to be successful in the Pac-10 and Washington has them. I'd imagine that Hurst will get the first series of each half and then Alexis will follow him. Then Gilby can go with who has the hot hand and spell them as needed. Thanks for the nice note.
From Rick
Dear Dawgman:
Who are the top local kids the U.W. is targeting this year for scholarships? Thanks for all your hard work!! It really makes the WHOLE year much more enjoyable.

A: The top local guy, without a doubt, is Garfield High's Isaiah Stanback. He's 6-3 200 pounds and runs a 4.4 40. A very athletic quarterback that can help you in many ways. Then you've got OL David Beall (6-5 300) from Vancouver (WA), WR Nate Robinson (5-10 180) from Rainier Beach, and OL JC Ronnfeldt (6-4 300) from Decatur High in Federal Way. That's a good early list to watch.
From Tim in Bellevue
Dear Dawgman:
There was a 'recruit' profiled in the Post Intelligencer early this year. The article was large and in depth as this recruit had signed with Oregon, but then reneged and signed with Washington. I've forgotten his name and am wondering if you can provide that bit of information as well as what his status with the team is as of recent? Thank you Dawgman!

A: You are referring to CB Sam Cunningham. He is 5-11 180, faster than we thought and has played his way into the top four rotation already. He's got a lot of skills and is a quick learner. He's got four full years of eligibility remaining. Watch for #7 on the corner this year.
From PaulUW1
Dear Dawgman:
What is up with Kevin Ware? I haven't read his name much in the practice updates. Great site. Thanks.

A: We mentioned Kevin in an early report. He is in the best shape of his career and running #3 at tight end right now. He and Taylor Barton had a nice connection in the first scrimmage with the second team offense. Ware's strength is blocking and he'll be called upon to do that this season.

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